The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 148

A fleet of speeding police cars is heading towardS County at maximum speed.

“Dong Cuiqin, female, 67 years old, S County people, sixteen years old to work, eighteen years old with pregnancy back to their hometown, giving birth to a son Dong Qi …”

“After giving birth, Dong Cuiqin went out for ten years at the age of 20, began to raise her son after the age of 30, and went out again at the age of 34… In the same year, he took his son Dong Qi out for two years and returned… At the age of 39, Dong Cuiqin and Dong Qi went out again. ”

“At the age of 41, Dong Cuiqin returned to her hometown alone to settle down, and never went out again… His son Dong Qi is wandering outside, and most of them will return to their hometown once a year, and live with his mother Dong Cuiqin for about two to three months each time…”

“Dong Cuiqin was introduced by someone at the age of 45 to live with a widowed man in the same village…”

Guo Qiang finished reporting with a copy of the information, and looked at Xiao Yu, who was closing his eyes to cultivate the gods, “Head, is it her?” ”

“I know it after reading it.” Xiao Yu said calmly.

Why didn’t you go to Dong Qi’s house at first?

By chance, I didn’t expect the case to be solved a little smoothly.

First find the first scene of the murder of the deceased criminal police officer Bu Wenhui.

Shunteng went to the provinces and ignored Dong Qi’s home.

No, it’s not a coincidence, it should be a yin and yang!

No one would think of the big boss of a criminal gang.

It would be a rural old man in his sixties!

Xiao Yu’s brain finally cleared.

All the irrationality has also been answered reasonably.

Yes, only relatives generally do not betray their relatives.

Otherwise, the boss of a criminal gang has obviously become bigger.

Why work for others as a horse boy without betrayal?

Because it’s mother and son!

So what happened to the murder of criminal police officer Bu Wenhui?

Dong Qiming can obviously flee, but return to kill people?

Is it reasonable?


I remember that at the beginning of the investigation, Bu Wenhui visited the village many times and visited Dong Qi’s house many times.

Scratch the point, and Dong Qi’s mother, Dong Cuiqin, had a verbal altercation!

He had not betrayed his mother for twenty years, and although Dong Qi was mad and did nothing wrong, he should be a filial piety.

Otherwise, he would not have returned to his hometown every year to spend some time with his mother.

A criminal who has more than ten lives on his hands and does not regard his kind as a human being at all is a filial piety.

Ironic no?

When he mistakenly believes that his mother was bullied by a policeman, what do you think he will do?

The police?

In the eyes of people like Dong Qi, the same kind is to let him take care of it and become a tool for him to make money.

Would he care about a policeman’s life?

This also explains why the death of the murdered criminal police officer Bu Wenhui was so tragic.

Limbs were broken, eyes were gouged out, tongues were cut off… Finally, the throat is cut!


The police car drove into the village and stopped at the door of the Dong family.

Xiao Yu stepped out of the car and walked into the courtyard of the Dong family.


An earth dog barked inside the yard.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at him coldly, and the barking of the dog suddenly stopped.

Not only that.

The earth dog also let out a wail and ran back to the kennel with its tail between its legs!

Why is that?

The answer is simple.

What kind of earth dog dares to face a violent bear?

Just at that moment, Xiao Yu opened the system skill, the power of the bear!

Probably hearing a dog bark, an old man came out of the house not far away.

When he saw Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang, the old man asked doubtfully, “Who are you looking for?” ”

“Let’s look for Dong Cuiqin, should we be at home?”

Xiao Yu walked over to the old man and took out his police officer’s card, “Police! ”

The old man’s face changed slightly, he nodded, and opened the door of the house.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang walked in.

Outside the yard.

Numerous police cars were parked, and there was a military card.

A swat police, a group of armed police.

He stepped out of the police car like dumplings, jumped off the military card, and surrounded the Dong family.

Is it such an exaggeration?

Even if dong Cuiqin is confirmed to be the big boss of the criminal gang, she is only an old man.

And it has not been confirmed yet, and it is necessary to use such a big battle?

When Dong Qi was arrested, special forces were dispatched.

This case is beyond imagination!


Rural houses are generally not too clean in Xiao Yu’s impression.

Not that it’s dirty.

Instead, the floor in rural houses is mostly concrete.

The house is burning, and the stove is outside.

It is inevitable that there will be ashes or something, and it will appear gray and dull.

Dong’s house is very clean, the ground is a wooden floor, its interior decoration, not kang, but a small oil boiler heating.

The stove is a gas range hood, and there is air conditioning in the room…

Everything is decorated like the city!

With Xiao Yu’s eyesight, just a few glances were at least hundreds of thousands.

Just the high-grade solid wood floor, no fifty-sixty thousand can not come down.

Looking at these decorations, Xiao Yu’s expression was cold and frightening.

Because he knew that every penny of this renovation was bought by drinking human blood and eating human flesh!

Walking into the big house, there is a hall.

An old lady in fashionable dress is sitting on the couch watching TV.

Just looking like a 67-year-old person, he is in his fifties.

The old lady had an indifferent expression and calmly looked at Xiao Yu.

How do you describe those eyes?

Very calm, as if I had experienced too much wind and rain, and saw too many things open.

She is Dong Cuiqin!

“They’re the police.” The old man said a word.


Dong Cuiqin’s face sank, “What else are you going to do, bullying me an old man?” I said it all, where my son went, my old lady doesn’t know…”

“No more acting.”

Interrupting the other party’s words, Xiao Yu stared into Dong Cuiqin’s eyes, “With such a pair of calm eyes as you, your temper will not be so grumpy.” ”

Dong Cuiqin was silent, and her eyes flashed a cold and fierce light, and she became numb again.

“This time I came here to tell you that your son was caught by us.”

Xiao Yu stared at Dong Cuiqin, whose expression changed sharply, and laughed, “At the same time, it is also here to catch you… Big boss! ”

Dong Cuiqin’s body suddenly trembled.

Soon it calmed down again, without any fear on his face, but with a curious glint in his eyes, “My son betrayed me?” ”

She actually admitted it!

Xiao Yumian now sneered, “Not your son, he is so filial.” ”


Dong Cuiqin smiled, “That’s good, I didn’t raise him in vain.” ”

“It’s really a mother’s kindness and filial piety.”

Xiao Yu said calmly, “When you finish the trial and are pushed to the execution ground, I hope you can laugh like you.” I don’t know if you will be shot first or your son will be shot first? ”

There was no need to go to the execution ground, Dong Cuiqin could not laugh anymore.

Panic appeared in those calm eyes.

The older people are, the more afraid they are of death.

The moment the handcuffs were put on.

Dong Cuiqin collapsed on the ground.

Xiao Yu smiled.

Sure enough, God has eyes.

These evildoers will cut off their children and grandchildren, and even the blood will not be left.

Like sweeping garbage, sweeping out of this human world will not leave a trace…

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