The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 135

People have a lot of things they can’t put down.

Some people can’t let go of power.

Someone can’t put down money.

Some people can’t put down the beauty.

Too much too much…

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at the handsome young man in front of him.

At first glance, these eyes are very plain, let alone warm and kind.

Looking closely, there was a cold as ice in his eyes, sharp as a knife, deep into Xiao Yu’s eyes…

In a past life, I have only seen the description of eyes as sharp as a knife in online novels.

Today Xiao Yu learned that this description was true.

Such an old man, such a pair of eyes.

In this life, countless lives and deaths have been condensed, and strategic wisdom has been condensed.

Can the average person afford to live?

Xiao Yu was very calm, calmly looking at these eyes.

Halfway through, the old man smiled, as if muttering, as if muttering to himself, “There is no shame in asking!” ”

Xiao Yu was stunned and grinned.

Yeah, he did have a clear conscience.

“You don’t like Guoan very much, and you don’t seem to like me much like this old man.”

Originally shrunk in a chair, it looked like a small old man.

When he stood up, he was very tall, at least one meter eight tall, and his waist was straight.

Opening the drawer, he took out two small red boxes and came to Xiao Yu’s face.

“Even I don’t like to see it, I want to come to those bigger… Don’t like it either? ”

The old man smiled and squinted at Xiao Yu, who was stunned, “Then don’t go to see it.” ”

As he spoke, he opened one of the little red boxes.

Inside, there is a first-class meritorious service medal.

Taking out the medal, the old man personally put it on Xiao Yu’s chest.

Xiao Yu: ???

No need to attend the ceremony?

What kind of trouble is the big boss going to make?

The old man opened the second red box.

I took out a different medal.

The moment he saw such a medal, Xiao Yu’s face changed slightly.

Medals are dominated by red and gold.

The chapter body adopts five stars, flags, lights and other styles.

“National Second Class Excellent Police!”

The old man now sighed, “Honorary title! ”

Shocked, Xiao Yu stared at the medal.

Honorary titles are even rarer than first-class merits.

Only the top guys are eligible to issue them.

There must also be a special contribution to the country.

As a policeman, at least three times the first class of work to lay the foundation.

to be eligible to get it.

First-class merit is mostly exchanged for life.

You’ve got to play yourself three times!

Yeah, I’ve already done first-class work three times.

Looking calm, Xiao Yu watched the old man help him put on the medal.

“Let’s go.”

The old man smiled and stared at Xiao Yu, “Wait until you put it down, come to Guoan.” ”


Xiao Yu nodded, raised his hand in salute, and turned away.

Looking at Xiao Yu’s departing back.

The middle-aged secretary, who had always stood by the side, said softly, “Need special attention? ”

“No more.”

The old man shook his head, “When he puts it down, he will come.”

The secretary was stunned, did not understand, and did not dare to ask.

“Good boy.”

The old man turned and looked out the floor-to-ceiling window, staring at the rising sun.

The secretary, who was not alarmed, showed a look of shock.

Is he qualified to say so?



Outside the Minister’s Office.

Wang stood still, with a serious expression, and raised his hand in salute.

Xiao Yu: ???

Brother is sick?

So when you go to the hospital, what salute do you give me?


Putting down his hand, Wang Dong had a strange expression, stared at the medal of honor on Xiao Yu’s chest, exhaled a long breath, and looked at the envy and jealousy without concealment, “Put it away, do you like to watch others salute you?” ”

Xiao Yu was in a daze and quickly took off all the medals on his chest.

When you go out with this thing hanging on your chest, do you want to show off, or is it showing off?

“What did the big boss say?”

Walking out of the national security together, Wang Dong was curious.

“The big boss said let me do a good job, and then guoan.”

Xiao Yu smiled.

“What do you say?” Wang asked with a smile.

“I said I didn’t have time.” Xiao Yu shook his head.

Wang Dong: …

Looking at the old brother’s constipated face.

Xiao Yu was very uncomfortable.

No, I’m trained, and I can’t laugh at being funny.

“Don’t make a fuss.” Wang Dong’s expression was serious.

“Really.” Xiao Yu’s expression was calm.

“Awesome!” Wang Dong held out his thumb.

In addition to these two words, he did not know what to use to describe the little brother.

Guoan’s big boss you dare to refuse, you are actually still alive and jumping.

Not convinced!

“Let’s have dinner together in the afternoon.”

Wang Dong smiled and said, “My colleagues also want to meet you and give you a face?” ”

“Don’t give!”

Xiao Yu refused without hesitation, “I made an appointment with my daughter-in-law and will go home at night.” ”

The crossers go to dinner with a group of national security bosses?

How irresponsible are you for your own life?


Wang Dong rolled his eyes, handed Xiao Yu a handbag, and said without anger, “I hope you don’t ask for us in the future.” ”


Taking the handbag, Xiao Yu smiled strangely, “Are you sure you didn’t ask for me?” ”

“Ah this…”

Wang Dong’s face turned red, and he waved his hand and flashed people.

Xiao Yule picked up the handbag and looked at it.

Five cigarettes, all special!

Grinning, Xiao Yu took out his mobile phone and dialed his sister’s phone, “Report, my brother is busy, apply to return to my sister!” ”


From the mobile phone came Mu Qianwu’s chuckle and slight anger, “Naughty, wait.” ”

More than twenty minutes.

An ordinary car stopped in front of Xiao Yu.

The car door opened, and Mu Qian, who was sitting in the back seat, waved at his brother.

“So low-key?”

Sitting in the car, Xiao Yu asked with a smile.

“Beijing, it’s better to keep a low profile.”

Knowing that his brother was asking about the car, Mu Qianwu explained a sentence.

The car left the National Security Headquarters and then entered the Second Ring Road.

Until, when you come to a business district, you come to a skyscraper.

After getting out of the car, looking at the building in front of him, Xiao Yu was a little dizzy and asked uncertainly, “Our family’s?” ”

“Hmm.” Mu Qianwu nodded.

Xiao Yu felt that he had not seen it.

Beijing, a place where land is scarce.

How much does a building cost within the second ring road?

“Auntie, I don’t want to work hard, raise me!”

Looking back, Xiao Yu looked at his sister and teased.


Mu Qianwu couldn’t hold back the elegant high cold.

The total number of seconds becomes a royal sister, and the smile is happy and seductive.

My brother always had a way to make her laugh, “Okay. ”

“A lifetime?” Xiao Yu blinked his eyes.

“Welcome to listen, your moon my heart. The good sister is me, I am…”

Mu Qianwu fell into Xiao Yu’s arms, learning from her brother’s previous flirtation with her, and whispered softly.

“Your good sister!”

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