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The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 134

The wedding leave is too short, and the warmth is still the same.

Xiao Yu kissed Mu Qianwu, who was sleeping soundly, and got up to make breakfast.

Since the two were together.

Xiao Yu had cooked a meal, and Mu Qianwu did not fall once.

It’s not a question of whether it’s good or not.

It is to cherish every minute of each other.

When breakfast is about to be ready.

As in the past, the sister’s small hand hugged her brother from behind.

Without words, you can feel each other’s hearts.

Turning off the fire, Xiao Yu turned around and hugged Mu Qianwu, “Sister, what did you look like when you were a child?” ”


Mu Qianwu leaned into his brother’s arms and sneered, “You don’t deserve to know! ”


Xiao Yu wanted to hit someone, “Please. ”

“All day long I know to ask…”

Looking up, Mu Qianwu glanced at his brother with disgust, “Don’t you know if you have a baby with me?” ”


Xiao Yu laughed and kissed his sister…

Okay, let’s have one!


Criminal Investigation Brigade.

Xiao Yu walked into the door, and a burst of congratulations came.

“Boss, I’m here to cancel the leave.”

Walking into the instructor’s office, Xiao Yu handed Zhou Tinghu a cigarette.

This is a happy smoke, everyone in the brigade has it, and it is prepared by the sister.

The female bully is always a person, and the bad brother can’t catch up with ten streets…


Zhou Tinghu smiled and took the cigarette, looked at it, and his expression changed.

“Prepared by my daughter-in-law.”

Xiao Yu smiled and said, “Both.” ”

Zhou Tinghu didn’t say anything at this point.

He went to Zhao Changshan’s office again and threw a cigarette at the boss.

“Let’s go to Beijing.”

Zhao Changshan took the cigarette, glanced at Xiao Yu, and his eyes were a little complicated, “Go to Guoan to report, the big boss is waiting to see you.” ”

“Hmm.” Xiao Yu nodded.

Some things can’t be hidden.

Unless he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

If anything, he liked the criminal investigation brigade.

The boss is reckless, can resist thunder, protect calves, and thieves.

The owner is a reader, but the cow’s temper is more fierce.

In the criminal investigation brigade, Xiao Yu was like entering a big family.

The boss and boss are the parents.

They’re just a bunch of kids.

Parents are very protective of their children, and no one wants to leave the house.

National security is impossible.

As long as Zhao Changshan and Zhou Tinghu were in the criminal investigation brigade.

It is impossible to go to Guoan in this lifetime…

Leaving the criminal investigation brigade, a dancing Rolls-Royce stopped outside.

“Let’s go, go to the capital!”

Sitting in the car, Xiao Yu smiled and said to Mu Qianwu.


Mu Qianwu bowed his head lightly, “It’s time to go and see our company.” ”

“Is it big?” Xiao Yu was quite curious.

I don’t know much about business.

But many big bosses like to put their headquarters in Beijing.

“It should be very big.”

Mu Qianwu leaned into his brother’s arms, and the royal sister turned into a sheep.

The little couple went to the airport and went to the private rental tarmac.

A small plane was parked there.

Xiao Yu was very emotional, because it was his own plane.

After crossing the rebirth.

He had given up the boring life of the rich.

As a result, I still became rich…


More than four hours later.

The plane landed on the runway of the airport.

A team of commercial vehicles waited early to run on the runway.

The convoy that greeted the arrival of the chairman of Mu Qianwu.

But there was a Red Flag sedan, which was parked not far away.

The little couple who stepped off the plane looked at each other.

“See you in the evening!”

Xiao Yu walked towards the red flag car, and Mu Qianwu walked towards the motorcade.

Next to the red flag car.

Wang Dong smiled and looked at the little brother.

Xiao Yu glanced at the license plate of the Red Flag Car, his mouth twitched, and his heart beat wildly.

My dog’s eyes are going to be blind.

My titanium alloy dog eyes are going blind!

To be honest, the license plate is a bit scary.

Kyo A cuts out 0, a two-digit number.

Think for yourself what kind of car it is!

“Big Boss’s car?”

Xiao Yu blinked his eyes and stared at Wang Dong.


Wang Dong smiled and nodded, “The boss said that when a meritorious minister comes to Beijing to confer the medal, the treatment should still be there!” ”

“Do you want to exaggerate like that?” Xiao Yu was about to cry.

Really think it’s good to take the big boss’s car?

Don’t make a fuss.

Maybe you’ll let people die.

I don’t know how I died…

In a place like the capital where there were eight shallow kings, Xiao Yu never wanted to come over, this was the truth.

“Where’s so much crap, get in the car.”

Wang Dong opened the car door and smiled at Xiao Yu.

The leader of the National Security University gave you the car door, can you catch this face?

Just play me, it is indeed plastic brotherhood… Xiao Yu got into the car.

He can catch it!



Wang Dong told Xiao Yu to see the rules of the big boss.

This procedure must say something.

After all, it was the big boss of a ministry.

There should still be rules.

Xiao Yu is listening to the left ear and the right ear is out.

I thought about seeing people leave quickly, and then go to play with my sister.

Ghosts are willing to play with the people of Guoan.

When he arrived at the Guoan Building, Xiao Yu’s expression became serious.

He was led by Wang Dong to the minister’s office.

After a set of inspection procedures, finally stand in front of the office door.

Wang Dong knocked on the door.

Not long after, a middle-aged man came out, Secretary.

Then he smiled at Wang Dong, nodded, and looked at Xiao Yu.

“Comrade Xiao Yu, please come in.” Middle-aged people let go.

Xiao Yu took a deep breath and walked in.

The office is large, solemn and without luxury.

An old man is sitting behind a desk, reviewing some documents.

The old man was dressed in a very simple outfit, his hair was gray, and his old and thin body looked more and more short because of the sitting position at this time.

The moment Xiao Yu walked in, the old man raised his head and looked over calmly.

The eyes are calm and waveless, but they are also breathtaking.


Xiao Yu, dressed in a police uniform, raised his hand in salute.

The old man smiled, indifferently. “Take a break.”

Xiao Yu lowered his hand, and his waist was straight.

“I called you here to ask you two questions.”

The old man stared at Xiao Yu, “What do you think about the current era and country?” ”

Xiao Yu was stunned and silent.

“Don’t you want to say it, or don’t you know how to say it?” The old man smiled.

“Actually, I don’t know how to say it.”

Xiao Yu looked at the old man, “We are not living in a peaceful era, but we are lucky to live in a peaceful country!” ”

The old man’s eyes lit up sharply, and he took a deep look at Xiao Yu, “Why didn’t you come to Guoan?” ”

Xiao Yu smiled slightly, “Some things haven’t been put down yet!” ”

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