The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 159

More than one group of people?

Why do you think so?

Xiao Yu didn’t know either.

Past experience in solving cases is what he told him.

The facts of the case are completely unreasonable.

It seems that there are two groups of people targeting Che Fei thunder.

A gang of people was intimidating.

A group of people…

Xiao Yu lowered his head and looked at the medicine bottle.

How were the vials found?

It was casually placed on a wine rack in the hall and was discovered by Guo Qiang.

When he found out, Guo Qiang was shocked, and then asked Che Feiting.

When Che Feiting saw the potion bottle, his face changed.

It’s like seeing a ghost…

If the car is not thunder harmful to the possibility of killing his wife.

Do you think he’s going to put this stuff out?

If it wasn’t for him, who would it be?

The problem is big!

Seeing that Che Fei Ting did not open his mouth, Xiao Yu asked in a deep voice, “What are you hiding?” ”

Che Fei thunder lowered his head and remained silent.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes, “Bring it back to investigate.” ”

Without evidence, can some inference alone bring people back to the case-handling unit?

Yes, up to 24 hours.

It is within the scope of cooperation with the investigation.

After Che Fei Ting was taken away, Xiao Yu instructed Guo Qiang, “Investigate Che Fei Ting’s side… Woman! ”

Without a woman, he wouldn’t have strawberry prints on his neck.

This woman’s relationship with Guo Qiang should be very hot now.


Because only when the feelings are the most passionate, the most affectionate.

Girls will like to give boys a strawberry mark on their necks.

It is not only a symbol of love, but also a declaration of sovereignty to other girls.

Have you ever seen a couple who has been together for more than four or five years and grows strawberries?

For example, Xiao Yu himself not only has strawberry prints on his neck, but also small pink leather bands on his wrists.

It’s all Mu Qianwu’s overlord, do you dare to believe it?

From this point, it is not difficult to infer the psychology of Mu Qianwu.

Not only domineering, but also a vinegar bucket!

Why investigate the woman next to Che Fei Ting?

Because Che Fei Thunder lied.

Obviously there is a woman, and the wife is dead, so why hide her existence?

So is it possible that the things that Che Fei Ting is hiding are related to this woman?

Xiao Yu was not sure.

But if there is a suspicion, he will not let it go!


At nine o’clock in the morning, the criminal investigation brigade.

“Head, found it!”

After Guo Qiang returned, he reported to Xiao Yu: “Gu Xuan, 24 years old, a native of this city, once worked as a nanny in Che Fei Ting’s house for a while…”

24 years old, from the city, still a nanny… Xiao Yu was puzzled.

You must know that the youth of this era are very proud.

Have youth in big cities ever heard of working as babysitters?

This is not a bygone era.

The work of serving people is really not done by ordinary young people, but it is not absolute.

Maybe I think too much… Xiao Yu asked, “When did they start?” ”

“The time is too short for me to verify, but I know that the two of them are close.” Guo Qiang shook his head.

“How did the news come about?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Some of Che Fei’s friends.”

Guo Qiang smiled and said: “When a man drinks some wine, he is blind and does not have a door in his mouth, which is very easy to check.” ”


Xiao Yu nodded, the source was reliable, “Find the policewoman to bring it back and ask about it.” ”

There are female police officers in each case-handling unit.

Because the criminals targeted are not just boys.

Sometimes in order to respect women, it is necessary to have a female policewoman.

10 a.m.

A policewoman brought back a young woman.

Gu Xuan!

Not tall, about one meter six, the bird feels like a person.

The appearance is not very beautiful, but it gives people a very quiet appearance.

“There is a case that requires your cooperation in the investigation.”

Looking at Gu Xuan, who was sitting in front of him, Xiao Yu asked, “May I ask, what is your relationship with Che Fei Ting?” ”


Gu Xuan was silent for a moment, “It doesn’t matter. ”

Lying… Xiao Yu frowned.

“What happened to him?”

Gu Xuan’s expression was very calm, as if he was casually asking.


Xiao Yu deceived, “Suspected of being related to the death of his wife.” ”

Sure enough, Gu Xuan’s face changed.

However, Xiao Yu’s look was strange instead.

Because he didn’t see worry on Gu Xuan’s face.

Instead, I saw a trace of it on the other person’s face… Excited?

Excitement can also be seen?

Of course, it’s evident in micro-expressions.

The eyes will be involuntarily open, and sometimes the mouth will be slightly open.

The facial muscles are clearly similar to the precursors of laughter.

It can make people excited, mostly related to some joy and surprise.

Even if you want to pretend to be calm, there are still traces to follow.

Xiao Yu couldn’t understand it.

Couples, even lovers.

Strictly speaking, it is very similar to a family relationship.

Have you ever seen a loved one get excited after an accident?

Anyway, Xiao Yu had never seen it.

But…… He saw excitement on Gu Xuan’s face.

Then, Xiao Yu was also excited.

He felt that he had accidentally caught a big fish!

The reason is simple.

Why are the women in front of you excited?

Are you excited about the car non-thunder accident?

So what kind of person would want something to happen to their partner?

The first: What did your partner do to be sorry for you, and you would hate him to die?

The second kind: with him with some purpose, this purpose is to hope that something will happen to him?

The former, the likelihood of getting a person excited is slim.

One night couple Bai Ri En is not a joke.

So, there is only the second possibility.

Xiao Yu stared at Gu Xuan.

24 years old, just to go to the babysitting, originally confusing.


With some purpose, to become the lover of Che Fei Ting?


When something happens to him, you’re excited, right?

Xiao Yu thought of the bottle of potion… Receptor blockers!

Why didn’t Che Feiting explain, but chose to be silent?

What are you hiding? For whom is it hidden?

Looking at Gu Xuan in front of him, Xiao Yu’s eyes gradually brightened.

He initially deduced that Che Fei Ting should not have killed his wife.

Last night I ‘saw’ my wife, but Che Fei Ting was so frightened.

It turns out that this panic is not because you have done something wrong.

What did someone else do to your wife, after being hidden by you, guilty?

Xiao Yu got up and went to the ‘Evidence Room’.

I came back with a small potion bottle in a bag and put it on my desk.

“Do you know it?”

Xiao Yu stared at Gu Xuan’s eyes and expression.


Gu Xuan’s expression changed, the pupils in his eyes contracted quickly a few times, his eyes dodged, and the muscles on his face tensed…

“Ha!” Xiao Yu smiled.

Is this the source of today’s happiness sent by God?

Thanks, I took it!

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