The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 188

A week later.

Ben Thanh Hospital.

These days Xiao Yu was busy.

After returning to Ben Thanh.

People from the criminal investigation brigade came to see him, the city bureau also saw him, some people in Beijing also came to see him, and even people from other cities came to see him…

Finally, there is Mom and Dad, and mother-in-law.

It always made Xiao Yu feel that he had become a monkey in the zoo.

Very gan!

Fortunately, I have my sister every day.

This little day is barely passable…

“I’m a poor little kid that no one wants, and I like my sister so much that I don’t even give a kiss, so sad!”

On the hospital bed, Xiao Yu blinked his eyes, pretending to be like a little pity, staring at mu qianwu who was rolling over his eyes on the side of the bed.

I’m just a little pity, and I don’t have a bad kind of kissing.

After a week of recuperation, Xiao Yu’s injury was actually already healed under the system skill of salamander life.

But you still have to put it on, what if you are treated like a monster?

Because it is too stuffy to stay in the hospital every day.

I had to flirt with my sister to make ends meet.

“What about the hospital?”

Bright eyes full of helplessness, Mu Qianwu stretched out his white jade hand and pinched his brother’s cheek, sneering, “Let the mother-in-law see that it will kill you!” ”

You women know how to use violence to solve problems… Xiao Yu skimmed his lips.

Believe it or not, put your sister on the blacklist and slag once in the future?

This grinding royal sister, must be rare her…

Mu Qianwu stood up, and his delicate face was close to his brother.

Kissed his brother’s lips, “Satisfied?” ”


Xiao Yu happily took her sister in her arms and kissed her several times.

“Just know to bully me!”

In a slight anger, Mu Qianwu did not struggle away, letting his brother put his arms around him.

What identity, what face, is not as important as the brother around him.

Even if you are really seen and intimate, what can you do?


Mu Qianwu’s face appeared confused.

Why did the injuries on my brother get better so quickly?

Didn’t you say two ribs were broken?

These days, she slept with Xiao Yu in the hospital.

The injuries on her brother’s body were not good, and no one knew better than her.

Thinking of last night, Mu Qian’s face was rosy as Xia.

A man who has broken two ribs.

How could it be like that…



The young couple was huddled in a hospital bed.

“Brother, what about asking you something?”

Pillowed in his brother’s arms, Mu Qianwu asked softly.

“Don’t ask, haven’t loved, ask again and love.” Xiao Yu rolled his eyes.

Sister learned badly!

“Kill you!”

Mu Qianwu was angry, “You said, if we both have no children in the future, will you divorce me?” ”

Sure enough, it was a sending proposition… Twitching the corners of his mouth, Xiao Yu was serious, “From two aspects, there will be no divorce.” ”


Mu Qianwu was curious, “Which two aspects?” ”

“The first aspect.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “For example, our feelings are still in the sweet period, and they should be inseparable.” ”

“What about the second?” Mu Tian danced and laughed softly.

“The second aspect.”

Xiao Yu’s teeth ached, “If I leave my sister, my parents may not be able to come up with the money and marry my daughter-in-law again.” ”


Mu Qiangwu laughed loudly, and his small hand punched the bad brother.

“Don’t laugh, this question is very realistic, family conditions are like this!”

Xiao Yu began to mess up, “Where is as rich as my sister, of course, the focus is not here.” ”

“What’s the point?” The flowers and branches of Mu Tian’s dancing and laughing trembled.

“The point is…”

Xiao Yu said depressedly, “I feel that if I leave my sister, my mother can break my leg, and I will definitely be inseparable.” ”

“Haha, necrotic.”

Mu Qianwu hugged his brother, “Just know to make me laugh.” ”

“Wrong, it’s not bad.” Xiao Yu shook his head.

“Is it good to die?” Mu Qianwu was confused.

“What death is, how unlucky, is not right.”

Xiao Yu smiled, “It should be… Hello or bad! ”

Mu Qianwu: …

“Sister say I’ll listen?” Xiao Yu squeezed his eyebrows and made his eyes.

“Don’t say it.”

Mu Qianwu threatened, “Let me do what I don’t want to do again, really divorced Ha!” ”

“Okay, divorce.” Xiao Yule hehe.

“…”Mu Qianwu stared at his brother sheepishly.


Xiao Yu put his arms around his sister, “Do you think we can still be friends after the divorce?” ”

“What hypocrisy.”

Mu Qianwu sneered, “My brother wants to say, can I still do it after divorce, friend?” ”

“It’s really annoying, what do you do when you always expose me!”

Xiao Yu laughed and hugged Mu Qian, “You know, when I first saw my sister, I would have given birth to a kind of… You have to find a way to marry this woman home! ”


Mu Qianwu was coaxed into happiness by a sweet word, “Love at first sight? ”

“Want to hear something the boy is embarrassed to tell the girl?” Xiao Yu asked with a smile.

“Of course.” Mu Qianwu’s eyes lit up.

“Love at first sight is actually the beginning of the sight.”

Xiao Yu sneered, “If the girl looks like Fu Rong’s sister, do you let the boy fall in love at first sight?” ”


Mu leaned over his brother’s shoulder socket and asked with a smile, “Anything else?” ”

“Also, the little leather band that girls tie to boys is really down.”

The corners of Xiao Yu’s mouth twitched, “However, it is very top when calling Daddy!” ”

“Bite you!”

Mu Tian dance in how the queen, the overlord, can not stand it.

Red in the face, biting into his brother’s neck…

Xiao Yu was grinning with his big teeth.

The demon’s heart is still stirring.

Considering that the sister plus the mother’s fist is bigger than his own.

He also chose to obey his heart’s wishes and provoke his sister after a while.

However, for the sake of the dog’s life, Xiao Yu’s eyes rolled, “Oops…”

“What’s wrong?”

Mu tianwu relaxed and looked at his brother with concern.

“My eyes, my eyes are going to be blind.”

Xiao Yu dressed pitifully, covering his eyes with one hand, “It seems that something has entered!” ”


Mu Qianwu stood up and approached his brother, “Don’t move, I’ll see.” ”


Xiao Yu honestly asked her sister to roll her eyelids.

“I’ll blow it for you.”

Mu Qianwu leaned down and blew his brother’s eyes with his mouth, “Huh… Whew…”


Xiao Yu stared at the jade face that was close at hand, and there was a small mouth, “Blow close to the point.” ”

“It’s very close.” Mu danced and frowned.

“Closer.” Xiao Yu soft voice.

“Well, okay.”

Mu Qianwu was helpless and came closer, “Don’t move… Whew! ”

Xiao Yu kissed her sister’s red lips.

Take advantage of the opportunity!

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