The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 161

Is it wrong to avenge your loved ones?

That’s right, but why find people, choose not to call the police and bring them to justice, but choose to kill people?

Since the crime is committed, the consequences must be known.

If you choose a good path, don’t complain about the world…

The moment he walked out of the interrogation room, Xiao Yu’s mind was still spinning and jumping.

Sure, there are indeed two groups!

The people who stole corpses and used them to scare the car non-thunder, and others.

Who will it be?

And who is most likely to do this?

Xiao Yu thought of a person.

The brother of the deceased Jia Yanli, Jia Zhen!

What is the purpose?

Two possibilities

The first: human greed, for the sake of its sister’s legacy.

Second: He suspects that his sister’s death was murdered, and suspects that the murderer is his brother-in-law.

According to a police investigation.

The relationship between Jia Zhen and Jia Yanli, the brothers and sisters, is indeed not good.

There has been no contact for several years.

Brothers and sisters will become strangers if the relationship is weakened, right?

Will he avenge his sister?

There is also a strange problem.

If so, why would Jia Zhen believe that Che Fei Ting killed his sister?

The second possibility, is it true?

Xiao Yu shook his head.

You should know that when the body theft occurred, the police also suspected Jia Zhen.

After investigation, no suspicious points were found.

The body was lost that night Jia Zhen slept at home and had friends testify.

What testimony?

In the middle of the night before the body was thrown, Jia Zhen and his friends drank late.

Or a friend sent Jia Zhen home.

The police have investigated this.

Jia Zhen did not have the possibility of committing a crime?

Xiao Yu frowned.

Who would be targeting Che Fei Thunder?

Not only do you steal corpses, but you also use corpses to intimidate?


Interrogation room.

“Why don’t you tell the police that your wife was killed by Gu Xuan and hide it?”

For this kind of person, Xiao Yu really couldn’t understand it.

Nine years of affection, really on the family flowers without wildflower fragrance?

Are you neurotic?

No, no, no, it should be said: now neuropathy is fashionable and part-time?

Che Fei Ting bowed his head, his face white, and he was silent.

“Oh, it’s useful without opening your mouth?”

Xiao Yu sneered, “Do I still want to praise you… Xiao San is actually not wrong, the fault is that you can’t withstand the temptation yourself, so you want to resist everything? ”

“I did it.”

Che Fei Ting raised his head, his expression was very calm, “I poisoned my wife, it has nothing to do with others.” ”

Xiao Yu: …

He was a little sluggish.

Is there really such a person in the world?

He thought of a sentence: afraid of teammates like pigs, but also afraid of opponents like pigs!

Sometimes when your opponent is stupid and hopeless.

You don’t even know how to get started!

“Is it worth it?”

Halfway through, Xiao Yu asked.

“Do you understand what love is?” Che Fei Ting asked rhetorically.

People say no… The corners of Xiao Yu’s mouth twitched.

Breathed, completely convinced.

Got up and walked out of the interrogation room.

You can’t do anything with this kind of person.

Since you are willing to resist, then you continue to resist.

Wait until I have a clear case and slowly clean up after you…


Back at his desk, Xiao Yu opened the computer and retrieved a file.

Jia Zhen’s archives!

There is no clue to the body for the time being, but it must be recovered.

Since there is no clue, let’s start with the most suspicious investigation.

Although the police have investigated Jia Zhen, what if?

Xiao Yu was ready to use addition and subtraction, which was also an elimination method.

Eliminate the suspects one by one…

Jia Zhen, male, 39 years old, from this city…

Unnecessary information was probably ignored by Xiao Yu.

Enable special permissions to investigate some of the more special profiles.

Such as the opening record, all the records of public order, criminal detention, detention, control, reprimand records, and summons records in history.

However, the synchronization of updates and data in various provinces may have certain lags in sharing, and there may be errors in inter-provincial inspections, and there is no problem with local queries.

Such as bank deposits, work units, family relations, social relations, require special authority to find.

But these things, ordinary police officers and the like can not be checked, and do not have that power …

Soon, Xiao Yu found something interesting.

Jia Zhen has a criminal detention record, a very inconspicuous record.

If other police officers see it, they may ignore it.

What is this record?

According to the records, Jia Zhen was involved in the risk of trading antiques.

At that time, the money was confiscated and detained for fifteen days.

It is not a crime to trade regularly traded antiques.

Some special cultural relics, excavated cultural relics, are prohibited from trading.

Buying and selling is even more illegal.

At that time, Jia Zhen’s luck was also counted, and the transaction was not yet completed.

He took the money to the place where he bought antiques and was arrested by the police.

Because there is no transaction process, only intention, it does not constitute a major crime.

What’s so strange about that?

Why did it attract Xiao Yu’s attention.

He remembered that when he was surveying the morgue, he found that the methods of the body thieves were very strange.

There is a similar method of grave robbery.

What do grave robbers do?

Theft of antiques and funerary goods!

Xiao Yu’s face gradually became cold, and his eyes gradually became cold.

Jia Zhen’s body itself is suspected.

In the morgue, Xiao Yu also discovered the modus operandi of the suspected tomb robbers.

This is the only record of Jia Zhen’s criminal detention in the past, which is related to antiques.

Is there really such a coincidence in the world?

The investigation continues…

Xiao Yu carefully examined Jia Zhen’s personal records.

Draw the point, Jia Zhen some travel records…

Nowadays, people travel, whether it is a long-distance bus, a high-speed train, or an airplane, and they need to register their identity.

When staying in a hotel and renting a house, you also need to register.

Buying things, using online banking and other tools to pay, where to spend there are records.

And these records, the police can apply for transfer using special authority.

This investigation made Xiao Yu’s face show a strange smile.

A person is at home for less than four months a year.

The rest of the time is spent running north and south.

Not only how, but also some travel records, accommodation records, and consumption records.

From time to time, there are remote areas.

There are too many such records.

From the age of twenty-one to the age of thirty-nine, there was no interruption.

Running all over the country, often appearing in remote areas, what are they doing?

“Tomb robbery?!”

Xiao Yu said to himself, “No wonder the method of stealing corpses in the morgue is a little strange, and the set of pretending to be gods and ghosts is still extremely skilled.” Only people like you will not care about the deceased, do not fear ghosts and gods, and wander around in various cemeteries. A place like a morgue is like a playground for you, right? ”

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