The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 152

The so-called morgue is actually the cold storage room of today’s funeral home.

The maximum number of corpses here is 400.

Daily docking of normal and abnormal deaths in the city.

It seems that the storage capacity is very small, but it is actually not small.

In general, the storage time of corpses is very short, but there are also special circumstances.

For example, if there are corpses involved in cases, they will be stored for a longer time.

Xiao Yu came to the morgue more than once or twice, and it was quite familiar.

Even in familiarity, every time it comes.

Feeling the abnormal cold, goosebumps still came out unconsciously.

This is the psychological feedback phenomenon of normal people.

In addition to the people who work here every day, otherwise as long as you think about the various corpses here, you will still be a little uncomfortable.

The morgue is a special unit that moves in and out of corpses day and night.

There are also staff during the night.

But most night shifts are just for emergencies.

Even if there is staff, it will be in a dedicated lounge.

Basically, the security guards patrol at night…

Last night’s ‘haunted’ thing in the morgue, the outside was blocked, and the inside of the morgue has been spread all over.

Xiao Yu obviously saw that the faces of many staff members were more or less not very good-looking.

This kind of psychology is normal.

When human beings encounter the phenomenon of supernatural understanding, they will have some inner panic.

The only police officer who witnessed last night’s incident was still in the hospital.

What is Xiao Yu going to come and see?


Through the record of the police, investigate the scene.

You can roughly deduce the situation at the time of last night’s incident.

Xiao Yu first came to a freezer where the corpses were stored.

There are a total of eight such freezers in the morgue.

Each freezer room has a frozen coffin containing fifty corpses.

These frozen coffins are set up inside refrigeratible walls, with only doors outside.

To store the body, simply pull open the counter and pull out the frozen coffin.

Freezer no. 2.

A frozen coffin is open and the body tray is in a state of being withdrawn.

The frozen coffin of the female corpse lost last night!

“Jia Yanli, female, 38 years old, from the city, owner of a private company… Cause of death, normal death, sudden myocardial infarction. The deceased suffered from heart disease and the hospital had two first aid histories. This time it was sent to the hospital late, and when it was found, the family sent the hospital, and the person was dead. ”

Guo Qiang took the tablet and reported on the situation of the female corpse before she died.

“Is there a forensic autopsy report?”

Glancing at the corpse board, Xiao Yu asked casually.


Guo Qiang shook his head, “Because it is not involved in the case category, the body of the deceased does not need a forensic autopsy, and a death certificate can be issued with a hospital autopsy certificate.” ”

“Why wasn’t the body taken to the mortuary by the family, but stored in the morgue?”

Xiao Yu furrowed his brows and asked in doubt.

It should be known that when a normal family’s relatives die, most of the deceased’s remains will be collected at home.

Folk customs.

The body should be stored at home for about 3 to 7 days.

The first is that once a person leaves, it means eternal separation, and it is impossible to see each other again.

So the corpse stayed at home for a few days to give the loved ones a time to mourn and miss each other.

It is also necessary to inform relatives from all directions that some of the roads are far away and will not be able to return for a while and a half.

One more glance is one glance.

Especially those who die suddenly, their relatives will not be able to accept it for a while and a half.

So this custom is to forgive their painful and sad emotions…

However, if you die a normal death, what kind of ghost is it left in the morgue?

If you don’t care about customs.

Family members can make an appointment for cremation at the crematorium after issuing a death certificate.

“The deceased’s parents died early, but the deceased had an older brother.”

Guo Qiang flipped through the information, frowned, and said, “His brother always said that his sister could not die for no reason, someone must have killed her sister.” He has always told people that he was killed by his brother-in-law. ”


Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes, “Why? ”

“Head, money.”

Guo Qiang explained with a smile, “After the death of the deceased, the local police station also came forward to investigate. Through the investigation, the relationship between the deceased and his brother was not very good, and there was basically no contact between him and his death. But after death, there is a big fuss, nothing more than that possibility. His sister was too rich before she died, tens of millions. But the money had nothing to do with him, and the first heir was the husband of the deceased. ”

“Huh!” Xiao Yu sneered.

That’s what people are, understanding.

It should have been after this disturbance that the brother of the deceased would not allow his sister to be buried.

The husband of the deceased has no way, worried that the body will rot and be placed in the morgue?

“But it’s also a little strange.”

Guo Qiang flipped through the investigation report of the police station at that time, “The husband of the deceased promised to give the brother of the deceased a million so that he would not make trouble.” But the brother of the deceased just did not agree, insisting that his sister’s death was abnormal. ”

It’s a little strange… Xiao Yu frowned, “According to the theory, a million is not a lot.” ”

“Yeah, that’s where the blame lies.”

Guo Qiang nodded, looked at the information and continued: “In the end, the husband of the deceased said to give two million, but the brother of the deceased still did not agree, threatening that he did not want money at all. ”

“Huh?” Xiao Yu’s expression grew strange.

Is this brother’s heart insufficient?

Want your sister’s entire family fortune after her death?

What the are you thinking about!

Is it because this situation is strange?

They are all old criminal investigators, and Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang are definitely not thinking about this.


Why did the husband of the deceased give up two million?

To make a simple analogy.

A person who wants food runs to your house to ask for money, and your family is also very rich.

You look at him pitifully, and you might give him a hundred and eighty dollars.

But those who want to eat do not go.

Will you give him one-tenth of your possessions because of the trouble of asking for food?

A relative who basically dies and does not interact with each other.

Is even his wife’s brother different from a stranger?

What is normal operation?

In other words, you, don’t say give money, do you want to give him a kick?

The other party is making trouble, you don’t go to the police, and even take out two million?

Isn’t that strange?

Of course, it is not excluded that the husband of the deceased is kind.

But what he did was definitely beyond the comprehension of normal people.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang looked at each other and felt that things were a little strange.

Of course, this is secondary.

The first question is to investigate how the body disappeared.

Two possibilities.

First: This disappearance is man-made.

Second: Probably… I ran it myself.

The first one may be understandable.

Although someone is committing a crime, it is enough to catch it.

But the second possibility… That’s a good idea.

Corpse transformation? Ghosts? Ah Piao?

Xiao Yu was a little happy to hear and wanted to see it for a long time.

[Ding, the case trigger was successful. 】

[The police case check-in opens.] 】

【Does the host sign in?】 】

Xiao Yu: …

What a sad story!

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