The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 177

Interrogation room.

“Sister, I want the first sentence of summer I love you.”

Xiao Yu took the mobile phone, made a call, and laughed badly.


Mu Qian’s dancing royal sister voice carried a hint of sweetness, “Why is it always so troublesome, the first sip of the northwest wind in the summer is not drunk?” ”

“I’ll never buy oranges for my sister again.”

Xiao Yu was depressed, “Hang up, I went to drink the northwest wind.” ”

“Haha, brother.”

Mu Qianwu smiled lightly, like a little mother coaxing a child, “When you come home, there will be the first sentence of summer I love you.” ”

“Hey hey.”

Xiao Yu was happy, “Sister, I heard that when you kiss, you will feel more when you touch your waist with your hands, and when I go home, I will try wow?” ”


Mu Qianwu sneered, “Brother, don’t you think it’s strange that two people are kissing each other at the waist?” ”

Xiao Yu: ???

What kind of ghost is it to kiss the forked waist, shouldn’t it be holding the other person’s waist?

Instantly there was a feeling of living in a dream, and my sister shouldn’t be so stupid.

Was he kidnapped by aliens?

Seeing that his brother did not speak, Mu Tian’s laughter came out, “Tease you! ”

“I’ll just say, it scares me to death.”

Xiao Yu was fiercely relieved, and thought that his sister had been dropped.

Recently, I have used too much brain, and now I am suspicious of everything.

“Sister, I saw a topic today.”

Xiao Yu smiled evilly, “You said that if we hadn’t gotten married so early and my sister wouldn’t have any money, we would all be ordinary people… I have not saved up at the age of 25, what should I do? ”


Mu Qianwu smiled and asked, “In that case, my brother wouldn’t be 25 years old before he planned to marry me, right?” ”

“Your brain circuit is different from others.”

Xiao Yu cried and laughed, “If you have money, you must marry your sister earlier.” But the point of the words just now is not this well, I mean, afraid of suffering sister. ”

“What are you afraid of?”

Mu Qianwu laughed softly: “Isn’t 25 years old an age, why add another definition, where there are so many standards in life.” My brother is already great, there are very few people at your age who can be better than you, and I will always hold your heart and will not let go. Whether you are 25 years old or 30 years old, I will accompany you. ”


Xiao Yu whispered, “Miss you.” ”

“Knowing you miss me, I miss my brother too.”

Mu’s dancing voice, as soft as a small pool of clean water, with thoughts, “But I can feel your current case… It’s dangerous. Don’t call me, it will distract you. We will have time in the future, when my brother comes home, he will accompany you as much as he wants me to accompany you. My brother wants to see JK, and I wear it for you every day. ”


Gentleness appeared in his eyes, and the warm current in his heart surged, Xiao Yu said softly, “Sister, I try to go home as early as possible.” ”

“Stay safe.”

Mu danced reluctantly, “I am waiting for you at home, waiting to say the first sentence of summer to you… I love you! ”

Slowly putting down the mobile phone, the happy smile on Xiao Yu’s face could not be hidden.


Smiles faded from the cheeks, and thoughts were hidden in the bottom of the heart.

Xiao Yu raised his head, and his expression gradually became indifferent.

Glancing at the interrogation room in front of him, he pushed the door in.

Please don’t stop me from going home.

Whether it’s a past life or this life.

I really hate blood killing!


“Someone’s coming to kill you.”

Xiao Yu looked at the suspect Xia Xingchen, who was sitting on the interrogation chair, “It should be someone from your killer group, a very beautiful woman, and her weapon is a knife, a small knife.” ”


Xia Xingchen’s face instantly turned frightened and pale, “Is her kung fu very powerful?” ”

Xiao Yu looked at the other person’s eyes coldly and nodded, “Yes.” ”

“3 is coming!”

The sound of teeth trembling sounded from Xia Xingchen’s mouth, and his words became stuttering, “I, I am dead, mine, my family…”

Why are you afraid of this, what does 3 mean… Xiao Yu frowned, “Rest assured, your family is in a safe place, a place where they dare not go.” ”

“Rest assured? Hahaha…”

Xia Xingchen suddenly laughed, although he was laughing, his face was so pale, “You don’t understand at all, you don’t understand how terrible they are, even if it is 13 small cards, it is not something that ordinary people can deal with.” Not to mention… And big and small ghosts! ”

13 small cards?

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up.

Thinking of that card, it turned out to be a little ghost?

So just now Xia Xingchen said 3, doesn’t it mean…

Playing cards are something that ordinary people know.

There are four flower colors, squares, grass flowers, spades, and red peaches.

Each suit has 13 small cards, from 2 to A.

Then there is the big and small king, who is also the big and small ghost.

3…… Is it a 3 within a suit?

If this is the case, it is not possible to infer.

The Killer Group has 13 killers, each represented by the characters of the cards?

No, it’s 15 killers, and big and small ghosts!

Then, the suspect gave the answer…

“I’m 2, the most useless 2!”

Xia Xingchen panicked, “I am only responsible for contacting the business and reporting to the little ghost.” The little ghost will assign tasks to others. I had no idea who the others were, I didn’t even know who the little devils were. But I know that from 3 onwards, all the people are horrible and their methods of killing are beyond imagination. Especially the little devil… He can make you die in all kinds of accidents! ”

Is it so bloody… Xiao Yuyi twitched the corners of his mouth.

This thick sense of cinema is visual, what is the ghost?

Why did Xia Xingchen say it so painfully?

The answer is simple, the killer group is going to attack him.

And even his family!

People come to kill people, they want to kill your family, and you still go to help them hide it, is that not a disease?

Now Xia Xingchen is the only one who can survive… No, he knew he was dead.

He just wants his family to survive now.

So there will be no more hiding…


Xiao Yu asked in a cold voice, “What else do you know?” ”

“That’s all.”

Xia Xingchen trembled, “When I was found by the little devil, it was because I knew some network technology and understood the dark web.” He asked me to post quests on the dark web, to auction cards, and that’s my job. He gave me a commission of 100,000 yuan for every task, and I really don’t know the rest…”

Xiao Yu was silent.

So here comes the question.

How do I find other killers?

Xiao Yu stared at Xia Xingchen.

He thought of something funny.

This killer group seems to be very good at computer networks?

Otherwise, how could they have found someone who understands computers to work for them?

Is it okay to start here?

Before that, he had a problem.

Xiao Yu coldly stared at Xia Xingchen.

“Why do you know that the female killer is 3?”

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