The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 145

Liu Xingang is only the leader of a huge criminal organization.

In charge of the beggar’s business, he used crimes and other means to make money for Dong Qi and commit crimes for the organization…

The clue is broken!

Because liu Xingang and his boss Dong Qi’s contact information… Very social!

Although it was contacted by phone, each time Dong Qi sent someone to send a phone card.

A number will be left on the card.

Only through this mobile phone card, through this number to call The past Dong Qi will answer.

Yazi who looks so powerful… Xiao Yu was dismissive.

Can’t find anyone?

There will definitely be other ways…

Xiao Yu interrogated Liu Xingang again.

“I don’t know anything, I’ve said everything I have to say.”

Liu Xingang pleaded bitterly.

I was worried about what Xiao Yu would do to him.

Like he did in the past with those children and women.

Xiao Yu coldly stared at Liu Xingang, knowing that he was not lying.

Don’t dare lie.

Is there really no way out?

“By the way, I have one more thing… It should be useless. ”

Stared at coldly by Xiao Yu’s eyes, Liu Xingang was horrified and swallowed, “I, I recorded some numbers…”

He was a cruel, mad man, but also very discerning.

The numbers in the mobile phones that have called Dong Qi in the past are kept and recorded.

Although he also knew that there was no use in doing so.

But Liu Xingang was thinking, what if Dong Qi doesn’t change his mobile phone number one day?

Maybe just use one of the phone numbers?

What is the intent?

Liu Xingang was worried that the things he did would be discovered by the police.

So…… He wants to wear a sin and make a contribution!

Unfortunately, although Dong Qi is a madman, he is even more cunning than Liu Xingang.

A once-used sim card will never be used a second time.

Mobile phone number… Xiao Yu frowned.

And what’s the use?

The other party will certainly not have a real-name system, it should be a mobile phone card obtained through some illegal means.

After playing once, you will lose it, how do you find it… Wait a minute.

Xiao Yu’s face showed a surprise expression and a silent smile.

No, these phone numbers are still useful!

A diary was found by the police and brought to Xiao Yu.

Look at the diary, and look at the dozens of numbers recorded on it.

Xiao Yu smiled, laughing so happily.

What a pleasant surprise!

Is he sick?

Or for some unblockable mobile phone numbers, happy eggs?

Phone number is useless?

No, it’s useful!

First of all, you need to know the mode and principle of the mobile phone.

Wireless mobile phones need to pass signal waves, need to transmit signals, voices, information through base stations…

When the mobile phone connects the signal, it is already connected to the nearby signal base station.

Surfing the Internet, sending messages, making phone calls, etc. through the base station.

So there will be records on the base station.

Just look for the last call on the phone card to find the location where the base station is located.

What’s the use of changing more mobile phone cards?

Can you change the seat you are calling, and can the area be changed?

Can you change a seat once in order to make a phone call, and run all over the country?

So just by using these numbers, the city used and the approximate base station range, you can lock the suspect’s area.

Isn’t it simple?

Seemingly simple, ordinary people can not find.

Telecom companies are also unlikely to help you look it up.

But the police can!

Until then.

Xiao Yu still has one more thing to deal with…

Through Liu Xingang’s confession, although he is not responsible for human trafficking, he is only responsible for the beggar’s stall.

But there will be people giving him regularly… Send someone.

Mostly women and children who are not easy to sell.

Let him maim him by cruel means.

Turn them into beggars!

This line is much simpler, and there are also contact methods.

Xiao Yu deduced.

It should be a criminal gang, an organization specializing in human trafficking.

You have to fight it first.

One hour late, or one day late.

Maybe there will be women or children who will be abducted!


Old Five, a man’s nickname.

Not a man, but a woman.

When Xiao Yu saw her.

Old Five was dancing square dancing.

She was about fifty years old, with a gentle smile on her face, like the grandmother next door.

Seeing that everyone was smiling and squinting, talking softly, and dressing like the elders of rich families.

Can you believe that such a person is actually a personal trafficker?

Would you believe she was the leader of a criminal gang that trafficked people?

Wu Jifang, female, 53 years old…

Xiao Yuzu looked at the old man for fifty minutes before he was sure that he had not found the wrong person.

The elders have said that those who know the face do not know the heart.

That’s right!

Taking a step, Xiao Yu walked over.

Standing in front of Wu Jifang, he asked a question, “In this line of work, have you ever worried that your descendants will also be abducted and sold?” ”

Wu Jifang did not jump, and looked at the handsome young man in front of her with a stunned look, as if she was very confused.

Countless policemen, SWAT officers, and even armed police officers appeared around.

Wu Jifang’s expression changed, became frightened, became frightened, and became afraid.

And then…… She screamed and tried to escape.

When he was blocked, he began to scold and sprinkle.

Two female SWAT officers directly put her down, put on her hands and feet, and put on shackles.

The melon-eating masses around them, especially those square dancing aunts, were all frightened and dumbfounded.

Isn’t it so dangerous to dance a square dance now?


Police searched Wu Jifang’s residence.

Didn’t find anything useful.


Xiao Yu opened the ‘Nose of the King Butterfly’.

Then walked out of Wu Jifang’s home…

Until you come to an underground parking lot and stand in front of a commercial vehicle.

The parking space is not Wu Jifang’s.

This commercial car, which does not know how long it has been parked, has the smell of Wu Jifang.

It is obvious that the car is covered with dust, but the door is very clean, and it should be opened frequently.

The car door was slammed open, and Xiao Yu walked up.

He saw a suitcase, and when he opened it, a stack of money was piled up inside.

That’s two million!

Not only that.

There was also a tote bag on the side with a tablet inside.

After unlocking it with technology, there is a folder inside.

There are also dozens of small numbered folders within the folder.

Click on one at random, and a picture of the child appears…

Xiao Yu’s face cooled down.

Click open other folders.

This time not only children, but also women.

Children are mostly from their first birthday to a few years old.

Women, also from the age of thirteen to seventeen or eighteen.

After comparison through a large database.

Are you sure.

Are missing persons and … Abducted people!

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