The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 153

Xiao Yu felt that with a ridiculous attitude, he faced the fucking life.

It is the right way to open up the journey through life.

At least it will make you feel like a normal person.

And not a hanging!

Sign in…… Xiao Yu thought silently in his heart.

【Ding, congratulations on the success of the host check-in case!】 】

【System Rewards, Abilities: Linguists!】 】

【System Quest Distribution: Detect Ghoul Cases!】 】

【Time limit to solve the case: 10 days! 】 】

[If the host completes the task within the time limit, add the bonus system skill: Eel Electricity!] 】

[If the host fails the task within the time limit, the system capabilities given to the host will be reclaimed!] 】

【Task time limit countdown, start…】


Countless ‘language’ materials were integrated into Xiao Yu’s brain.

Includes all the languages of the world, and special languages.

Such as sign language, lip language… Xiao Yu’s scalp was numb.

The efficiency with which the system familiarizes the host with its abilities is terrible.

Completely unreasonable and puts you in control in an instant.

The scariest thing is that there are so many ‘words’ in the brain.

The head didn’t explode!

System, Ning is also the old two-dimensional, right?

So…… This eel’s electricity will not be the eel’s discharge ability, right?

Xiao Yu’s eyes instantly became hot.

It seems that the system is a bit powerful… Wait a minute.

Remember the last skill you acquired, The Life of the Salamander!

All his enthusiasm was gone in an instant.

Originally, Xiao Yu thought that this skill would be the so-called regenerative power?


But this regenerative power takes time, a long, long time.

Although it can make Xiao Yu have the ability to ‘self-heal’.

But…… The brain melon seed was shot, whether to hang or hang.

The advantage is that as long as you are seriously injured and do not die, you can slowly heal yourself.

It’s just a matter of time.

It’s a disabled version of a life-saving skill.

What about this eel electricity?

Xiao Yu estimated that it would not be much stronger.

At most, it can be equal to the ability of eels to discharge electricity, right?

Even that’s not bad.

Xiao Yu always firmly believes: No money, is the most expensive!

“Head… Thoughts? ”

Guo Qiang’s voice sounded in his ears.


Xiao Yu looked back, shook his head, and looked at the corpse board again, “Let’s investigate the case first.” ”

Why look at this kind of thing?

When the body is pushed into a frozen coffin, it needs to be ‘bagged’.

Commonly known as: body bags.

It is a relatively thick transparent plastic bag.

What does this stuff do?

The first is to protect the corpse, and the second is to isolate the bacteria on the corpse from entering the frozen coffin.

Even so, every time the body was carried away.

Frozen coffins also undergo a disinfection process.

Both were looking at the body bag in a daze, with question marks on their faces.

The body bag is open… This is nonsense.

If it is not opened, the body will not disappear.

Here comes a problem.

Normally, there is a zipper on the body bag, just pull it open.

But the body bag in front of me is a little abnormal.

It wasn’t pulled apart, it was torn apart!

Many people know that when you tear open a plastic sheet, you will leave marks on it.

Because the plastic sheet will deform and break after being pulled.

This trace can be clearly distinguished from which side it was torn off.

The body bag in front of them told the two people through the tear marks.

Actually… Tear it out from the inside!


Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang’s sweat and hair exploded.

Goosebumps are all over the body.

The brain melon seeds seem to be electrified, and the tingling of the electricity does not say, there are some hair trees.

Tearing from the inside out… Scared or not?

Xiao Yu’s psychological quality is very strong, and he also has the ability of ‘psychological expert’.

But in the face of the current situation, his face gradually began to turn white.

His face was full of black question marks, and he shouted in his heart: God, where is the trouble, the normal world that is good, why is it strange!

No, it must be the wrong way I opened my eyes… Xiao Yu blinked his eyes twice and opened the Falcon Eye.

When these eyes looked at the body bag again, they carefully observed for a minute.

“Whew!” Xiao Yu exhaled a long breath.

Man-made, not ghost-made, almost scared Daddy to death!

Through the ‘Eye of the Falcon’, he found it in great detail.

The body bag was indeed torn open from the inside out.

But a playful problem arose.

When tearing the plastic sheet, many people know that fingerprints on the hands will remain on it.

Although the fingerprint will be deformed during the tearing process, it will still be left.

But…… There were no fingerprints on the body bag in front of me, and there were only traces of pulling.


Because there must be something wrapped around the fingers.

For example, gloves?

The fun question is again.

Most of the bodies that were packed into the body bags were red fruits.

Who’s going to put a pair of gloves on a corpse?

Someone may not be clear.

After death, the body will become stiff, and when the clothes of the deceased are taken off, tools such as scissors are required.

Sometimes if you want to dress the deceased, normal circumstances are unlikely, you need to use special techniques, and sometimes you have to break the arm bone of the deceased in order to wear the clothes completely on the deceased… As for gloves?

Can you please stop making trouble!

When the living person does not use their hands or in a special posture on weekdays.

The hands are always bent and will not be straightened.

After death, this bending state becomes more severe.

Most of the deceased die in a state where their hands are in a state of half-clenched fists.

Because the body is stiff, it is possible to wear a pair of gloves unless all the finger bones are broken.

Come, please, how do you put your gloves on?

Back to the point, the corpse can be put into a body bag.

There were basically no clothes, let alone gloves.

If it were not for the deceased tearing open the body bag himself, there was only one possibility.

Some people wore a pair of gloves and deliberately disguised themselves as the deceased tearing apart the body bag from the inside.

But he overlooked the fact that the deceased had no gloves.

So why did he wear gloves?

There was only one possibility, he was worried about leaving fingerprints!

“It’s cunning and magical.”

After trying to understand this, Xiao Yu frowned, “How did he put his hand into the body bag and tear it open?” ”

“Head, what do you say?”

Guo Qiang was still in a state of ‘panic’ and asked very confusedly.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes, “Is it a dead person who wears gloves to tear it?” ”

Guo Qiang: …

They were all old criminal investigators, Xiao Yu reminded him, and instantly understood.


Guo Qiang exploded a foul mouth, a little ashamed, a little angry.

The two frowned again and studied.

How did the body snatchers manage to put their hands inside the closed body bag and tear it open?

Why say closed?

At the end of the zipper of the bag, there is a mini cable tie with a ‘corpse tag’ hanging from the cable tie.

Every time you open it, you need to cut the cable tie.

The zipper and tie on the body bag in front of you are complete!

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