The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 160

A day later.

Interrogation room of the Criminal Investigation Brigade.

“How did Jia Yanli die?”

Xiao Yu coldly stared at Gu Xuan.

As a police officer for two lifetimes, he never gave preferential treatment and sympathy because of the gender of the other party.

The cases that had been solved in the past were all told to Xiao Yu.

Sometimes women get cold-blooded and there is nothing wrong with men at all.

For example, the recently detected case of extraordinarily large human trafficking.

The big boss turned out to be a woman who had been committing crimes since the age of eighteen.

It involves more than ten human lives, more than 50 people are disabled, more than 200 women and children are involved in the abduction and trafficking of women and children, and it controls a large criminal gang, which can even be called a criminal group…

In the face of female criminals, experience always tells Xiao Yu not to be soft-hearted.

Otherwise you will die a miserable death because of your soft heart!

“Policeman, officer, what are you talking about, I don’t understand.”

Gu Xuan’s voice was trembling, chuchu pitiful.

“I once heard a story of a flock of wild sheep, led by a head sheep, not afraid of any wolf attack. The head sheep will not only lead some strong rams to protect the flock, but also lead the flock… Hunting! ”

Xiao Yu sneered, “Do you dare to believe it?” The head sheep will actually set a trap to drive a small sheep out of the group, attracting the attention of a lone wolf, when the lone wolf approaches to try to kill the lamb, a dozen rams under the leadership of the head sheep, attack the lone wolf. In the end, the lone wolf was killed alive. The story isn’t over yet, guess what happened… The sheep were actually eating the flesh of wolves. And the lamb that first attracted the lone wolf at first ate the most joyfully. The story tells me a truth. The little sheep are the most dangerous, and the sheep eat not only grass, but also meat! ”

Gu Xuan looked stunned and stared at Xiao Yu foolishly.

I didn’t understand why the other person was telling her this story.

“I’ve read your file.”

Xiao Yu picked up a tablet computer, which was Gu Xuan’s file, “So I don’t understand, Mingming Elementary School and Junior High School academic performance are very good, why did you suddenly take a break from high school?” And at that time, you still have a guaranteed place on your body? ”

“Then I found something interesting. Your mother was in a car accident and you were in the car. Because there is no monitoring in the accident scene area, and there is no dashcam in your mother’s car. The vehicle that caused the accident fled, and when someone found you, your mother died of her injuries, and only you survived. ”

“During this period, the police once made a record for you, and the record recorded that in the aftermath of the car, you were in a state of half-dreaming and half-awake, and when you were confused, you saw a young man and woman walking on the vehicle that caused the accident…”

“If they had called the police and not fled, maybe your mother wouldn’t have died.” But they fled after the accident and left your mother and daughter behind. It can be said that the car accident with their escape, killed your mother. ”

“It’s a pity that there was no surveillance, no driving recorder, and the crash site was in a remote place, and even the police could not find the man and woman who hit and fled.”

“After you were discharged from the hospital, you gave up the high school entrance examination, gave up the university, and began to work with your father who went out to work to find the man and woman who hit and ran away, this search, that is, four years?” 」

“And just two years ago, you and your father gave up looking, your father stayed at home all day, and you… But he became a nanny… Che Fei’s nanny. ”

“This is very strange, obviously I have been looking for four years, how can I suddenly say that I gave up and gave up?”

“Not only that, but you also quickly had a close relationship with Che Fei Ting, right?” Also, Che Fei Ting also loves you, right? Are you even willing to do a lot of things for you? ”

“You know what? When we found the bottle of receptor blocker in Che Fei Ting’s home, his expression was shocked. But his expression tells us that he has seen the potion and that he knows what it does. Because his wife has a heart attack, just mix this potion with red wine, or drink… As long as his wife drank it, it would cause an acute heart attack! ”

“So let me guess, is it that someone’s original purpose of approaching Che Fei Ting was very different, for some purpose?”

“Then, the previous purpose is achieved, then is it possible for someone to persuade Che Fei Thunder… Killing his wife? ”

“The name should be, as long as this woman is dead, we can not only be happy together, but also get a lot of this woman’s inheritance?” 」

“But Che Fei Ting and his wife, after all, have been in love for two years, and have been married for seven years, and have a full nine years of feelings, should not be able to get their hands on it, right?”

“So, is someone using his nanny identity to secretly do something?” And then, the hostess died? ”

“But this matter should have been discovered by Che Fei Ting, or did he know?” Even guessed that someone did it? ”

“Then, he chose silence, maybe he loves someone too much, right?”

So, he knew how his wife died. So when he suddenly saw the bottle of potion on the wine rack at home, he would show a ghostly expression? ”

“Because how could he not have imagined that the potion bottle that killed his wife would appear here?” Obviously it should be destroyed, right? ”

“Then, the police asked him about the potion bottle, and guess how Che Fei Ting did it?”

“He chose silence, and he should have known who put this potion bottle there.”

“What is the purpose? Was someone deliberately putting it there to let the police find out and make the police suspect che Fei Ting’s body? ”

“As long as the police suspect it, they will start a thorough autopsy on Che Fei Ting’s wife, will they be able to find out the so-called truth, the fact that Fei Ting killed his wife in a real car?”

“The funniest thing is that because Che Feiting loves someone, he is really willing to carry it down.”

“So, why did someone do this, why did they first poison Jia Yanli, and then want che Fei to die, because of what?”

Xiao Yu stared at Gu Xuan, who was sitting on the interrogation chair, his expression was frightened, his face was pale, and his whole body was trembling, and he smiled, “Is it possible that the couple of Che Fei Ting and Jia Yanli are the two men and women who hit-and-run six and a half years ago?” ”

Gu Xuan collapsed in the interrogation chair.

“But something strange happened. This strange thing is estimated to be unexpected by you, right? ”

Xiao Yu put away the smile on his face, “According to your plan, as long as the police find the potion bottle, they will go to the autopsy.” But at this time, the body was stolen. This means that you will not be a body robber, and you even want the police to examine the body. So, there should be a group of people who are also paying attention to the taxi?! ”

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