The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 146

In a mountainous area of a county, an abandoned ceramic clay factory.

Originally, porcelain clay was to be supplied to a ceramic factory in the county seat.

Specialized in ceramic kitchenware.

Eight years ago, the ceramic factory closed down, and the porcelain clay factory was poorly managed, rented to others, and turned into a meat dog farm.

When Xiao Yu walked into the farm, he saw two employees making dog food in front of a large cauldron.

The so-called dog food is some cornmeal and some stick bones, slowly simmered through a large pot.

The appearance of the two workers is a little special.

A man tall and fierce, a fierce and evil man.

“What’s it for?”

Seeing Xiao Yu enter the compound, a big man shouted.

Another bald man looked over with a cold face.

“I heard that meat is sold here?”

Xiao Yu explained with a smile, “I want to buy some.” ”

Fragrant meat is dog meat, in the local language.

“It’s not just sold here, it’s all wholesale.”

The big man came to Xiao Yu and looked at him, “Hurry up.” ”

“Can’t sell a point?” Xiao Yu put away his smile and calmly stared at the big man.

The ‘Nose of the King Butterfly’ opens…

In an instant, Xiao Yu smelled many odors.

There is the smell of earth dogs, and there is also the smell of people.

Especially the smell of people, there are actually a lot…

Smells cannot be deceived.

A farm in the mountains, will there be young women and children smelling?

Confirmed, it should be here right!

“What’s the point?”

The big man was a little impatient, narrowing his eyes, “Hurry up and get out!” ”

Another bald man had a fierce glint in his eyes.


Xiao Yu nodded, “Since you don’t buy meat, then… Sell or sell people? ”

“…”The big man was stunned.

The bald man not far away had a huge change in expression.


The big man who had returned to god punched Xiao Yu in the face.


The fist stopped about ten centimeters in front of Xiao Yu’s face.

The big man slowly fell to the ground.

Xiao Yu’s thighs retracted from under the big man’s stride, and his body moved one step sideways, dodging the shovel that came from the slash.


With a wave of his hand, Xiao Yu’s fist hit the bald man’s face.

Under the ‘power of the violent bear’, the bald man’s nose was broken, his face was also spent, and blood splashed and fell to the ground.

Xiao Yu’s shot was too fast.

When the criminal police and swat police rushed into the compound, two big men were lying on the ground.


Xiao Yu threw away the blood on his hand and calmly opened his mouth.

Fifteen minutes later.

“Report, found!”

A SWAT officer shouted.

The Tibetans found a place!

The farm was formerly a porcelain clay factory.

Where does clay come from?

A mine cave on a big mountain.

After the factory was gone, the mine was also sealed.

Clay can be exchanged for money, and it must be sealed.

When the blocked wooden door is opened.

Xiao Yu walked into the mine and saw four children and two young girls.

Like a dog, with chains around its neck, it was locked to the wall.

When they saw the police, they would only shrink into the corner in horror, and they did not even dare to shout.

The heart pounded fiercely, and Xiao Yu walked out of the mine…

The arrest begins.

The trafficking team, a total of twelve people.

Within two days, including the leader Wu Jifang, all of them arrived at the case.

First the beggar gang, and now the trafficking gang.

Most of the members of this criminal gang have basically been arrested.

Only their boss suspect Dong Qi, and a mysterious boss, did not arrive at the case…

“Did you run?”

Xiao Yu sneered and led the team members on a plane to a certain city…


Half a day later.

Xiao Yu came to a bustling city.


You can imagine the boss of a criminal organization.

This man had only recently killed a policeman.

How could such a big city be hidden?

The most incredible thing is.

Through the technicians on the suspect Liu Xingang, provided those mobile phone numbers, the last call usage records, and the location of the base station was found.

The area where these mobile phone numbers appear most often is actually one of the most prosperous and wealthy areas in the magic capital.

The houses here are set casually, and they must start with millions.

Ten million.

A man from the countryside who trafficked in human beings by trafficking in human beings and controlled beggar begging.

Accumulating such a huge wealth?

“Call up the Sky Eye monitoring and check all the commercial and residential areas in the area!”

Xiao Yu gave orders to the Modu police.

Sixteen hours later.

Suspect Dong Qi, the target has been locked, the position is locked.

Under the full force of the police’s violent machine.

How do you run?


Wang Hongbin, male, 48 years old, self-employed boss…

Dressed in civilian clothes, Xiao Yu walked into a residential area, walked to a residential building, and rang the intercom doorbell.

“Who?” A woman asked softly.

“Hello, I am from the residential property, is the owner Mr. Wang Hongbin at home?”

Xiao Yu smiled and said, “That’s right, our property recently had a greening plan for the community, and we need to ask all owners for their opinions.” ”

Boom, the unit door opens.

“My husband is at home, come up.” When the woman finished speaking, she hung up the intercom.


Xiao Yu bent the corner of his mouth, the smile on his face was very thick, there was no half smile in his eyes, and he stepped into the unit…

The door opened, and a woman with heavy makeup looked at Xiao Yu at the door, first stunned, and her eyes lit up in an instant.

Xiao Yu had the illusion of being targeted by a she-wolf.

The woman was about thirty-three or four years old.

It’s the age of the wolf…

“Please come in.” The woman opened her mouth affectionately.

“Thank you.”

Xiao Yu nodded, changed his slippers, and walked into the hall.

I saw a middle-aged man sitting on the couch fiddling with his phone.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Wang Hongbin?

No, I should call you Dong Qi!

“How come there are so many broken things in the property every day?”

Dong Qi put down his mobile phone, with a cold face, very irritable, his eyes flashed with a cold glow, looking at Xiao Yu.

Just at a glance, he lost his mind.

Is it because Xiao Yu is too handsome?


But because of Xiao Yu’s temperament.

As the boss of a criminal gang, what has he been dealing with the longest in the past few years?

The police!

Especially the smell of the police, and the temperament.

Even if he dies in this life, he will not be mistaken!

“Very clever, do you see it?”

Xiao Yu smiled and walked to the sofa, sat down slowly, and looked directly at Dong Qi, “Can you answer my question?” I still can’t understand, you just ran, why did you come back and kill my colleagues? ”

Yeah, he really couldn’t understand.

Obviously, everyone has already run away, but they turned around and killed a policeman… Are you sick?

How do you deal with such people?

I suddenly had a bold idea… Xiao Yu thought about it and forgot it.

For its own bold ideas, the state has a very mature set of penalties.


Dong Qi stood up violently, picked up the fruit knife on the coffee table and stabbed at Xiao Yu.

Ha…… Xiao Yu smiled.


The floor-to-ceiling window glass of the hall exploded.

Rushing towards Xiao Yu’s Dong Qi, his sword-holding arm exploded from the middle.

With the small arm holding the knife, it flew into the air…

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