The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 136

Accompanied by Mu Qianwu, Xiao Yu wandered around the company building.

Whether it is a shareholder or an employee, it is the first time to meet the chairman’s husband.

A handsome scumbag cop!

When everyone faced Xiao Yu, they were more polite and respectful than when they saw Mu Qianwu.

Emperor Taishang?


Because everything that Mu Tian dances has Xiao Yu half.


Xiao Yu flashed people at the first time and went to the airport with his sister.

Back in Ben Thanh, breathe in the familiar air.

Xiao Yu was happy.

The simple and boring life of a rich man is really not suitable for him!

“Sister, you don’t have to guard the company?”

Back at home, Xiao Yu lay on the sofa, pillowing his sister’s long legs and eating the fruits he had fed.

“Everything must be done by the boss himself, what do you want the employees to do?”

Mu Qianwu picked up a piece of honeydew melon with a toothpick and stuffed it into his brother’s mouth, “The network is very convenient, and some decisions are good to have a video conference.” At my current height, there are very few opportunities for me to come forward in person. ”

Like in what film and television drama, some big guys personally negotiate business is very ridiculous.

Spending so much money to raise a group of executives and eat idle meals?

“It used to be said that women only affect how quickly a man draws his sword.”

Xiao Yu ate the fruit, his mouth was vague, “I don’t think so, especially my sister.” ”

“Thank you!” Mu Qian danced softly and smiled, and her beautiful eyes were full of younger brothers.

Women are always emotional, when a woman is completely in love with a man, both body and soul will be unguarded and wholeheartedly dedicated.

“You’re welcome.” Xiao Yu got up and picked up her sister and walked to the bedroom.

Men can also be emotional, when a woman gives all of it to give, it will always make men have a strong sense of accomplishment, and then extremely determined to protect women.

The speed at which the sword is drawn will be even faster!


Xiao Yu hated two things the most in his life.

First thing: force him to do something he doesn’t want to do.

Second thing: Someone called him in the middle of the night.

Opening his eyes from his sister’s arms, Xiao Yu wanted to smash the phone.

Is it just playing?

Do you really not sleep most of the night?

A white jade arm stretched out, Mu Qianwu picked up his brother’s vibrating and buzzing mobile phone, and connected, “Well, well, he will go right over…”

The pig arched in her sister’s arms like a pig, and Xiao Yu stood up and stared at Mu Qian, who hung up the mobile phone.

“Stay safe.”

Mu Qianwu kissed his brother and softly instructed, “Go home early.” ”

“Hmm.” Xiao Yu stood up.

Sister is still so Nice!


Wait for Xiao Yu to arrive at the criminal investigation brigade.

All colleagues were found to be notified to be present.

This is the rhythm of the big thing… Xiao Yu was confused.

In the conference room, Zhao Changshan’s opening remarks made the expressions of the crowd change abruptly.

“There is a colleague from another province, sacrificed!”

Including Xiao Yu, anger appeared in everyone’s eyes.

When the word sacrifice appears, there is only one outcome that stands for it.

Died in the line of duty!

And to die in the line of duty is nothing more than a possibility of being killed by criminals!

However, everyone is quite confused.

What is the situation of colleagues from other provinces sacrificing and calling us to come with such fanfare?

We also don’t have the right to meddle in provincial cases.

Zhao Changshan had a strange expression and glanced at Xiao Yu.


The boss’s glance at Xiao Yu would not be able to see, “What case?” ”

“Trafficking in women and children!”

It was the boss Zhou Tinghu who spoke, and his eyes were equally complicated, and he glanced at Xiao Yu.

No, you look at me like this for a few meanings… Xiao Yu frowned.

Cases of trafficking in women and children?

After crossing, from the police though for a while.

But he doesn’t remember being exposed to such cases.

The next moment, the boss gave the answer.

“Do you remember the last detention center suicide case?”

Zhao Changshan looked directly at Xiao Yu with a suspicious expression, “Jiang Dan, the girlfriend of the deceased Ren Chang? ”

“Jiang Dan?”

First doubtful, then Moment xiao Yu was stunned, “Because of her?” ”

Remember one thing.

When he first investigated the case, Jiang Dan was suspected of being abducted and sold as a child and raised by his adoptive father and adoptive mother.

Later, it was learned that his adoptive father and adoptive mother were not biological parents, and he went out to work at the age of eighteen.

Coming to the Bincheng flower shop, he met Ren Chang at the age of nineteen and confirmed the relationship between the two.

As a result, the couple was calculated by the money-greedy landlady.

Two lives were unleashed…

After the case was over, Xiao Yu did not care.

However, since it has been found that there have been cases of abduction and trafficking of women and children.

The police must pay attention to the local police system in Jiang Dan’s hometown and begin to thoroughly investigate whether Jiang Dan has been abducted and sold.

After interrogation, Jiang Dan’s adoptive father and adoptive mother told the truth.

Jiang Dan was indeed bought by them for twenty thousand yuan when he was four years old.

Whether it was then, or now.

The abduction and trafficking of women and children is a major and important case.

Individual cases will be classified as serious cases, special cases.

It is conceivable that it is both the people and the country.

How deeply resentful of the trafficking of women and children, the extreme hatred and hatred.

As long as this kind of thing is a normal person, they can’t stand it!

Even if the case occurred fourteen years ago, it must be traced to the end.

As a result, in the process of this investigation, something went wrong.

A policeman died!

So does this matter have anything to do with the criminal investigation brigade?

Yes, because the beginning of the case was a detention center suicide case.

Causing the death of colleagues from brother units in other provinces, the criminal investigation brigade will definitely send people to see it.

Calling everyone in at this late hour was to tell everyone, even though the detention center had solved the suicide case.

We’ve all taken the credit.

But because of this case, someone sacrificed!

“Got it.”

Xiao Yu nodded, “I’ll take a look.” ”

I don’t kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren died because of me?

Not so exaggerated.

The source was indeed caused by him.

It’s also right to take a look.

The meeting was over and the sky was light.

He made a phone call to Mu Qianwu and said that he was going to go to the province for a few days.

Then he was called to the office by the boss.

“Put it on.”

Zhao Changshan handed Xiao Yu a pair of new epaulettes.

Staring at that pair… Inspector Iii.

Xiao Yu: ???

If he wants to be promoted to inspector, it will be at least three or four years later, or even longer.

Some of the red lines and regulations are in the past.

“Although the big red line is a threshold that cannot be passed, it is…”

Zhao Changshan’s expression was complicated, glaring at the little brother, “National second-level honorary title winner, what lines and rules can stop you from advancing?” ”

I see!

Xiao Yu took the epaulettes and sighed a little.

This is… Inspector?!

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