The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 138

A meritorious person has been awarded three times for first-class merit and once for the existence of second-class honorary titles.

Can you imagine someone’s ability to solve a case?

You dare not think!


Do you know that the cases that can win the first class merit are at what level?

Mega case!

It’s not that others can’t solve such cases.

The problem is a case-handling unit like the Criminal Investigation Brigade.

Not even eligible to access and participate in special cases.

The lowest level must be the investigation of the municipal bureau and the provincial department.

Besides, where in the whole country there are so many mega-cases?

If you are Qian Long, will you feel that this world is very mysterious?

A criminal investigation brigade policeman has cracked various extraordinarily large cases in a row.

What about that, their city is not regulated?

With a series of special outbreaks, will the city not be taken over by the military?


Of course, none of this is the point.

The point is, if there is such a presence involved in the case, tie them up to investigate …

Is there any hope of getting justice for his subordinates?

Qian Long’s eyes flashed with a fiery light.

“Isn’t it troublesome?”

Xiao Yu’s gaze moved away from the body and looked at Qian Long.

Want to be a tool man again?

Why should I say again?

Spitting in the heart, the surface posed with passionate words.

“How come.”

Qian Long shook his head hurriedly, “You can help us a lot, thank you yet.” ”

Pulling Xiao Yu and Guo Qiangren, he returned to the criminal investigation brigade…

Qian Long’s team reported to his superiors that he wanted to call On Xiao Yu of the Bincheng Criminal Investigation Brigade.

This process is actually very troublesome.

The leader of the detachment heard his subordinates report on Xiao Yu’s ‘working ability’.

The detachment leader’s brain was numb.

A dragon across the river is coming?

Then, the Y City Bureau was alarmed.

At the same time as the shock, it was also shocking Xiao Yu’s ability…


Xiao Yu sat in the criminal investigation brigade and Guo Qiang was drinking tea, waiting.

A police flower sister stood aside, bringing them tea and pouring water from time to time.

A pair of eyes were about to grow on Xiao Yu’s body.

That’s what faces are for.

Being handsome is the story.

Most of the things that don’t look handsome are accidents…

It’s a pity that Xiao Yu is not that kind of person, and he also has a sister who has fallen in love with the country.

Ignoring the eyes of the police flower sister, keeping a distance and not saying a word.

This process.

Xiao Yu also saw the criminal police of the criminal investigation brigade, bringing back a few men and women who were arrested for selling silver prostitutes…

The criminal investigation brigade also takes this job?

Sure, within the jurisdiction, encountered certainly to deal with.

Looking at the men with their heads bowed and their faces flushed, they listened to the police inform their families to lead the people.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but want to laugh.

He could imagine the embarrassment of being called by the police to inform his parents after being caught as a prostitute.

I just don’t want to live!

If not, men are also very strange creatures.

Although Xiao Yu is very smart, men, sometimes when he faces his sister.

It will also become more decisive than the brain!

At four o’clock in the afternoon.

Xiao Yu received a call.

The Bincheng City Bureau’s overall situation Cloud called the country, and the first sentence asked: “What to do?” ”

Am I hairy?

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes, “What instructions does the leader have?” ”

“The big picture of Y City called me personally, and I was startled and said that you have passed and are ready to take over their case there?” Yun Xiangguo asked angrily.

“It’s assistance, not takeover.” Xiao Yu corrected the wording of the overall situation.

“Isn’t that a meaning?”

Yun Xiangguo smiled and scolded, “What, our city’s case is not enough for you to play, you have to go outside to show your ability?” ”

“It’s like this…”

Xiao Yu reported the circumstances of the body of the murdered criminal policeman.

The cloud was silent to the country.

After a long time, his voice was cold and murderous, “Don’t let go of one!” ”

People have bottom lines and scales.

The police are people too!

Soon, Ben Thanh and Y City agreed.

Dispatched Xiao Yu, deputy captain of the Bincheng Criminal Investigation Brigade, and Guo Qiang, a criminal police officer, to assist the police system of Y City in the investigation… Human trafficking case!


[Ding, the case trigger was successful. 】

[The police case check-in opens.] 】

【Does the host sign in?】 】

When the sound of the system comes to mind.

Xiao Yu was not half surprised.

Nor is there any hesitation.

Sign in!

Originally, it was to investigate the case, not to solve the case, to find the murderer.

Xiao Yu’s heart, hard to be safe!

【Ding, congratulations on the success of the host check-in case!】 】

【System Rewards, Abilities: Weapon Expert!】 】

【System Task Distribution: Detecting Human Trafficking Cases!】 】

【Time limit to solve the case: 10 days! 】 】

[If the host completes the task within a limited time, add a bonus system skill: Salamander Life!] 】

[If the host fails the task within the time limit, the system capabilities given to the host will be reclaimed!] 】

【Task time limit countdown, start…】

Suddenly, countless weapons information, and control abilities, entered Xiao Yu’s brain and imprinted his body.

The so-called ‘weapons experts’ are all kinds of abilities that can master cold weapons.

For example, fighting knives, sabres, T-turns, batons… That’s called a variety of things.

With this ability, Xiao Yu instantly became an expert who was proficient in all kinds of ‘Eighteen Weapons’.

As for what kind of ‘salamander life’.

Let Xiao Yu be confused for half a day.

I took out my phone and looked at the information about the salamander.

Xiao Yu’s face changed dramatically in an instant.

The power of regeneration?!

Salamanders can regenerate lost limbs, tails, and even internal organs.

What’s even more surprising is that they don’t just transplant limbs from other animals.

And organs like the eyes can also function fully!

Sleeper, isn’t this skill a bit scary?

Xiao Yu was stunned.

Of course, it was impossible to exaggerate as he thought.

All the abilities given by the system are basically things that humans and animals can master.

There is no breaking of some kind of boundary.

Even so, when these system abilities and system skills converge on a human being.


Abilities: fighting experts, firearms experts, driving experts, psychology experts, red experts, medical experts, bomb disposal experts, weapons experts…

Skills: Falcon’s Eye, King Butterfly’s Nose, Wax Moth’s Ear, Leopard’s Speed, Bear’s Power, Tanuki’s Spirit, Python’s Sense…

There is also a ‘salamander life’, whether you can get it or not is not known.

If the case cannot be solved, the ‘weapons expert’ will have to be taken back by the system.

Anyway, it’s superhuman indeed.

But Xiao Yu’s superman is very special.

If you get a shot in the head, you will die!


Five o’clock in the afternoon.

The city of Y set up a special case team in relation to the case of human trafficking in which a criminal police officer was killed.

Team Leader: Xiao Yu.

Deputy Team Leader: Guo Qiang

Team members: 10 police officers with serious crimes.

The Y Municipal Police System is responsible for assisting…

A meeting room.

Xiao Yu was sitting at his desk at this time, looking at the computer in front of him.

While eating takeaway, I checked the file of this case.

Sitting around 11 old criminal investigators, watching their group leader…

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