The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 143

Interrogation, there is no imaginary difficulty.

Xiao Yu simply repeated the punishment that the other party might receive.

To add another sentence: as long as you confess, you will wear the guilt and make meritorious deeds, refuse to confess, and the sentence will be aggravated!

Zheng Yong confessed everything…

There is a wife, there are children, if not confessed, although not the death penalty.

But in this life, I don’t have to go out of prison and meet my wife and children.

Unfortunately, what the other party did not know was that the punishment that Xiao Yu said was very light.

Even if confessed, Zheng Yong would not have to come out of prison in this life.

Such a person as Xiao Yu is.

His integrity is directed only at humans.

Talk to the animals about integrity, sure that there is no disease?

“I don’t know Dong Qi, I just know that it’s our boss, and there’s a big boss on it.”

“The person above me is named Liu Xingang, who should be Dong Qi’s boss’s subordinate, and he is the gang in charge of our province.”

“The gang… It is our internal title, otherwise we cannot monopolize the food business of this province. ”

“As for income … Good times are several million a year, bad times are one hundred and eight hundred thousand a year. ”

“I probably know that there are eight groups like mine, one group is six beggars, two guards, one is responsible for morning and evening pick-ups, managing these people… The money received was deposited in the bank the next day and then entered Liu Xingang’s designated account. ”

“What if you don’t turn it in?” Liu Xingang will send people to check from time to time, will go to check some beggars, if he finds that someone deducts money and does not pay it all… Will die. There have been people in charge of the group before… He’s dead! ”

“As for Liu Xingang living there… I don’t know. He doesn’t have much contact with Ben on weekdays. He will not appear unless something goes wrong. ”

“He has a lot of eyeliner, like we’re lazy or something, he’ll know, he’ll call to warn us.”

“His mobile phone number was never fixed, and every time he called, it was a new one.”

“Only the account number that made the payment is fixed…”

“That’s all I know!”

At the end of the interrogation, this is all Zheng Yong’s explanation.

After Zheng Yong was taken away, Xiao Yu sat in a chair and fell into contemplation.

Organized, disciplined, supervised, eyeliner, like an assembly line management model… Also very cunning!

His scalp was about to explode.

No need to guess, Xiao Yu also knew that the account of the suspect Liu Xingang was definitely fake.

The money will be transferred to the real account through some kind of transfer method, evade monitoring.

Can it be traced?

Basically hard!

Let me give you an example.

Money can be purchased directly from abroad.

Are you really shopping?

No, what you buy is virtual.

The handling fee will be deducted and the converted money will be credited to your designated account.

Isn’t this money laundering?

That’s right, these are money laundering.

But this way is legal in foreign countries.

Otherwise, how do you think the money from online gambling went out?

If there is a fixed account, do you think the police will not be able to track it down?

Never treat criminals like fools.

Their criminal means are beyond people’s imagination!

Through Zheng Yong’s confession, the technician drew a portrait painting.

Portrait of the suspect, Liu Xingang.

According to Zheng Yong, there are only about eight points of the image.

Is the eight-point image useful?

Useful, but not great.

What is the population of the country?

There are too many people with similar appearances, even if they are one point worse, it is not easy to check.

Like some plots in film and television dramas, just relying on a portrait painting can infer who it is, where the person is, what name it is, and then directly arrest people.

Is it insulting to anyone’s intelligence?

So what is the use of portrait painting?

It is indeed useful, know the general appearance, the police are also easy to investigate, but the length of time is a matter.

However, Xiao Yu came up with a general method.

The fastest way to catch people.

He looked out the window.

The operation had only been three hours.

It’s only six o’clock in the morning.

Xiao Yu issued an order for Zheng Yong to continue to beg with people, and the police charged him.


Didn’t Zheng Yong confess that there would be suspect Liu Xingang’s eyeliner to spy on them?

That’s right, the person Xiao Yu wants to catch is this eyeliner!



A pale-faced Zheng Yong drove a van pulling six disabled beggars and two deaf-mutes.

Place them one by one in designated locations on city streets.

Then drive away… Taken away by the police.

Later, two deaf-mutes were also secretly taken away by the police.

Plainclothes police officers looked around the six disabled beggars from a distance.

Focus on arresting suspected criminal gang eyeliner personnel.

Xiao Yu changed into civilian clothes and smiled, like a college student full of vitality and sunshine.

With such a look, no one would think he was a policeman.

However, he came to the side of a beggar and chatted with the disabled person.

What is Xiao Yu going to do?

He’s going to arrest people!

A man so sunny chatting with a beggar would surely attract attention.

The streets are basically full of pedestrians, and at most they are only curious to look at them.

However, if it is some people’s eyeliner.

Do you think he’ll only look at it a few times?

Would he wonder why anyone was approaching these beggars?

Therefore, he would unconsciously observe Xiao Yu.

Want to figure out Xiao Yu’s purpose, right?

The control of people’s hearts, Xiao Yu, who has the ability of ‘psychological experts’, eats too thoroughly.


There was really a person standing at a food stall not far away, eating fried stinky tofu while squinting his eyes and observing Xiao Yu chatting with a beggar.

I watched it for more than ten minutes.

It was a young man, probably twenty-five or six years old.

Until Xiao Yu stood up, turned his head, and looked at him with a smile on his face as he stepped forward.

The youth was stunned at first, followed by a sudden change of expression.

Just as he was about to turn away, a pistol was pressed against his head.

“Don’t move, or I’ll shoot!”

Guo Qiang, who was holding a pistol, had a cold expression and opened his mouth in a cold voice.

The young man’s face was instantly pale and bloodless.

Xiao Yu strolled to the side of the youth, ignoring the melon-eating crowd around him.

The sunshine smile on his face was gone, and his eyes were sharp, looking into the eyes of the youth.

A famous criminal police officer gathered around, and they were also coldly staring at the youth.

“I don’t have time to waste, I hope you can say what I want to know soon.”

Xiao Yu stared at the youth, and his voice was cold and piercing.

“Where is Liu Xingang?”

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