The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 139

Cause of the case.

The police of Y City received a notification from the Bincheng police that the victim Jiang Dan was suspected of being abducted.

The police of Y City quickly launched an investigation and visited Jiang Dan’s parents.

Five days later, Jiang Dan’s parents confessed.

Fourteen years ago, they bought Jiang Dan from an acquaintance for 20,000 yuan.

In the case of trafficking in human beings, a special investigation began.

The case was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Brigade by the Y Municipal Bureau.

After the criminal investigation brigade took over, it was handed over to the criminal investigation team to carry out a thorough investigation.

Team Leader: Bu Wenhui, 29 years old, First Class Superintendent, Team Leader… Dead!

Team member: Li Jin, First Class Superintendent. Tong Guishun, Second Class Superintendent.

The course of the case.

After investigation, it was locked in the mouth of Jiang Dan’s parents as ‘acquaintances’.

Suspects: Dong Qi, 47 years old, unemployed, with multiple previous convictions, who has been imprisoned for six years for human trafficking…

Target and capture.

During the arrest process, there was no result, and Dong Qi fled.

Later, Bu Wenhui went to the suspect Dong Qi’s home and neighbor’s home many times…

During this period, Dong Qi’s family obstructed many times, scolding and threatening Bu Wenhui…

After the fourth visit, Bu Wenhui disappeared.

Three days later, Bu Wenhui’s body was found in the reservoir, and his death was extremely tragic…


After eating the last bite of takeaway, Xiao Yu put down the disposable convenient chopsticks and turned his head to look at the criminal policemen who had finished eating.

“Suspect Dong Qi’s family is very suspicious of committing the crime, have they been investigated?”


A criminal police officer stood up, “After a thorough investigation, on the day Bu Wenhui disappeared, Dong Qi’s family was at home, and there were neighbors who could testify.” And Dong Qi’s home is in the countryside, if you go out or have a quarrel with Bu Wenhui, or… Murder. There should have been traces of clues, but none were found. It can only be said that Bu Wenhui was killed after leaving the village. ”


Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed a cold glow, “Did Netcom chase and escape?” ”


One of the police officers stood up and nodded, “Grade B! ”

“Except for Dong Qi’s line, is there nothing else?” Xiao Yu continued to ask.

“No more.”

This time, it was Qian Long of the criminal investigation brigade who opened his mouth.

At this time, he was a member of the task force.

“Through the interrogation of Jiang Dan’s parents, only Dong Qi’s person was confessed.”

Qian Long shook his head, “Dong Qi’s whereabouts are unknown and he doesn’t know where he is hiding, it is extremely difficult to continue the investigation.” It is very likely that they have fled the city outside Y, or even left the province…”

“Did you find the murder weapon?”

Xiao Yu asked whether the murder weapon was found nearby after the murdered criminal police officer Bu Wenhui was killed.


Qian Long was very depressed, “We discharged all the water from the reservoir and never found the murder weapon.” ”

It’s really ‘one question and three don’t know’.

Xiao Yu had a headache.

Therefore, it can only show that the murderer is very cunning, the crime is very secretive, and the means are very cruel.

As for whether there is an IQ?

The modus operandi is too rough and too many traces, ruling out the possibility of high-IQ crime.

“What does the autopsy report say?” Xiao Yu asked Qian Long.

“The forensic doctor has just sent a report.”

Qian Long said in a deep voice, “The wounds on Bu Wenhui’s limbs are caused by blunt axes, and the wounds on his neck are caused by controlled knives.” Tongue…… It’s scissors. Eye…… Spoon-like tools! ”

Axes, daggers, scissors, spoons?

Xiao Yu’s face gradually became strange.

Q: You’re going to kill people, with axes and daggers, scissors and spoons?

A: I’m going to kill people, not to eat crabs, what do I do with these two things in the back?

So where are the most common scissors and spoons?

Residents’ homes!

“The reservoir is just a place where the bodies are discarded.”

Xiao Yu opened his mouth coldly, “Continue to check dong qi’s village.” ”


Ten members of the group got up and left the conference room.

“Head, do you suspect that the scene of the first crime is still in the village?” Guo Qiang furrowed his brows.

“You go out to kill people with sharp knives and spoons?”

Xiao Yu shrugged, “The possibility of the village is unlikely, but I don’t rule out the possibility, check the peace of mind.” Sure not, start from the village and push outside. ”

Guo Qiang nodded.

This is the way to think of it for the time being without a clue.

Compared with the case of human trafficking, the first thing to find out is the clue to the murder case.

As for that Dong Qi… Xiao Yu sneered.

There’s no time to take care of you and keep you bouncing around for a few days.

Four hours later, at ten o’clock in the evening.

The team members came back one after another, and one by one they all shook their heads, indicating that they had not found anything abnormal.

“All right, let’s all go home and rest, and we’ll meet tomorrow at seven o’clock.” Xiao Yu stood up.

Most of these kinds of cases cannot be investigated in the middle of the night.

Instead of pretending to waste time, it is better to recuperate and rest well, so that the investigation of the case can have the spirit.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang went to the guest house arranged for them by the criminal investigation brigade.

A place like a guest house is almost the same as a hotel.

However, the nature of the business is different, the service content is different, and the price is different.

Generally only open to public institutions, it is now open to the public, and it is similar to hotels and hotels.

Lying on the bed after washing, Xiao Yu’s brain was still analyzing the case.

However, the hand touched the mobile phone and sent a message to Mu Qianwu.


Xiao Yu: Sister, did you sleep?

Mu Qianwu: No, choose something for you on the Internet.

Xiao Yu: Buy me something?

Mu Qianwu: By the way, how much money do you have in your bank card?

Xiao Yu: Only four months’ salary, plus…

Mu Qianwu: All turned me around, just now there was a problem with online banking.

Xiao Yu: Transfer XXXXX yuan… All right.

Mu Qianwu: Silly brother, spend money to buy a lesson.

Xiao Yu: ???

Mu Qianwu: Boys can’t have money in their pockets.

Xiao Yu: … Sister, what have I spent lately?

Mu Qianwu: I have tied up your WeChat and Alipay to my card, so how much money my brother spends and what to do, I will have a message prompt… For example, how much someone spends on red romance, I know what my brother is doing when I see it.

Xiao Yu: Sister, is it difficult to be a person?

Mu Qianwu: Brother, good night.

Xiao Yu: Good night… Sister, you are a real dog!

Mu Qianwu: Ha, do you know what goodnight means?

Xiao Yu: Good night? Pinyin is wanan… Meaning I, love you? Love sister!

Mu Qianwu: Is my brother a fool?

Xiao Yu: Huh?

Mu Qianwu: The meaning of good night is that I am not with my brother at night, and my brother wants to be at peace, understand?

Xiao Yu: … Got it!

Mu Qianwu: I love you!

Xiao Yu: I love you!

Put down your phone.

Xiao Yu was stunned for half a day and smiled.

Mu Qian dance is an old silver coin in the mall.

Chatting with such a sister, you still dare to use it with two hearts, and you are not ghosted by the routine.

Look, in the blink of an eye, you become a poor egg, and you will really have to spend your sister’s money in the future.

Shaking his head, thinking about the case, he was confused and slept…

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