The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 137

N Province, Y City.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang, dressed in police uniforms, stepped off the high-speed train.

Police arriving across regions in the provinces are required to wear uniforms if they do not operate in secrecy.

If the case is handled across provinces, the gun needs special approval and needs to be proved by both places.

This arrival in N Province, not work.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang were dressed formally.

Guo Qiang did not have a gun.

Needless to say, Xiao Yu didn’t even have the qualifications to match a gun.

The promotion of police inspector is not qualified to be equipped with a gun, can you believe it?

If you want to hold a gun, you need special training, you need to be assessed, a set of processes down slow is half a year, fast is a few months, and the gun license can be approved.

The question is how long has Xiao Yucai been in the police?

Where do you have time to solve cases all day to get a gun qualification?

Don’t talk about the police inspector, even if it is the police superintendent.

Without the qualification to bear a gun, it is also not allowed to touch the firearm.

Police guns are used if they are not eligible to carry a gun for the mission.

That’s a crime!

It is not difficult to find out how strict the state regulates guns…

Xiao Yu originally planned to practice guns during this time, but he encountered this file.

Walk out of the exit.

Outside stood three police officers dressed in formal dress.

The case-handling units of the two places have already said hello.

Brothers from other provinces come and are to be greeted.

It’s just that……

When the three policemen saw Xiao Yu, everyone was confused.

They stared foolishly at Xiao Yu’s shoulder.

Look at that ‘two bars and one star’ epaulettes.

Inspector Iii?!

You must know that the highest police rank who came to greet Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang was also the police inspector.

Of course, the rank does not mean anything, and the police system has reached the age of automatic promotion.

Normally, it takes thirteen years to be promoted to inspector (no merit, no political achievement).

If there are individual merits, group merits, outstanding performances, commendations and awards, etc., special promotions will be made…

But the problem is… How old is this guy in front of you?

Even if you are over thirty years old, we will not be shocked.

That handsome and tender face, twenty-one or two years old, died.


It must be the wrong way we blink…

“Hello guys!”

Xiao Yu stared at the three dumbfounded elder brothers in front of him, smiled with a sunny face, and held out his hand, “I am Xiao Yu, deputy captain of the Bincheng Criminal Investigation Brigade, and several of them are from the S County Brothers Unit, right?” ”

The three policemen looked back and looked at each other, and the police inspector who led the team quickly reached out his hand and shook hands with Xiao Yu, “Captain of the S County Criminal Investigation Brigade, Qian Long!” ”

The criminal investigation brigade is a case-handling unit of the county-level department.

The rank of Qian Long in front of him was the same as that of Zhao Changshan, and he was a chief clerk.

Xiao Yu, who was the deputy director of the section, was one level higher.

Qian Long lovingly led Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang to go first… Pick up the wind and wash the dust.

Entertaining people in brotherly units, this is inevitable.

When they go to Ben Thanh, they will also have this kind of treatment.

There is no wine on the dinner table, the rules cannot be broken, and everyone replaces wine with water.

After the five flavors of the dish and were familiar with each other, Xiao Yu looked at Qian Long, “Captain Qian, tell me about the situation?” ”


Qian Long, who was originally full of smiles, couldn’t see the smile on his face and sighed, “It’s my subordinate, a group leader, 29 years old this year, and the child is only three years old.” ”

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang’s moods were suddenly dull.

“The tendons of the hands and feet were broken, the eyes were gone, the tongue was cut… The body was also thrown into the reservoir, if it were not for the loose rope, the body would have floated up, probably…”

Qian Long gritted his teeth word by word.

Xiao Yu’s eyes suddenly flashed a cold glow.

Guo Qiang’s face was cold, and the killing intent in his eyes suddenly appeared.

When I came, I only knew that my colleagues in the brother unit had died.

How could I not have imagined that it was this way of dying!

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yu stood up, “Let’s take a look first.” ”

This sacrifice, which will not be cremated in a short period of time, involves murder and is related to a chain of evidence issue.

They are all doing criminal investigations, and everyone understands the process.

Qian Long also did not have nonsense, two police cars drove from Y City to S County, a morgue.

There are few places for frozen bodies in county-level units.

The so-called morgue is a cold storage.

In the bone-chilling air, Xiao Yu stepped inside and saw a makeshift steel frame bed.

Look at a swollen body.

Fortunately, the body was found relatively early, not in the ‘high rot’, otherwise the body exploded, and it was difficult to think of the whole body…

Even so, the moment the body was seen.

Xiao Yu’s heart still burst out of an evil fire, and there was a flicker of killing intent in his eyes.

It’s miserable!

Although this kind of misery was nothing in Xiao Yu’s eyes in the past.

But the problem… The other party is a policeman!

Wrists and ankles, cut open by no kind of murder weapon.

Not only were the tendons broken, but the bones were broken.

The eyelids are sunken, and you don’t have to look to know that the eyeballs are gone.

The open mouth was black hole inside, and the tongue was gone.

The place that caused death was the neck.

You can see the arteries in the neck, as well as the trachea and esophagus, which are cut open by life…

Xiao Yu watched quietly, his eyes moving from the body inch by inch.

The eyes were also getting colder, colder than the cold air in the cold storage.

Guo Qiang couldn’t bear to look, turned his head, and his body gently trembled.

Not fear, not panic.

Anger made him a little unable to control himself.

Suddenly, Guo Qiang turned his head to look at Xiao Yu, gritted his teeth and said, “Head, these bastards can’t let go!” ”

Xiao Yu couldn’t have been clearer about what he was capable of.

From the first day he joined the criminal investigation brigade, he was his ‘apprentice’.

Although this apprentice was much bigger than his master’s skill.

Now he is his superior.

If Guo Qiang opened his mouth and asked Xiao Yu to do something, Xiao Yu would definitely help.


Xiao Yu shook his head, “Rules! ”

The same municipal police system cannot casually meddle in the cases of other case-handling units.

Not to mention the case of a provincial unit.

If you interfere in chaos, you must not mess up?

Using the silent Qian Long on the side, his eyes uncontrollably glanced at the epaulettes on Xiao Yu’s shoulders, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he solemnly opened his mouth, “If the brothers can shoot, I will report to the superiors, and I will say hello to your Bincheng unit, and the formalities can be completed in one day!” ”

On the way back.

His team instructor secretly used his mobile phone to make a call to the unit and asked his subordinates to check Xiao Yu.

No, no, a twenty-something third-level police inspector, it’s too scary.

Not many people think it’s true.

As a result, the subordinate returned a phone call, and his team members were confused.

When he returned to God, it was as if he had seen a living ghost, and he held out three fingers to him.

Qian Long was still thinking: What do you mean? Third Class? What a fuss!

The team shook his head and said a word: three times first class merit, and… Grade II Honorary Title!

Qian Long, who got this news, felt that the whole world was mysterious, and it was so unreal.

A police academy graduate is less than five months old from the police.

Only 22 years old, why is he a third-level police inspector?

Countless achievements!

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