The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 140


If a human alarm clock was installed, Xiao Yu opened his eyes.

Turning his head to look out the window, the corners of his mouth curved.

My sister is still in bed, right?

Morning Radiance Dawn woke up, although she did not rise up to seek the same heart.

Good morning, sister who didn’t sleep with me…

When he got up, Xiao Yu washed and dressed as fast as he could.

It was exactly six thirty when I walked out of the room.

Guo Qiang woke up early and bought breakfast.

The two ate while getting into a car borrowed by the criminal investigation brigade.

At seven o’clock, the conference room, everyone arrived.

Xiao Yu took the lead in walking out of the conference room, “Go to the scene to see!” ”

To investigate the case, it must be to go to the scene.

S County, a reservoir more than a dozen miles away from a village.

Xiao Yuzheng was squatting on the embankment…

The ‘nose of the king butterfly’ is useless, because in the open air, there is no smell at all.

Xiao Yu, who opened the ‘Eye of the Falcon’, walked on the embankment step by step until he stopped and saw some less obvious footprints.

No…… Xiao Yu shook his head, the depth of the footprints was not right.

Under the ‘Eye of the Falcon’, these footprints are obviously the footprints of normal people walking.

If it is abandoned, holding or carrying the body, the footprints will be deeper due to the weight…

Xiao Yu walked step by step again, and then stopped again.


Slowly crouching down, Xiao Yu carefully observed a pit that resembled footprints.

In fact, it is not a pit, as if it has been stepped on by something.

Very similar to footprints, but without traces of shoes, it is easy to be ignored by the naked eye.

But you can’t escape the ‘Eye of the Falcon’!

Guo Qiang squatted down and looked at the dents, “It’s very strange, similar footprints are not footprints…”

“No, it’s footprints!”

Xiao Yu sneered, asked a criminal police officer to send a criminal investigation kit, opened it, and took out a stack of shoe covers.

I put one on my feet and stomped on the embankment floor.

There are still traces.

When Xiao Yu put on five shoe covers and stepped on one more foot, the traces looked like it.

“It must be something on the shoes… Is this a movie that has been watched too much? Actually understand this set? ”

Xiao Yu was dismissive, “As for the depth and angle of the shoe prints, they should be carrying the corpse forward, and the angle and shoe prints holding the corpse and carrying the corpse will show a difference!” ”

The group members stared at Xiao Yu with shocked expressions, like looking at the immortals.

Guo Qiang’s analytical ability to Xiao Yu was not strange for a long time.

I still remember that Xiao Yugang went to the scene of the ‘warehouse murder case’ on the first day of the police.

At a glance, you can tell that it is not the first scene.

Look at the footprints, what’s that called?

Following the footprints, Xiao Yu walked step by step, walked to the edge of the embankment, slowly raised his head, and looked at the reservoir, “According to the strength of normal people, plus the weight of the stone that sinks the corpse, the body was thrown from here!” ”

Qian Long, who was silent, looked at Xiao Yu with a shocked look on his face.


When Bu Wenhui’s body was found, it was at this location that he floated.


Xiao Yu turned around and followed the mark step by step, walking towards the road when he came, walking very slowly.

Until you walk out of the embankment, walk to a small road, and stop.

“The shoe prints are lighter?”

Xiao Yu muttered to himself, “It’s still a bit messy…”

Why do shoe prints become lighter?

Because there was no body on the body at this time, the weight of the body was light, and the shoe prints must have become lighter.

What does this say?

The other party picked up the body here and walked toward the reservoir.

So, how were the bodies transported here?

Definitely not a back line… Should it be some kind of tool?

Xiao Yu squatted down and carefully observed the ground of the path.

There are a lot of footprints on it, as well as traces of tires.

The footprints are pedestrian’s, and there is no problem with the walking posture.

As for the tires… Basically all motorbikes.

The means of transporting the body were motorcycles… Xiao Yu blinked his eyes a few times and carefully observed.

“Why aren’t there any traces of turning here?” Always driving forward, no way back? ”

Xiao Yu leaned down, his face almost pressed to the ground, looking at the tire marks one by one.

The eyes are moving little by little, and the body is moving little by little, until…

Xiao Yu stopped and stared at a tire mark.

Is this one?!

When a person walks with a corpse on his back, the footprints will be deep.

Motorcycles carry heavy loads, and tire marks will certainly be deep.

It’s just that this mark is very inconspicuous and difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

Xiao Yu has hanging!

Under the ‘Eye of the Falcon’, this depth is instantly discernible.

“Record this tire mark!”

Xiao Yu stood up and gave the order.

How do I record a complete tire imprint?

The tires of the motorcycle turn and the whole complete imprint appears.

What’s the use?

There are not many identical motorcycles, the tires are not the same, how to distinguish?

Wear degree!

Different degrees of wear will make different tire marks.

Even on the same motorcycle unless it’s all new.

Otherwise, the wear of the tires will never be the same!

Two police officers took cameras and crouched down on the ground.

Carefully shoot at the tire imprint, recording the complete tire imprint.

“Find this motorcycle!”

After the team members had finished recording, Xiao Yu gave the order again.

Several police officers left.

Xiao Yu looked at their backs and smiled.

If they can’t do this little work, then they are really pig teammates.

Obviously impossible.

The one who can be sent to the task force must be the elite of the police system of Y City.

Two hours later, the motorcycle was found!

Found in a village.

Not the village where the suspect Dong Qi is located, but the neighboring village!

There are many motorcycles in the village, more than a dozen or twenty.

Not many of the same motorcycles.

Through the tire wear marks, the vehicle involved in the case was found.

This is too easy for the old criminal investigators.

It is precisely because of the ease, including Qian Long, that the old faces of many team members have become red.

They checked for a few days without a clue, and Xiao Yu only came to the scene to investigate.

There you have a clue!

What is it?

Their faces were about to be swollen by people.

It hurts so much!

If Xiao Yu knew what they were thinking, he would laugh out loud.

Isn’t this sick, compared to a person who opens up with me?

If you had the Eye of the Falcon, you could do it too!

And now…

Seven or eight criminal police officers rushed into the compound of a family.


Fire a warning shot.

“Don’t move!”

A pistol with a black hole hole pointed at a frightened, shivering couple.

Ah, the murder of a policeman.

Warning shots have been fired, and if anyone dares to resist, the police will not hesitate to shoot.

At this time, Xiao Yu stepped in and didn’t even look at the couple.

I walked over to a motorcycle, leaned down and sniffed, and my face was instantly cold.

Got it!

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