The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 179

Xiao Yu admitted that the killer was very powerful, even terrifying.

But can’t the killer be a small white in some field?

For example……

Do painters do carpentry?

Does carpentry know computers?

To understand a computer is to hack?

Can hackers be killers?

The killer will not be a small white?

In his previous life, Xiao Yu still remembered that there was such a big god, Wei Shen!

Two national season mathematical Olympiad scores, gold medal first place.

But just by looking at the appearance, Wei Shen was like a life idiot and a fool.

For example, in the field of others, you will find yourself a fool.

But out of this field, Wei Shen was just an ordinary person…

This simple truth is clear to normal people.

Hearing Xiao Yu’s inquiry, Xia Xingchen was stunned a little, “We are through an internal encrypted communication software, oh, this software was made by the little devil when he asked me… Belch! ”

Speaking of which, the others were dumbfounded and looked stunned.

Xiao Yu couldn’t cry and laugh.

Can you believe it?

A group of killer communication tools, in this way?

Yes, some intercom software is very confidential.

Some companies have internal communication tools.

It can be encrypted, and various restrictions can be set, which outsiders simply do not know and are difficult to discover.

But one thing is certain.

This kind of thing is made by people.

The people who make it know it incomparably well.

Even the software is written by others.

So people who have used it, will they worry about some secrets being exposed?

Even if they don’t use this software from now on, it will be too late.

So…… Xia Xingchen must die.

Only then did the killer enter the police case-handling unit, intending to kill people and destroy their mouths!

“That’s the way it is!”

Xiao Yu said to himself, “Sure enough, it is Xiao Bai!” ”


“This is your last chance.”

Xiao Yu put a laptop in front of Xia Xingchen, “Whether you cooperate with us or whether you completely destroy this communication tool is within your thoughts.” Of course, you can also bet that those killers will be kind enough to spare your family in the future! ”

Will the killer be kind?

Does anyone know more about what this group of killers did than Xia Xingchen, who was originally within the killer group?

Without any hesitation, Xia Xingchen put his hands on the keyboard and used certain tools to write the software.

Half an hour later, a special communication tool was completed and connected to a foreign rental server.

This server, which is the basis for the operation of this communication tool, can connect to networks around the world and enable instant chat through this server.

For example, QQ and WeChat, people seem to talk to other people.

In fact, it is all through one server.

All your chat history transfer files or whatever, will leave traces on the server.

Even if you delete it, it doesn’t matter, there are backups on the server!

Soon, Xia Xingchen used this secret server to retrieve all the communication information of the killer group in the past…

Wait until you’ve read all the content.

Xiao Yu and Wang Dong, as well as the security personnel, were stunned.

But abroad, just say it.

Judging from the backup content of the communication tool, the killer group is extrapolated by the average mission completion rate of two to three times a year.

They have killed more than twenty people!

If you want to calculate the completion rate of foreign killing missions, more than eighty people have been killed!

What is this concept?

In an age when human life is greater than heaven.

Leaving aside those who were killed, none of them were ordinary people.

Even ordinary people are appalling enough!

Then there’s the commission.

The killer group has the lowest fees.

Millions start, more than hundreds of millions.

Can you imagine how much wealth they have accumulated?

Just look at the records on communication tools, close to 1.6 billion.

Don’t say sixteen billion.

Even if it’s a little six hundred million, sixteen million.

It’s not something that ordinary people can earn…

However, these are no longer important.

It is important to chat one last time through a communication tool.

The little devil, released a message recalling all the killers abroad.

From 3 to A, all return home!

“As you say, their headquarters are inside!”

Wang Dong’s gloomy face could drip.

Xiao Yu didn’t say a word.

All communication chats were cut off from here.

It just so happened that after Xia Xingchen was caught by him…

What does this say?

As he thought, the Killer Group was no longer using this internal communication tool.

In order to prevent the leakage of past communication information.

Send out a killer to destroy Xia Xingchen’s mouth!

“Is it okay for Xia Xingchen’s family to be safe?”

Xiao Yu withdrew his gaze and stared at Wang Dong.

“No problem.”

Wang Dong nodded, his face was not very good,” However, we have to apply for support.” ”

Video recording through surveillance.

He had seen the scene of the female killer fighting with the little brother.


It can be roughly inferred that the female killer is 3!

As for Xia Xingchen’s 2, he is actually not a member of the killer group.

If the female killer is only the killer group, the lowest strength.

A killer of the lowest strength gives people a sense of terror.

So how strong is the strongest?

With Wang Dong’s strength of the second group, the possibility of winning the killer group is too small…

“Brother Wang himself watched and did it.”

Xiao Yu didn’t care, he really had to do more melee combat and didn’t play conspiracy tricks.

There are hanging on the body, and he is not afraid of how much the killer comes.

But the problem now is that he is not afraid, but others cannot stop him.

“It seems that you are solely responsible for this case.”

Wang Dong looked directly at the little brother, “We cooperate!” ”

I’m special… Meaning who gave me the pot?!

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes, “You don’t want face? ”

He wanted to say: Don’t you want to be forced by the big leader?

“How much is face worth?”

Wang Dong gritted his teeth and smiled, “My mission is to defend the country and eliminate some security risks!” ”

“No need to advertise it.” Xiao Yu rolled his eyes.

This is the case with people like Wang Dong.

Single-minded for the country, upright personality.

There is an IQ, and things are done carefully.

But loved convincing people with reason, physics!

What’s wrong with that?

As soon as the state apparatus opens, it doesn’t matter what it pushes all the way.

No need is a fool.

This is the benefit of leaning back against a large tissue and holding a thigh.

“It’s not a question of how many people there are.”

Xiao Yu shook his head, “But how to find them.” ”

“How do I find it?”

Wang Dong was a little depressed, “The clues are broken.” ”

“Who said it was broken?”

Xiao Yu’s eyes gradually became cold, “Isn’t there another female killer?” ”


Wang Dong was stunned, “She’s already dead?” ”

Xiao Yu smiled indifferently and did not speak.

Dead people, so that they don’t lie!

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