The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 156

“I’m in my forties and deal with corpses all day, what haven’t I seen?”

“But when I saw the female corpse, I was really frightened and peed my pants!”

“At that time, the lights in the corridor suddenly went out, and I was already scared and couldn’t move… Footsteps sounded. Snap, snap, snap… A very soft voice, step by step, approaching me. ”

“I can’t remember how long it took, maybe ten seconds, maybe twenty… The hallway lights were on again. ”

“The female corpse was lying in front of me, she was staring at me with her eyes, and I… I saw her smile, really, I saw her laugh! ”

The pale-faced Miao Jiancheng trembled as he dictated, “I can’t stand it anymore, I turn my head and run…”


Xiao Yu stretched out his hand, patted Miao Jiancheng’s shoulder, turned his head to look at Guo Qiang, who had an ugly face, and took the photo.

The photo is of a female corpse.

It is also the deceased Jia Yanli.

“Is it her?”

Xiao Yu held up the photo and asked Miao Jiancheng.


Miao Jiancheng stared at the photo in shock, stunned a little, and shook his head, “Although it is very similar, it is not her.” ”

When you hear this sentence.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang were completely relieved.

Finally determined.

Not a ghost!

Thinking about it, Xiao Yu himself felt funny.

How can there be ghosts in this world?

Miao Jiancheng basically has nothing to ask here.

Xiao Yu spent another ten minutes to appease Miao Jiancheng through the ability of ‘psychological expert’.

Until it was determined that the other party’s psychological state had recovered, the two left the hospital.

“Head, that’s still the sentence.”

Outside the hospital, Guo Qiang smoked a cigarette and handed Xiao Yu one, “Purpose? ”

In doing anything, people need a pre-purpose to frame the later intention.

Crime is no exception.

If you say, at the beginning, it was like what Xiao Yu said.

Stealing corpses may be to intimidate and frighten others.

So now something is wrong.

The fact that the body robbers took such great pains was certainly not simply for the sake of simple intimidation.

It can be seen from the security guard Miao Jiancheng.

This is simply creating a supernatural panic that a ghost appears!

“I don’t know, I don’t pinch my fingers.”

After taking a sip of his cigarette, Xiao Yu shook his head, “But one thing is for sure, the corpse cannot be stored for too long.” If the other party is going to do something with a corpse, it should be done soon! ”

The two returned to the criminal investigation brigade.

Mobilize police forces to check all the sky-eye surveillance outside the morgue.


No suspicious figures and vehicles were found to have taken away the bodies.

Xiao Yu could also think of it.

Since the other party can steal the body, it should be carefully arranged.

A man who knew to wear gloves and carry a plastic sealing machine when he stole corpses.

The degree of meticulousness of such a person is needless to say.

It is not difficult to guess that the other party has planned the entire process of stealing the body.

Is it really as I thought… Xiao Yu, who was sitting at the desk, narrowed his eyes and said to himself, “This technique, this meticulousness, is not at all what ordinary stealing methods can do… Grave robbers? ”

In any case, the body must be recovered.

Night, eight o’clock.

Xiao Yu walked out of the criminal investigation brigade.

Outside the gate, the elegant and cold Mu Qianwu was standing next to the sports car.

There are female pregnant fragrances, moth eyebrows are divided into green feathers, bright eyes are clear…

Stunned for a while, Xiao Yu walked quickly to hug his sister and sincerely admired, “I can’t get tired of seeing it!” ”


Gao Leng was completely empty, Mu Qianmei smiled, and pinched his brother’s cheek, “It will be good!” ”

Xiao Yu smiled, let go of his sister, and the little couple got into the car.

Cases must be solved, and people must rest.

After returning home and eating, Xiao Yu sat on the sofa stunned.

The brain is all about the course of the case, as well as some details.

Therefore, I did not notice that on the face of Mu Mu dancing on the side, an indescribable shyness floated up and quietly left.

I don’t know how long it has been.

Xiao Yu felt someone approaching and returned to God.

Turning his head, the others were dumbfounded.

A beautiful woman dressed in JK is standing not far away.

White small cloth shoes, straight and long legs, good proportions can fall out of any man’s eyeballs.

Especially on the long hair like a waterfall, he wears a small hairpin.

With that beautiful face, the rosiness of that diamond-shaped mouth.

People unconsciously think that the red face is bad for the water.

The most critical man can’t find a single flaw in her.

“Well… Looks good?! ”

Mu danced like a shy girl, Gu Panshenghui, jade face blushing, expectantly staring at her brother.

When I saw my brother with his mouth open, that stupid look that the whole person was stupid.

Mu Qianwu smiled lightly, a pair of smart eyes that wanted to say goodbye, just like a clear pool after a bay of rain.

In the face of such a beautiful person in the city, Xiao Yu was inevitably dazed and looked foolish.

When did I get poisoned by my sister?

Jumping up in an instant, like a leopard, Xiao Yu pounced on his sister who was laughing.

A princess hugged and took Mu Qianwu in her arms, “Sister, I’m not going to be a man tonight!” ”

Mu Qianwu covered his mouth with a sneer, and Xiao Yu rushed to the bedroom…



When the little couple falls asleep peacefully.

Wrapping his arms around his younger brother who was eating milk, Mu Qianwu opened his eyes.

It would have been a cosy night.

But there was a humming sound.

Mu Qianwu stood up slightly and picked up Xiao Yu’s mobile phone.

Seeing that the above call was ‘Guo Qiang’, he clicked on, “Hello.” ”

“I’m sorry to disturb your rest, but I can inform us that there is a new situation in the case.”

Guo Qiang’s voice was apologetic.

“Got it.”

I don’t know when, Xiao Yu, who opened his eyes, pressed his cheek against his sister’s show face, and opened his mouth indifferently to the mobile phone.

“Sister…” Xiao Yu looked at her sister.

“Don’t say it.”

Mu Qianwu smiled and shook his head, “Not once or twice, since following you, I have been learning to be a policeman’s wife.” ”

“Sometimes I feel like I owe my sister a little bit more.”

The couple got up, and Xiao Yu dressed and looked at Mu Qian with an apologetic look.

“Say something stupid.”

Mu Qianwu sorted out the clothes for Xiao Yu and smiled softly: “Where is there anything that is owed between husband and wife, and it is enough for my brother to be better to me in the future.” ”

“What if it’s still not good enough?” Xiao Yu asked seriously.

“Then I will sentence you to imprisonment for life.”

Mu Qianwu snuggled into his brother’s arms, “Appeal? ”

Xiao Yu hugged her sister hard.

“Obey the verdict!”

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