The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 157

Xiao Yu walked out of the house and stepped into a police car.

“Head, the husband of the deceased Jia Yanli called the police an hour ago and said he saw his… Wife! ”

Guo Qiang calmed his face and reported to Xiao Yu on the co-driver while driving.


Xiao Yu’s expression was calm, without any surprise.

As he deduced.

The theft of corpses, certainly for some purpose.

The body is not stored in a special place, and it is difficult to keep it for too long.

It’s just that Xiao Yu didn’t expect that things would come so suddenly.

The corpse theft that happened yesterday began to be committed the next day?

However, after the body theft, it was actually used to scare the husband of the deceased?

Thinking about it, thinking gradually became clear, Xiao Yu began to analyze, thinking of the investigation of the original police station.

The brother of the deceased, who always said that his sister was killed by her brother-in-law?

Could it be the brother of the deceased, the body stolen?

A cold glint flashed in his eyes, and Xiao Yu shook his head.

Not very likely.

This process is too easy to reason, but it is the least likely to be true.

The train of thought was knotted, and Xiao Yu gave up to continue analyzing.

The police car was running down the road and stopped in a neighborhood twenty minutes later.

Li Xin and Liu Hongqiao, criminal police officers of the criminal investigation brigade, arrived early and waited for Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang.


Li Xin and Liu Hongqiao said hello.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yu nodded and took the lead in entering the community, followed by three criminal policemen.

The names of the deceased’s husbands are not common today.

Compound surname, Che Fei, Che Fei Thunder.

36 years old, his hometown is out of the province, he came to Bincheng sixteen years ago, he worked…

At the age of 25, he met his wife Jia Yanli, and at the age of 27, he married Jia Yanli with a license.

His wife is two years older than Che Fei Ting, there is nothing unusual, and it is quite normal.

At that time, his wife Jia Yanli was not as rich as she is now, and she only started.

It is the husband and wife who work together to have today’s wealth.

After the police investigation, Che Fei Ting basically did not care about the company’s affairs, and was a ‘virtuous helper’.

On weekdays, in addition to hanging out at the company and seeing his wife, I like some entertainment projects.

For example, billiards, bowling, and also participated in an old friend football club, playing as a defender.

Socially normal, equally not abnormal…

Standing in front of a residential building, Xiao Yu’s brain echoed the information reported by Guo Qiang.

Frowning and thinking about it, he felt that he could not see anything for the time being.

Xiao Yu came to the door of che Fei Ting’s and the deceased Jia Yanli’s house, and the door was open.

A middle-aged man was sitting in the doorway, his face was miserable, and he was smoking heavily, terrified.

Two police officers were standing by his side.

After the police saw Xiao Yu and others arriving at the scene, they explained the report and left.

That’s the rule.

If some cases are not in your hands, you cannot intervene.

The civilian police have the stalls of the civilian police, and the criminal police have the tasks of the criminal police.

Although they are all police officers, the division of duties can sometimes be large.

“Hello, we are from the criminal investigation brigade.”

Xiao Yu’s gaze fell on Che Fei Ting’s body, frowning slightly, “Can you stand up and speak?” ”


That’s your wife after all.

At the age of 25, he fell in love, married and started a family at the age of 27, and also walked through 9 years of married life together.

This eleven-year relationship, instantly really is the ghost of the wife appears.

Why are you afraid of being like this?

If it is myself and my sister in the future… When you see the ghost of the other party, will you be afraid?

No, not only.

They’ll happily follow each other, right?

Of course, people are different from person to person!

Xiao Yu stared at Che Fei Ting’s face.

36 years old, middle-aged, but the appearance of the other party is still some handsome uncle temperament.

There is also a masculine taste of a mature man.

Such a temperament, it is easy to attract some young women.

However, at this time, the other party’s face was full of panic.

The facial muscles flutter from time to time, and the eyes are a little flustered.

This is a manifestation of being overly frightened!

Frightened by the ghost of his wife like this?

A strange light appeared in Xiao Yu’s eyes, and he looked at the other party standing up and asking, “Can you tell us about the situation you encountered at that time?” ”


The pale Che Fei Ting nodded, “During the day, I received a call from the police and got the news that my wife was missing… I’ve been to the morgue and then I’ve come home at night…”

Listening to the other party’s oral account, Xiao Yu’s expression remained unchanged, but his heart was suspicious.

Answering like a stream, psychological stability, no anger at the loss of the body, still very calm?

You know, that’s the person you get along with day and night, even closer than your parents.

Would a normal man be this manifestation when he hears that his wife’s body is missing?


“Just now…”

Che Feiting’s face turned white again, and the panic in his eyes could not be hidden, “I, I heard a vision coming from the bedroom window. Then I got up and opened the curtains… I saw my wife! ”

“Huh?” Xiao Yu was stunned.

It’s the fifth floor, right?

You saw it outside the bedroom window, your wife?

“She just floated out the window, looking at me deadly.”

Che Fei’s body was trembling, “Her eyes are gray and white, really terrible!” ”


The scalp exploded in an instant, and Xiao Yu took a deep breath.

Yes, such eyes should be the eyes of a person after death.

The eyes of the female corpse seen by the security guard Miao Jiancheng were obviously wrong.

There is no further inquiry.

Xiao Yu walked into the bedroom and looked at the window that opened the curtains.

Fifth floor, how did you do it?

Could it be that the corpse floated up on its own, and you would fly?

A sneer appeared at the corner of his bent mouth, and Xiao Yu opened the window and leaned out half of his body to check out.

Up and down, no abnormalities were found.

Getting the body up from below is basically hard to do.

If it is from above…

Xiao Yu retracted his body, turned to look at Guo Qiang and the others, and made a gesture.

The three old criminal investigators understood in seconds and began to go upstairs to investigate…


Xiao Yu smiled and stared at Che Fei Ting, who was sitting on the sofa, “Before your wife died, how were your feelings?” ”


Che Fei was stunned and shook his head, “We actually don’t have any feelings anymore.” As her business got bigger and bigger, she became more and more aggressive, and we slept in separate rooms a few years ago. Even not so long ago, we were going to… Divorce! ”

Really…… Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes.

No wonder you heard your wife’s body missing, without a hint of anger, but very calm.

The next moment, Xiao Yu looked at Che Fei Ting’s neck and skimmed his lips.

He saw a small red mark on the other’s neck.

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