The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 144

Interrogation room.

Xiao Yu looked cold and stared at the young man sitting on the interrogation chair.

“Jing Huachi, male, 27 years old, from the city, unemployed, with a previous crime…”

Qian Long held the tablet and reported the suspect’s personal information.

Wave your hand, no need for Qian Long to continue to report, because there is no point.

Xiao Yu got up and came to the interrogation chair and looked down at Jing Huachi, who was looking down, “The last chance, are you sure you don’t want to seize it, you want to stay in prison for the rest of your life?” You’re only 27 years old this year, are you sure you want to? ”

Psychological pressure is sometimes more frightening than intimidation.

“You’re not married yet, are you?”

Xiao Yu spoke calmly, “Have you ever thought that your parents will be sad because of you?” Even if you are lucky enough to get out of prison decades later, maybe the world has changed, and it is so strange to your eyes. By then, do you know how to live? ”

Jing Huachi’s body trembled.

“The most important point, have you considered that you will not even have any descendants left in the future?”

Xiao Yu said in a cold voice, “By the way, we have found your girlfriend, so coincidentally, she went to the hospital today.” Know what to do? She was checking to see if she was pregnant. Outcome…… She was pregnant. Suppose, you will not be released from prison for a short time. Do you think she will give birth to a child? ”

Jinghuachi’s psychological defense line collapsed.

Leave everything to chance…

“Arrest Liu Xingang!”

Xiao Yu walked out of the interrogation room and gave the order.


The special case team and the local police, launched an operation…


A wealthy area, in a small villa.

In the hall, seven men were playing with the landlord in full swing.

Piles of cash piled up around them.

One by one, smoking a cigarette, the hall was smoky.

“Three with one.”

“Crush to death.”




Villa windows, really blown up.

A series of figures rushed in.

“Don’t move!”

One pointed the black hole hole at the people in the hall.

The seven men who were fighting the landlord had discolored expressions.

I saw that one of them reacted the fastest, and instantly turned over and flipped behind the sofa.

At the beginning of the head, an extra pistol came out of his hand.

Homemade pistols!

Before he could raise his hand and shoot.

A figure shaped like a leopard and shaped like lightning appeared in front of him.


One thigh with a furious wind slammed into the man’s face.

The man was hit by a truck in an instant, and everyone flew up.


The man’s thighs and ankles were instantly grabbed by the palm of one hand.

I grabbed it again.

Arm round.


The man’s body was like a broken sack, smashing the ground.

Pass out!

Slowly turning around, Xiao Yu looked at the remaining six frightened suspects and smiled, “Do you want to resist too?” ”

He looked at his companions on the ground whose life and death were unknown.

Sweat came out of the brains of the six suspects.

Don’t dare to move!


When he opened his eyes, Liu Xingang felt his face shattered.

Unbearable pain, stimulating the nerves in his face.

The physical pain made him tremble even more.

The moment he saw his limbs handcuffed to the interrogation chair.

Liu Xingang knew that he was finished.


Although he knew that doing this work, sooner or later he would be punished.

I just didn’t think that this retribution would come so quickly…

“Liu Xingang, male, 34 years old, engaged in organizing beggars, enslaving beggars, mutilating women and children … and other criminal acts. ”

“It also trains special disabled persons for criminal gangs that abduct and sell human beings…”

“By various means, some women and children have been turned into disabled people, limbs have been broken, or part of their organs have been cut off, so that they can be more conspicuous … Harvesting and cutting? ”

“At the most cruel time, a child was abducted into a large vat, only his head was exposed, and he knocked a piece under the cylinder for unloading… The child can’t move inside, and after a few years the child only grows a head, not a body, and becomes a limb that has atrophied early, and the arms and legs have completely softened… Big-headed doll! ”

“I heard about this… Craft. It was all given to you by a master, and your master is too old… Retired? ”

“The so-called harvesting and cutting means using cruel means to create monsters or cripples in order to win sympathy and get money?”

“You have as many as six lives in your hands, and more than fifty people have been maimed…”

Putting down a few confessions in his hand, Xiao Yu stared at Liu Xingang, who was already trembling in the interrogation chair, “I am curious, after you have done so many heartbreaking things, won’t you have nightmares at night?” ”

Liu Xingang’s teeth were trembling madly, and he couldn’t say a word.

“I’m sorry I said the wrong thing.”

Xiao Yu shook his head and laughed at himself, “Beasts like you no longer belong to the scope of humans, so why do you have nightmares?” ”

Liu Xingang was shaking even more and was already incontinent.

The whole interrogation room smelled of urine.

Isn’t that weird?

A criminal who is inferior to the beast, doing so many crazy things.

How could he be afraid?

“I only have one question now, and I only ask you once, and I definitely won’t give you a second chance.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes were cold, staring at Liu Xingang, “Where is your boss Dong Qi?” ”

“Me, I don’t know…”

Liu Xingang opened his mouth, as if mourning, “In the past two years, we have all been in contact through mobile phones, I really don’t know where he is, I am only responsible for the beggar’s stall, every year to give him a confession, the rest I really don’t know …”

No means are used.

Liu Xingang himself gave it all up.

Why is it so painful?

Liu Xingang knew that he was doomed.

He did not want to die before he was guilty.

As a cruel man, a man of insanity, he knew better than anyone the pain of some means.

He didn’t want anyone else to use these means on him.

When confronted by the police, his psychological defense line is like window paper.

But everything he knew, he gave everything to him…

Just pray, don’t die in pain!

Ha…… Xiao Yu smiled.

Want to die without pain?

Is it possible?

Will those who have been mutilated by you agree?

Xiao Yu stood up and walked out of the interrogation room.

No, before you are put on the execution ground, someone will definitely tell you that there is real pain in this world…

Definitely not death!

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