The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 167

What age are you talking to me about?

Are you sure you don’t read too many movie novels and rip me up?

Dog blood can’t be such a dog blood method, right?

Putting down the tablet, Xiao Yu squinted his eyes at Wang Dong, as if looking at a mentally retarded person.

“You may not believe it when you say it.”

Wang Dongyi twitched the corners of his mouth, “The profession of a killer has never been broken since ancient times.” ”

The air gradually scorched.

Xiao Yu stared at Wang Dong for half a day, making sure that the big group leader was not joking.

He’s not good at all!

“Is there really a killer?!”

It wasn’t Xiao Yu who wanted to ask that.

The profession of killer does exist.

But the question is, what is the domestic environment?

Is there room for the Killer Class to survive?

It is not Xiao Yu who blows the motherland.

In this country today, there is a human life, the kind of unnatural death.

It’s all big things, and serious cases start.

If there are more than three lives in a case, they are directly extraordinarily large.

More dead people, not to mention the police.

Special police, armed police, special forces have all moved…

In such an environment, do you still dare to play the killer profession?

To what extent and how stupid is that lack of heart and eyes?

“Take a good look.”

Wang Dong didn’t know how to explain it, and pointed to the tablet in the little brother’s hand, “After reading it, you will understand!” ”

“…”Xiao Yu moved his mouth and did not speak.

Picked up the tablet and flipped it open…

What is a killer?

It is an ancient and mysterious profession.

In ancient times, people collectively referred to them as assassins.

Jing Ke to understand?

The meaning of the killer is that this profession carries out assassination activities for certain benefits, causing death.

But most killer mission targets are generally more special characters.

Who has nothing to do with egg pain, spends a lot of money, hires killers to kill ordinary people?

Isn’t that sick!

As Xiao Yu flipped through the file, his face became more and more ugly.

A clear answer is given in the file.

There is indeed a killer organization hiding in the country.

The earliest discovery of their existence can be traced back to six years ago.

Because of an accidental death.

Many people thought it was an accident!

However, as the investigation followed, it was found that this was a murder case deliberately designed by someone.


Aren’t killers usually knives and guns killing people?

A little more brutal, the last sniper rifle killed people?

Don’t make a fuss, are you sure you’re not here to be funny?

Through investigation, the killer’s means of killing exceeded ordinary people’s understanding.

Their tools are as small as a needle and a toothpick.

Large enough to control certain machinery and arrange some accidents.

Also very good at using some strange, hard-to-spot poisons…

In a word, the killer will use all possible tools to carry out deadly attacks.

And this kind of deadly attack is also difficult to be detected by ordinary people, and it is easy to be considered an accident.

On the contrary, like guns, knives, the most common killing tools, they basically do not use much.

The case that happened six years ago was outrageous.

The victim ran in the morning, a car passed, the tire burst, the vehicle lost control, and the victim was killed.

Isn’t this just a normal traffic accident?

No, it’s by design.

Can you believe it?

Someone can actually control the vehicle puncture, and so coincidentally hit and kill people.

And this person is the target that the killer wants to hunt!

So what methods and tools did the killer use to design this killing game?

A RC toy car!

Isn’t it incomprehensible?

How does a remote control toy car cause the tire to explode and control the vehicle to crash into the victim?

There’s a special nail in the toy car!

If it weren’t for the discovery of the crushed toy car and the final finding of the nail, everyone would have thought it would have been an accident.

Even Wang Dong and the second group, there are some professionals, they still can’t understand.

How did the killer do it?

Because it’s not just controlling a toy car and causing a car accident.

It is also necessary to calculate the vehicle’s flat tires, calculate the collision with the roadside, and calculate the collision with the victim through the horrific calculation.

This kind of process can indeed be simulated by the computer.

Wanting to be artificially controlled, there is almost no possibility of completion!

This was followed by a second case, which occurred in the same year.

Modus operandi and its similarities.

The victim entered a container parking site, and just when the steel cable on the tower crane working at height broke.

The container box that was hoisted up was out of control, sliding diagonally in the air for tens of meters and falling, smashing the victim to death.

Four years ago, the third case.

Three years ago, the fourth, the fifth.

Two years ago…

A year ago…

This year……

In total, eleven similar cases have been discovered.

So, how many are not found?

No one knows!

The modus operandi in all cases is very similar.

In people’s eyes, it looks like an accident.

But the problem is, none of these dead people are ordinary people!

There is the owner of a certain company.

There are also leaders in a certain industry.

There are also some more special talents.

And, there are the police!

Before they died, they all had a very similar situation.

For example, if you have offended some people, or you are robbing some business, or you are blocking the way of some people…

Four days ago.

Wang Dong and his second group found an important clue.

A special card!

Xiao Yu was looking at this card at this moment.

The pattern on top is black and white.

Painted with a… Judge!

This card feels like a ‘little king’.

What is the special meaning of this card?

Just get it and hire a killer, pay between a million and a hundred million.

You can help the person who holds the cards and assassinate a person!


Someone got the card, and before he could use it, he was arrested.

As far as the means of the security personnel are concerned.

In their hands, you can recall the bed you wet a few times as a child.

Then, Wang Dong knew the purpose of this card.

After thinking about previous killer cases, several suspects were arrested.

After the confession, these suspects did get cards in the past.

At this point, a killer group has completely entered the line of sight of Wang Dong and the second group.

But…… They couldn’t find anyone at all!

So Wang Dong wanted to ask the little brother to help.

Benefits, ten special smoke!

So what did Xiao Yu think?

He now wanted to pick up the tablet and pat Wang on the face.

Hey, ten cigarettes like this want to send me away?

What fart are you thinking?

Unless…… Gotta add money!

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