The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 186

On a street, Xiao Yu strolled leisurely.

Like a tourist, smiling like sunshine.

Looking around at the scenery…

More than a week has passed since the arrest of the ‘Little King’.

Today, on the other hand, is the last day of the system task timeframe.

His face seemed to be smiling, but Xiao Yu’s heart was bored.

Is the system task about to fail?

“King, why didn’t it appear?”

While strolling, Xiao Yu said to himself.

The arrest of ‘Little King’ was carried out, and the old man’s last words were extremely affirmative.

“You’re going to die, and the king will let you know what’s real…”

What is the real thing?


Why are you so sure that the ‘King’ will come to me?


Xiao Yu stopped.

Looking sheepishly into the distance, staring at a young man standing on a street more than twenty meters away.

Smiling at him!

With the ‘Eye of the Falcon’, Xiao Yu could clearly see the appearance of the other party.

I was also very sure that he was smiling at himself, smirking.

Yes, the young man laughed like a fool.

You might say that this man is, on the surface, a fool.

His appearance was very abnormal, his face was full of smirks, and he shook his neck like a cramp from time to time, and one arm did not listen to the shaking.

The youth smirked as he raised his hand trembling.

Xiao Yu’s gaze froze in the hands of the youth, and he saw a… Glass balls!

The moment he saw the glass ball, his face changed dramatically.

He thought of something bad, something bad, about to happen.

Then, Xiao Yu saw the fool-like young man and threw the glass ball casually.

Xiao Yu’s gaze closely followed the glass ball, watching it gently fall to the ground and shatter a small piece.

But it is such a small piece that does not delay the rolling of the glass ball.

It keeps rolling, one rolling… Roll onto the road and pause.

Because it shattered a small piece, it stopped very steadily.

Steady, a motorcycle pressed on top.

Logically, with the weight and speed of the motorcycle, even if it is pressed on the glass ball, it should not matter.

Coincidences have occurred.

The tires of the motorcycle were shifted by the glass ball.

Because the rider’s spirit is not concentrated, the motorcycle instantly slips…

Xiao Yu’s heart appeared with a cold feeling.

A silent warning, as if shouting desperately at him in the brain: Run, danger, don’t run, you will die!

In Xiao Yu’s mind, a picture of memory appeared.

The picture was an accident at the entrance of the welfare home, the explosion of the well.

Without Xiao Yu at that time, the five-year-old child and the old employee would have died in that explosion!

Inside, two voices emerged.

Two voices shouted in Xiao Yu’s heart.

One said: Run, too dangerous, don’t run, you will really die!

Another said: Can you flee as a coward regardless of the innocent?

In Xiao Yu’s mind, the slideshow appeared like the parents of this life.

Then it turned into the gentle smile of her sister.

Finally, it became a picture of leaving the police academy and taking an oath in front of the red flag…

Xiao Yu grinned and opened his mouth.

Maybe a bit of an idiot.


I’m a cop!


Xiao Yu stood where he was, motionless.

I also knew that the youth was good and he did not dare to move.

Otherwise…… There will be a lot of people dying!

The smirk on the young man’s face was thicker and happier, and his eyes became colder and more vicious…

“The Great King!” Xiao Yu sighed.

I didn’t think of anything.

The leader of a terrorist killer group.

It would be a fool-like youth.

Is it really silly?

Like the Wei God of the previous life.

You really think this kind of person is a fool.

You’ll find yourself an idiot!

Looking at the slippery motorcycle again, Xiao Yu’s expression had become very calm.

Watching the inertia of the motorcycle after slipping, the body of the motorcycle drew a spark on the road.

Crashing into a car…


The car was pressed on the motorcycle because the owner was too fast.

A car, just flew up in an instant.

Towards the place where Xiao Yu was, he smashed down…

The speed of the leopard, the power of the bear… Open!


Xiao Yu’s body crashed into a dumbfounded passerby.

The furious body is like a chariot, charging forward against passers-by.

In this process, Xiao Yu’s hands grabbed a woman’s arm with one hand and an old man with the other.

Drive their bodies to continue to rush forward, suddenly stopping.

The inertia of terror knocked the three people into the air.

Twist around, pedal with your legs, and recoil forward.

Xiao Yu instantly rushed to the two passers-by on the opposite side.

Boom, the terrifying impact knocked the two passers-by out of the air, along with Xiao Yu himself.

Until then…


The flying car smashed on the road surface that was ’emptied’ by Xiao Yu.

There were exclamations and screams all around.

A car that smashed on the ground crashed into a fruit stall.

The fruit stall was smashed by the car, and the fruit flew all over the sky…

And that’s when it happened.

Xiao Yu had already gotten up, as fast as a bolt of lightning, and was running towards the youth who was more than twenty meters away.

In this process, Xiao Yu first rushed onto the road.

But…… A car sped down the road.

Seeing someone on the road, many drivers have braked sharply.


Bang Bang Bang!

Fruit after fruit fell from the sky and landed on the windshield of a bus.

Originally, the bus driver also wanted to step on the brakes to avoid hitting Xiao Yu.

Outcome…… Countless fruits smashed into the windshield at the moment, startling the driver.

The steering wheel hit, not only did not step on the brakes, but stepped on the accelerator.

Airplanes…… The bus crashed into Xiao Yu on the road!

The Spirit of tanuki… Open.

Unable to dodge, Xiao Yu could only use his greatest strength to jump sideways in the opposite direction of the bus collision.

If it is a head-on collision with the car, the impact force can definitely hit a person’s bones and tendons.

With the power of the violent bear and the speed of the leopard, Xiao Yu chose to follow the direction of the impact to go to the imperial force.

Plus the Spirit of the Tanuki…


The bus hit Xiao Yu.


The terrifying pain made Xiao Yu almost pass out.

Not only that, but his right arm was dislocated by the impact!

The body flew up, out of the direction of the bus impact, and flew across the road.


Xiao Yu fell to the ground.

The moment of lying on the ground.

The ‘medical expert’ gave feedback on the physical condition at this time.

Dislocation of the right arm, two ribs broken in the right chest, multiple bumps and strains on the body muscles…

The life of the salamander begins… Xiao Yu smiled.

Fortunately, the body can still maintain 60% of the mobility.

That’s enough!

The left arm is on the ground, and the thigh is forced.

Xiao Yu’s body catapulted from the ground.

In this process Xiao Yu’s left hand fell to his right shoulder.

Click… Joint technique.

Xiao Yu recovered his dislocated right arm.

His body was still running.

He flew towards the youth not far away.

He also raised his hand and grabbed a gun.

Hook the trigger!

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