The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 181


The middle-aged man was stunned, looked at the photo in Xiao Yu’s hand, frowned, and shook his head, “I don’t know.” ”

No lies… Xiao Yu frowned.

No, the other party is the management of the orphanage?

“Are you from this children’s welfare home?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Oh, I’m the director of the children’s welfare home.”

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Xiang Hui.” ”

“Dean Xiang is good.”

Xiao Yu nodded and smiled, “Then, can you please call an employee with the longest service in your welfare home, I have something I want to ask.” ”

The other side’s management may have very little contact with some children on weekdays.

Maybe there are not many years as dean here.

Don’t look down on child welfare homes.

The state-run units of the Eight Classics are under the management of the local civil affairs department.

It is not surprising that three or two years to change a dean or something.

“No hassle.”

Xiang Hui nodded, took out his mobile phone and called someone.

Soon, an old employee of the welfare home was called.

Xiao Yu glanced at the other party.

He was very old, in his fifties, and his work clothes showed that the other party should be doing cleaning work in a welfare home.


Xiao Yu picked up the photo again, “Excuse me, do you know her?” ”

The old employee looked puzzled and first glanced at the dean.

Xiang Hui spoke, “This is a police comrade, you can say whatever he asks.” ”


The old employee nodded, and then looked at the photo.

He only glanced at it, stunned, and looked at it carefully twice, “This is… Moon? ”

“Yes, her name is Guan Yue.”

Xiao Yu seemed to be smiling, but his eyes were scanning the faces of the old employees, “Old man, let’s find a place to talk.” ”

The two walked out of the hall of the welfare home…


“Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Xiaoyue for six or seven years.”

“Remember, she was one of the few healthy children in the welfare home.”

“But Xiaoyue is very naughty and always likes to play with a group of boys.”

“The boys, who also liked her, treated her like a sister.”

“By the way, the old dean of that year, I like them, and from time to time I will bring them back to my house.”

“However, some children left because of some accidents, or were adopted, and the smiles on the faces of those children were getting less and less.”

“I can even see that they still have some wounds on their bodies, and ask them, and they don’t say how they came.”

“And then, one by one, they all grew up, and they reached the age of eighteen. These children have also grown up, one by one like a bird that has just flown, left the welfare home, and rarely saw them. ”

“Just like Xiaoyue, I haven’t seen them in six or seven years…”

The old employee smoked Xiao Yu’s cigarette and sighed.

However, he did not find Xiao Yu on the side, and his look changed from time to time.

From time to time, there was a flash of cold light and light in his eyes…

Guan Yue likes to play with a group of children?

How many children are there in this group?

There was an old dean who liked them very much and would often take them home to live?

Some children had accidents, and were adopted and left?

And those children in Guan Yue will be injured from time to time?

Scold…… Xiao Yu’s expression turned slightly cold.

He knew he had found the right place!

It’s just that…… Hey?

An unspeakable danger, a palpitation, suddenly emerged in Xiao Yu’s body.

His gaze turned to the side in an instant, and not far from the door of the welfare home, a child was riding a small bicycle.

The child is very small, only about five years old.

His little face was so innocent and cute.

He was sitting on a small bicycle.

Stooped down, holding a… Paddle!

What is a cannon is actually a kind of firecracker.

However, the release process of this stroke cannon is like a match.

Such a swipe on the box can ignite.

After a few seconds, it will explode like a firecracker…

Where did Xiao Yu’s palpitations and that dangerous feeling come from?

From the child’s body, from the child’s hand.

He saw the child bending over, throwing the cannon into the sewer manhole cover…

This is close behind.

Xiao Yu’s gaze involuntarily looked at his feet.

What a coincidence

At his feet, there is also a sewer manhole cover…

Sewers, which are pipes for the flow of sewage, are filled with various microorganisms.

Once mixed with household garbage, it is easy to form biogas after blockage.

Everyone on Earth knows that biogas is a flammable mixture of gases.

When mixed with air, explosive gases can be formed.

If the concentration of biogas in the air, at 5.5% to 16%.

In the presence of an open flame, an explosion occurs.

What happens when a cannon explodes?

Instantaneous explosion of thermal energy and… Flame!


At this moment, Xiao Yu had the feeling that he was dancing with the God of Death.

The heart beat wildly, and the sweat and hair on his body exploded.

The speed of the leopard, the power of the bear, the spirit of the tanuki… Instantly on!

The Spirit of the Tanuki Cat can make Xiao Yu’s body more flexible.

The speed of the leopard can make Xiao Yu run as fast as a cheetah.

The power of the violent bear allows Xiao Yu to have the power of the bear in an instant.

Then if this terrifying power acts on the speed of the cheetah.

Can generate power combined with speed… Qualitative!


Xiao Yu’s feet stepped on the body of the old employee on the side.

And himself, his body seemed to bring out a residual shadow in an instant.

No, not an afterimage.

It was that Xiao Yu’s speed at this moment was too fast.

Fast to the point where it is difficult for the human eye to follow.

Fast to a second, spanning a distance of seven or eight meters.


He had appeared next to the child, holding the child.

The inertia of the forward charge made Xiao Yu’s body tumble out.

And after doing all this, it has not passed three seconds…


Terrifying explosions appear, like landslides!

Xiao Yu, who was in the air, stared at the place where he had just been in the sewer manhole cover.

Watching the manhole cover being exploded in horror, blown apart and accompanied by soaring flames, it flew into the void.

Under that terrible explosion, it was as if a mine had been detonated under his feet.

Can a person survive this explosion?


The terrifying heat, energy, and sand and gravel debris knocked Xiao Yu out of the air two or three meters away.

Until the moment he landed, he still used his body to protect the child in his arms.

But his body and mind fell into the ice cave in an instant, and he was cold.

Was it an accident?!

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