The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 180

It is true that dead people do not lie, nor do they pretend.

The female killer came to the police case-handling unit to kill her mouth, and committed suicide after the mission failed.

Therefore, the killer group is certainly aware that their communication tools are exposed.

In the future, I will hide more carefully.

It’s harder to find them.

But…… Xiao Yu sneered.

Unfortunately, they still left a big clue.

What clues?

Dead female killer!

Training a woman to be a killer is impossible in a short period of time.

Women sometimes play a better role in some areas than men.

But in some special areas, women’s abilities are indeed inferior to men’s.

For example, soldiers, policemen, mercenaries, fighting…

But any profession that has access to combat and has the potential to hurt others.

What is the male-female ratio?

Of course, if it is hard.

Say more than the area of having children.

Men can’t do women in this life!


Want to groom a woman in these special areas, like a normal man.

At least 2 to 5 times more time, money, manpower or material resources are wasted.

This is recognized and there is real data.

As long as it is a normal person, if not necessary.

So why cultivate women, not save time and effort to cultivate a man?

For example…… Killer class!

Don’t say that you need beauty to approach, to seduce, so without teething.

This is not making a movie, where all kinds of beauty killers are.

Yes, beauty is always a weapon against men, but not absolutely.

There are too few places where the killer line can use beauty, and the gain is not worth the loss.

Again, that sentence.

But the killer group has cultivated female killers.

Isn’t that strange?

Guan Yue, female, 24 years old, G City people… Welfare dean big, orphans!

Compare portraits through big data.

As Xiao Yu had guessed, the female killer was a Native.

Why did you guess so accurately?

Because of the ability of ‘linguists’.

Xiao Yu once spoke to a female killer.

If the other party is a foreigner, he has lived abroad since childhood.

The accent will inevitably be contaminated with some habits, Chinese it cannot be so standard.

At the same time, the female killer’s accent also carries a little bit of local dialect tone.

At this time, the information inside the female killer was found.

All the proofs give an explanation.

Guan Yue was trained by some killers in the circle.

And extrapolated by the killer group’s communication tools.

The killer group is hidden inside.

Several clues come together, and when you think about it again, you can come up with a result.

As long as you dig down the line of female killers and find the killer group, it is only a matter of time.

Of course, it is not clear whether they will go away until they are found.

At a minimum, you can drive them out of the circle…

If that’s the case, can Xiao Yu be willing?

Definitely not willing, the system task can not be completed.

He also knew that the killer group should not run.


If you go away, leave the country.

Why bother sending a female killer to kill her mouth?

The police are grasping clues and do not know the identity of these killers.

Hiding out of the country, who can find them?

Since the killer was sent over, it could only explain one problem.

There must be something in the room that they can’t give up!


City G, a children’s welfare home.

Xiao Yu was looking at the huge courtyard in front of him, staring at the five-story building.

The so-called children’s welfare home is actually an orphanage in the past.

And in most people’s minds.

The orphanage will definitely have a dean grandmother and a group of lovely children.

The grandmother raised the children, and the children will be filial to the grandmother when they grow up…

Unfortunately, those are just fairy tales.

In the real children’s welfare home, some welfare home employees are taking care of some children.

And most of these children are abandoned, orphaned, disabled children…

The female killer Guan Yue is raised in front of the welfare dean.

Xiao Yu’s face showed a sneering smile.

Guan Yue is only 24 years old, but she has become a terrible killer.

Use Guan Yue’s fighting and killing skills, such as bare-handed.

Ordinary people in front of her are domestic animals, cattle and sheep, let them be slaughtered, and have no power to fight back!

As everyone knows.

It takes three or four years to train a qualified soldier.

It takes four or five years to train a qualified police officer.

How many years does it take to train a terrible killer?

By survey.

Guan Yue left the welfare home at the age of eighteen, did not go to college, and began to work to earn money and support himself.

In six years, can a woman be trained to become a master fighter, a terrible killer?

No, not six years ago.

Through certain information on the dark web, as early as three years ago, suspected card killer 3, appeared in foreign killings.

But strangely, the entry and exit records in the circle show that there is no record of the exit of the circle in the closed month.

This shows that Guan Yue may also have an identity.

These are skipped first, let’s talk about cultivating killers first.

Suppose that the card killer 3 who appeared to kill people abroad three years ago is Guan Yue.

So, from the time she left the eighteen-year-old orphanage, did someone train her to become a killer in only three years?

A killer so terrible that Xiao Yu’s open-hanging existence feels dangerous?

Is it possible?

Therefore, Xiao Yu came to this children’s welfare home…


“Hello, how can I help you?”

In the hall of the welfare home, a young lady in the front desk stood up and looked at Xiao Yu with a professional smile on her face.

His eyes were fixed on Xiao Yu’s face, and he didn’t blink.

For the eyes of these girls, Xiao Yu was used to it.

To paraphrase the words of the sister: Brother, your face does not paint a smoky makeup, wear a beautiful pupil and wig, play a network female anchor to earn millions a month, unfortunately!

At that time, Xiao Yu had the impulse to go to plastic surgery…

“Nothing is needed, police.”

Showing out the police officer’s card, Xiao Yu smiled at the silly little sister, “There is a case that needs to be investigated here, please call out your management personnel who can be fully responsible for the welfare home, thank you.” ”

“Huh? Well, wait a minute! ”

The young lady at the front desk was stunned and picked up the phone at the front desk.

About five minutes or so.

A middle-aged man came down from the upper floor and looked at Xiao Yu with a puzzled expression, “Is there anything wrong?” ”

“She, do you know her?”

Raising his hand, Xiao Yu took out a photo.

Photo of female killer Guan Yue!

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