The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 133


“170, 105, is it too fat?”

Pillowing his brother’s chest, Mu Qianwu asked.


Feeling the warm and sweet fragrance, Xiao Yu of sage time squinted his eyes comfortably.

“What do you mean by going back to one?”

Mu Qianwu squinted her eyes as beautiful as a cat, and there was a light in her eyes, “Fat, you say.” ”

“Yes, dear sister.”

Xiao Yu said casually.

Wait a minute…… What did I say?

“Ha, though I’d love to strangle my brother now. But you’re being yourself, and I’m still happy for you. ”

Mu smiled sweetly, got up, and got out of bed.

“It’s not…”

Xiao Yu, who was hairy in his heart, asked uncertainly, “Sister, why are you going?” ”


Mu Qianwu turned around and smiled, “Brother wait for me, I will go to the kitchen to get a knife.” ”

Xiao Yu: “…”

Women are careful with their eyes.

The more beautiful the woman, the more careful her eyes are.

Regarding this, Xiao Yu had been unable to understand.

Jump up in an instant and hug your sister.

“Let go!” Mu Poured Dance cold opening.

“I don’t.”

Letting go of my life, Xiao Yu looked at his sister, “I tell you, you have to cherish me, a good man like me, you can’t find it with a lantern.” ”


Mu Qianwu raised the corner of his mouth, “Is it because my brother is too dark?” ”

Xiao Yu: …

Can you have fun?

“Sister, I’ll tell you a story.”

Xiao Yu changed his strategy, “Make sure you don’t get angry after listening.” ”

“Really?” Mu Qianwu opened his mouth indifferently.

It sounds like: Did your ex-girlfriend come to you yesterday?

“Sister, can I give me a second chance?”

Xiao Yu made a pitiful expression of grievance.


Mu Qianwu hesitated, “Let’s listen?” ”

“Once upon a time, there was a little duck called a pop-up mud duck.”

Hugging his sister, Xiao Yu said softly, “Because he is different from other little ducks, his voice is very loud.” So, ah, people call him, so loud and explosive mud duck… I want to hug you! ”


Mu Qianwu smiled and reached out his hand to hug his brother’s waist.

“Hey hey!”

Knowing that her sister was no longer angry, Xiao Yu asked, “Sister, if someone gives you ten million in the future and asks you to shoot me in the leg, will you agree?” ”


Mu Qianwu smiled lightly, “I will definitely buy my brother the most expensive wheelchair in the world.” ”


Xiao Yu was about to cry, “I have to be in a wheelchair, don’t you still have a leg?” ”

“I didn’t say just shoot one shot.”

Mu Qianwu blinked his beautiful eyes like water, “Otherwise, I will not be at ease with this money!” ”

Xiao Yu: …

Sister, is it so cruel?

Yes, the goddess does not go to the toilet, it is my low consciousness!

“Isn’t that stupid?”

Mu Qianwu looked at his brother like a little fool, “Don’t say ten million, what about one hundred billion?” I have it myself, and I care about the money. If someone really dares to take ten million people to shoot his brother, his sister will take out one hundred billion and let him know what is better than death! ”

“It’s so nice!”

Xiao Yu hugged his sister tightly.

“Well, you like to me off and say I’m fat.”

Mu Qianwu stretched out his jade hand and pinched his brother’s face, “Other people’s husbands are like fathers, but you are like a contrarian son.” ”


Xiao Yu smiled, “Isn’t it bad to have a son?” ”

Mu Qianwu: “…”

Never talk to your brother about discipline.

Otherwise, you’re going to want to kill people.

“Sister, the day after tomorrow we are going to get married.”

Xiao Yu picked up her helpless sister and walked to the big bed, “By the way, are you ready to be a wife?” ”

“What about you?”

Mu Qianwu leaned into his brother’s arms, “Ready to be a husband?” ”

“Of course.”

After lying down, Xiao Yu kissed her sister’s small mouth, “Always ready, and ready long ago, although… A little scared, it was the first time after all! ”

“What a coincidence.”

Mu Qianwu, who was amused by his brother, was slightly disgusted, “I am also the first time!” ”


The little couple laughed and snuggled up to each other…


Xiao Yu still remembered that someone had said such a sentence.

Life is a train that only drives forward.

It passes through many platforms.

You will see a lot of scenery.

But there’s always a platform and you’ll get off the bus.

There is a view that will make you not see enough.


There is an ordinary hotel.

There was an ordinary wedding.

There is an ordinary couple of newcomers.

They wore traditional big red wedding dresses.

A table of ceremonial toasts.

Receive blessings from a table.

A table of ridicule and laughter.

People’s faces were full of smiles, and the scene was full of joy.

No one can imagine.

It was the wedding of a rising star in the police world.

No one dared to believe it.

This is the wedding of a billionaire.

In people’s eyes.

They are just an ordinary couple with a happy marriage.

The crowd roared, and the parents, relatives and friends of both sides watched.

The young couple took each other’s hands and walked up to the stage.

Xiao Yu looked at her sister calmly.

Mu Qianwu was also staring at his brother.

The hilarity below gradually quieted down, and everyone was looking at the couple.

“I once heard a joke that a scumbag said to his girlfriend, your parents are good to you, because you are their daughter, only if I am good to you, is the real love for you, hurt you.” 」 Although it is a perverse reason, I think that a perverse reason is also a reason. ”

Xiao Yu smiled softly and stared at her sister, “My sister is good to me, it is really good to me, and there is no mixing of use and interests.” Although a little domineering, she is still very queen, and treats me like a child. But…… This sister, who is sometimes domineering and sometimes the queen, is only good to me alone, and has hollowed herself out to be good to me. Sister, I’ll only live with you for the rest of my life! ”


There was a loud applause from the audience.

There is no love story.

There is no such thing as sweet talk.

A simple sentence: I will only live with you for a lifetime.

Better than anything!

“Hello 22-year-old brother, I am your 28-year-old sister.”

Water mist appeared in Mu Qianwu’s eyes, “2022 is very happy to meet you, let me come here.” Although, sometimes you always make me angry and like to tease me. But, from now on, I’m your man! ”

In laughter, in applause, in blessings…

The couple embraced each other and kissed each other.

We are never moths.

We are the fire that is being thrown.

In this life and in this life, do not abandon.

Life and death, entangled.

We are married!

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