The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 150

“There are still many details in the case that need to be investigated, and the mother and son will not die for a while and a half.”

“Even if they want to go to the execution ground early, they will stay in prison for a while… You see what I mean. ”

“This time, the police system in our provinces and cities owes you a favor, and if there is anything you need, despite the opening.”

“As for the credit for solving this case, I’m sorry, the police system in our province is not qualified to give it to you.”

“It is said that the big men in the capital are studying.”

“You’ve done too much credit.”

“Finally… Thank you! ”

Ended the call with Qian Long, the leader of the S County Criminal Investigation Brigade.

Xiao Yu put down his mobile phone, lay down on the recliner, and enjoyed the jade hand massage of Mu Qiandan.

Like a bad brother who is served by a good sister.

It is also like a good child who is spoiled by a little mother.

Life is so good.

Just fabulous!

“Get up, how many adults are still bullying your sister, let your sister serve, believe it or not I beat you?”

Liu Yunquan looked at his son, staring at his eyes, and the female Wei was still there.

Xiao Shengguo, who was grilling in the courtyard of the villa, grinned.

While flipping the roast meat, he watched his son being scolded, and his heart was called a schadenfreude.

Zhou Xuelan was full of loving smiles, staring at a pair of children, very happy.

In the past, as her children got older, she was always worried about her daughter’s marriage.

Which Cheng thought, not only found a good one, but also a good sister’s child.

Looking at the appearance of a pair of young daughters now, Zhou Xuelan’s eyes appeared with water.

Raise your eyes and look at the clear sky, as if you see the smiling face of your deceased husband.

Rest assured, our daughter, find a good child, will be happy…

Xiao Yu was scolded by his mother, and he couldn’t pestering his sister and helping his father make barbecue.

Mu Qianwu also worked with his mother and mother-in-law, holding some tableware.

It is rare for the two families to get together, and laughter rings out from time to time.

The warmth of that home makes everyone’s face full of smiles.

Unfortunately, the boss and boss only give two days off and go to work tomorrow… Smiling and holding the barbecue, Xiao Yu sent it to the three Lafayettes.

“Mom, do you remember when you scared me when you were a kid?”

Eating roast meat, Xiao Yu smiled badly at his mother.

Every child has been tricked by his parents into picking up the trash can and sending it to the phone bill.

And I was terrified, and I cried.

The problem is, Xiao Yu is a reborn person.

At that time, the body was a child, but the IQ was an adult.

Hearing his son’s words, Liu Yunxuan’s face blushed and he stared at his son murderously.

As if to say: You dare to say it, the old lady will kill her relatives today, and then practice trumpet!


Xiao Shengguo couldn’t help it, he laughed, and his face was full of reminiscences.

What happened then?

At that time, the daughter-in-law frightened her five-year-old son and said: You are disobedient, send you to the public toilet, anyway, my father and I picked you up from the toilet, it is a big deal to pick up another one!

As a result, the five-year-old son said: Wow, the mother is so powerful, she can even order into a baby, how did she do it?

Then, the daughter-in-law chased her son all over the house, trying to kill this stinky boy, not to mention how happy!

Mu Qianwu and Zhou Xuelan’s mother and daughter looked at each other, very curious.

Xiao Yu secretly told her sister, and her sister told her mother.

Both families laughed…

“I’m old, I can’t move.”

Annoyed, Liu Yunquan beat his son a few times, and with love in his eyes, he pinched Xiao Yu’s ear and scolded with a smile, “Let your sister beat you in the future!” ”

“My sister can’t help it.”

Xiao Yu turned his head triumphantly and looked at Mu Qianwu.

The little couple frowned.

The elders rolled their eyes and prepared to finish their meal and leave.

Although they were all born by themselves.

This bowl of dog food, they don’t eat!


The father and son of the Xiao family wanted to cry without tears and accompanied the three women to go shopping.

Silence began for their legs.

As men, they never understood.

What is the point of shopping?

Can’t you just buy two pieces of clothes and wear them?

Why ask and ask, pick and choose, obviously like it, and then turn around and leave, change the next one…

“Dad, how did you stick with it in the past?”

Xiao Yu, who was carrying a large bag and a small bag, looked at his father with a sympathetic face.


Xiao Shengguo’s face changed and he sighed, “Your mother is practicing Sanda!” ”


Xiao Yu seconds understood, and laughed.

Fortunately, my sister can’t do kung fu.

Laughing and laughing, Xiao Yu couldn’t laugh out.

It is not kung fu, but the sister’s brain is smart, and she is willing to make up for it.

Recalling last night’s scene, Xiao Yu’s face turned white.

You say, in case you go to bed one day.

My sister’s brain made up for some not so good things.

Is it possible to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night and get a knife and chop him up?

My mom… Xiao Yu sighed.

Both father and son seemed to think of something bad.

He glanced at each other and almost hugged each other and cried bitterly.

We men are so pathetic!


Pleasant times always pass quickly.

The parents are gone.

Tired and paralyzed, Xiao Yu lay on the sofa, watching Mu Qianwu happily flip the big bag.

“Sister, I find that you girls are all liars.” Xiao Yu pouted.

“What’s the deception?”

Mu Qianwu turned his delicate face, his eyes were moist with a smile, and he stared at his bad brother.

“Every time I go to the street and talk about shopping, I say I’ll go home after a while.”

Xiao Yu was very angry, “But a stroll is most of the day, and I still buy a lot of things to come back.” ”


Mu Qianwu sneered, “If so, then you boys are also liars.” ”

“What do you mean by that?”

Xiao Yu wondered if he had ever cheated on his sister?

“Every time I go to sleep, my brother will always say he will hug me and do nothing.”

Mu Qianwu stared at his brother’s eyes, as if looking at the super giant deception, “The result? ”

“Ah this…”

Elder Xiao Yu blushed, “Sister, you listen to my cunning arguments… Ah no, you listen to me explain. Actually, that’s not a lie, just a white lie! ”


Mu Qianwu sneered, lazily took care of his brother, and continued to flip the fashion bag.

Whether there is money or not, girls love beauty.

Especially like to show the most beautiful side in front of their lovers.

It’s just that…… When she saw a fashion bag inside, it contained a JK uniform.

Shy, floating on the flawless jade face.

She is 28 years old, how can she wear this kind of dress?

But his own heart can’t refuse to pretend to be a poor brother…

A pair of gentle arms embraced her.

Shyly gone, a dream-like light floated in Mu’s dancing eyes.

Is it really impossible to refuse?


It was every time he saw it, his eyes were full of himself.

Just that second.

The heart will be uncontrollable, and it will be very tempting to follow him and fly away.

From south to north…

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