The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 141

“Who rode a motorcycle to the reservoir five nights ago?”

Xiao Yu coldly stared at the couple who were kneeling and holding their heads.

Now let’s not talk about human rights or anything like that.

A policeman died, a horrible death.

If it wasn’t Xiao Yu, the group leader, the group leader, was a member of the group.

Guess what the team members will do with the couple in front of them?

The woman was frightened and incontinent.

Xiao Yu sneered.

What are you afraid of?

Didn’t do anything wrong, in the face of the police, you will be scared to pee?

Eyes moved, staring at the pale-faced man.

The sharp-billed monkey cheeks, thirty-six or seventeen years old, were thin as a hemp pole.

In the face of Xiao Yu’s gaze, he did not dare to look directly, but he did not say a word.

Don’t say yes?

This man is a.

Why not cherish the opportunity given to you?

Xiao Yu didn’t look at the couple, and said in a cold voice, “Take it back, no matter what method you use, get what I want to know!” ”

The four members of the group laughed, put the couple up, and walked towards the police car outside…

Xiao Yu did not leave, and walked towards the couple’s house.

Walking inside the house and opening the ‘Nose of the King Butterfly’, his face changed.

It showed deep pain, helplessness, and anger.

It’s here!

Walking slowly, we came to a room that resembled a barn.

Xiao Yu’s face grew colder and colder, and he slowly lowered his head and looked at a wooden plank covering the ground.

What’s so nice about this stuff?

Not good-looking.

But there was a smell of blood underneath it.

The smell of human blood!

Crouching down, Xiao Yu lifted the plank.

A dark cellar appeared in front of him.

Many rural homes have cellars where some items are stored.

Some of these cellars are outdoors or indoors.

These are all the methods left by the ancestors.

However, the ancestors left behind wisdom that benefited their descendants.

But it was used and turned into a killing place!

Moving his gaze, Xiao Yu found a power switch and pressed it on.

Suddenly bright beneath the cellar, a wooden ladder was seen.

Xiao Yu slowly climbed down, and the bloody qi became more and more intense.

Standing on the ground, Xiao Yu looked at everything in the cellar.

Turnips, potatoes, cabbage…

The floor of the cellar is covered with a layer of loess.

It was from under the loess that the bloody qi emanated from under the loess.

The first scene of the killing?


The color of doubt gradually appeared on Xiao Yu’s face.


Who gave you the guts to do something to a policeman?

It wasn’t that Xiao Yu looked down on ordinary people.

Nor is it that he despises rural people.

No vendetta, you are crazy to kill a policeman?

“It was the suspect… Dong Qi? ”

Xiao Yu said to himself and narrowed his eyes.

I remembered the file about Dong Qi’s family insulting and threatening Bu Wenhui who died in the line of duty.

What kind of family would dare to treat the police like this?

How rampant?

The forensic doctor was soon present.

After on-site investigation, blood samples under the loess soil were extracted, and finally, a spoon with blood was found!

Remembering the empty eyes of the dead policeman, Xiao Yu took a fierce breath and exhaled fiercely.

Otherwise, he feared he would run away!

Two hours later.

Forensic results came out.

The first scene of the murder of the deceased criminal policeman Bu Wenhui!

The four team members also returned, reporting with a calm face a result that made Xiao Yu’s expression change slightly.

The person who killed Bu Wenhui was… Dong Qi!

Why kill?

Because Dong Qi was not in good spirits since he was a child, he stabbed people in the same village at the age of thirteen, entered the juvenile detention center at the age of fourteen, went out and broke out at the age of sixteen, and there were many cases, participated in a case of buying and selling women and children, and was sentenced to six years in prison.

After getting out of prison, I didn’t know what to do outside.

The Dong family is getting richer and richer in the same village, and Dong Qi will also come back every New Year’s Festival.

Would stay at home for a few months while walking.

Several people in the same village know that Dong Qi is… Sell kids!

I used to hear that I had brought back a child and sold it to other counties.

This kind of talk is said in private.

No one dared to let the Dong family hear.

Because that family is sick.

Dong Qi’s old mother is a demon, and Dong Qi is even more crazy.

How dare he kill!


Dong Qi did kill people.

After knocking a policeman unconscious, he took them to the couple’s home and threatened them to throw the police into the cellar and carry out the killing.

Why don’t you go to someone else’s house and come to the couple’s house?

Because the couple’s men had mixed with Dong Qi in the past, and then they stopped doing it.

What to do with Dong Qi?

Sell people!

“Kong Xiangui, male, 37 years old…”

Qian Long reported, “Sixteen years ago, he followed Dong Qi out to do human trafficking. Not in this province, but in other provinces. According to Kong Xiangui, Dong Qi’s business outside is very large. Not only trafficking in women and children, but also involved in the control of some beggars. Some abducted women and children were maimed by extremely cruel means and made them dress up as beggars. At the same time, this kind of beggar is also sold! ”

Xiao Yu’s heart was not calm, and he said in a cold voice, “Continue.” ”

“Kong Xiangui stopped working eight years ago and returned to the city.”

Qian Long continued to report, “According to his confession, Dong Qi had a lot of subordinates in the past. But Dong Qi is also working for others, and there is a big boss on it. ”

“Big Boss?”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes, “After half a day of trouble, Dong Qi is just a horse boy?” ”

“No, it’s the boss.”

Qian Long said coldly: “The trafficking of human beings is basically managed by him, and the big boss is responsible for some channel news and commissions.” ”

“Who would be the one who can control a madman?”

Xiao Yu smiled coldly, “Are this couple involved?” ”

He asked whether Kong Xiangui and his wife were involved in the killing of Bu Wenhui.

“Involved.” Qian Long answered in a deep voice.


Xiao Yu shook his head, “Sure enough, not a single snowflake at the time of the avalanche was innocent!” ”

“The case is too big!”

Qian Long smiled bitterly, “It’s beyond imagination, we may not be able to check it!” ”

It involves homicides, a large number of human trafficking, and a large number of disabling others…

How could such a case be taken over by a municipal police system?

Provincial departments are not enough to see!

Because this case involved several provinces and cities!

“It doesn’t matter, we can check it as well.”

Xiao Yu’s expression became strange, “I have someone in Guoan!” ”

Qianlong: …

He stared at Xiao Yu foolishly.

It’s like looking at a fairy!


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