Synopsis: I traveled through countless worlds at the same time Chapter 309

Chapter 309 V Beast Evolution! V Dragon Beast!!

Although it looked like a leaf, Higashino Yu could see at a glance that it was not a leaf at all, but a dragon’s tail!

Sea Dragon Beast: A water-dwelling digital beast with a large serpent-like body. Use this long body to wrap around the incoming enemy’s body and tighten it until the enemy stops breathing.

Originally, he did not possess wisdom and relied on instinct to swim around in the sea of the Internet.

A “ice arrow” that spits out an absolute zero breath from the mouth, causes the water to freeze in an instant, and releases it to the enemy.

By the way, the ultimate metal sea dragon beast it evolved was one of the Dark Four Heavenly Kings.

It was supposed to be resting quietly in the water, but it was awakened at this time.

Looking at the big face that suddenly drilled out on the surface of the lake, then the other party jumped up violently and came to bite Meimei, and the white waves were monstrous.

“Be careful!”

Higashino’s figure flashed, directly came to the two girls, holding the two girls in his arms one by one, and then stepped on his feet and quickly dodged.

On the shore, a huge mouth appeared, directly biting countless sandstones, and a harsh sound was made between the friction of teeth.

“What a monster that’s that!”

Mimi wrapped her arms around Higashino’s neck and looked at the dragon head on the lake with a frightened face

The other party’s eyes alone are the size of buckets, and his teeth are forty or fifty centimeters long, snow white and seeping, and his bright blue skin flashes with a faint light.

Its body was like a long snake, beating up monstrous waves in the water, and a pair of eyes stared at Higashino Yusan coldly.

Then, he hissed and opened his mouth to spew out countless cold breaths at the three people.

“Be careful!”

Suna wrapped her arms around Higashino’s neck and watched the attack behind her, startling the undead.

Higashino’s body quickly moved sideways, dodging the attack, and the lake surface in the distance was hit by the cold air, and it was instantly frozen into cold ice, which was extremely hard.


Seeing that his blow was not heavy, the sea dragon beast let out a roar, the waves on the surface of the lake rolled, countless large waves were thrown into the sky, and then spit out cold ice again to freeze all the water waves around them, and turned into ice arrows to shoot at Higashino.


Higashino Yu turned sideways again, dodging the ice arrows, and the sound of ‘boom’ sounded, and the ice arrows blew the lake out of countless deep pits, and under the gaze of the three people, everything that was blown up was frozen.

Because of the disturbance to sleep, this sea dragon beast was unusually fierce, and the two attacks were not hit, and his several meters long tail directly slapped down.

Sensen ghost roar, huge waves are monstrous.

Higashino was in mid-air, kicking out and crashing into the giant tail, both of whose strength was terrifying, and each of them was thrown away.

The Sea Dragon Beast was stunned, that little guy was just a growth period Digimon Baby, how could he have such a terrifying force, and actually collided with the dragon tail he had charged a blow.

After living for countless years, he had never seen such a sight.

You must know that he is a mature period, and in the Digimon world, the Digimon who is superior to himself is basically crushed.

Even if a few Digimon are injured during the growth period during their maturity, it is also in the case of the right place and place.

However, this Digimon was a hard hit with him, blocking his blow

Is it true that the other party is the kind of talented and well-prepared to attack the higher level of Digimon Gems?

Thinking of this possibility strengthened the determination of the Sea Dragon Beast to destroy the other party

If he didn’t destroy the other person here, he couldn’t guarantee that the other party wouldn’t be in trouble with him after the future evolution.

And this wave of destiny is in it!

As long as you are not blind, you can basically see at a glance that the other party is not a Digimon suitable for water warfare, but you are in the lake, the mature body is in a long period of growth, or in an environment favorable to yourself, the other party still holds two burdens in his hand and cannot concentrate on attacking.

All kinds of situations add together, and ask him how he should lose?

Thinking of this, he raised his head high again, and the giant tail pumped towards the other side.

“What a face!”

Higashino’s face turned black, and he didn’t expect the other party to hold on to him so tightly.

Immediately he stepped directly on the waves, and the entire dragon jumped high in the screams of Suna and Mimi, kicking at the giant tail of the sea dragon beast.

“Volley Kick!”


Higashino’s legs swept towards each other like an iron pillar, colliding with the dragon tail of the Sea Dragon Beast.

The Dragon Tail of the Sea Dragon Beast instantly collapsed and the flesh and blood blurred.

The Sea Dragon Beast was furious, and its entire body stood tall, as high as three floors, and slashed at Higashino.

Higashino frowned and hugged the two girls and turned away.

However, the Sea Dragon Beast did not stop, and quickly chased after it, and its huge body swept through the mountains and forests, instantly smashing many large trees.

“That, I remember you just touched this one of Mitsuko Lang before you transformed, or are you trying me this?”

Su Na in Higashino’s arms finally pulled the Evolution Key out of her pocket with great effort, and then pasted it directly on his head without waiting for Higashino Yu to speak.

The next second, an infinite evolutionary light erupted from him.

V Beast Evolution ———V Dragon Beast!!!

[It is said that in the vast digital world, there are only dreamy ancient digital beasts that exist on the folder continent.]

His existence is very precious, and it is difficult to see him in the folder continent.

In addition, it is said that there is only one digital beast trainer who can tame dragon beasts.

It is precisely because of the ‘V’ pattern on the chest that it is called the Dragon Beast, in addition to which its ecosystem is full of mysteries, and it is sometimes mistaken for a dog.

Even in the mature stage, it has unusual attack power, and will exert power over the full body when it is in trouble.

The killer skill is the hot hot wire “V Arrow Spit” spat out of the mouth.


Looking at the Digimon that suddenly changed its appearance and exuded incomparably terrifying power, the Sea Dragon Beast was suddenly stunned.

But thinking of this guy’s attack on himself just now, his eyes couldn’t help but blush and rush forward again.


This time, Higashino Yu did not run away, nor did he dodge, he carefully placed both girls on one arm and held them, and then slammed out the other claw and squeezed the seven inches of the sea dragon beast.

Whether it is speed, or strength and compared to just now, there is a world of difference.

“Boom boom! It seems that the victory and defeat have now been completely reversed! ”

Higashino Yu stared at each other with red eyes and grinned coldly.

Whether it was the sea dragon beast that was choked by Higashino Yuichi or the two children held in his arms looking at the scene in front of him, they couldn’t help but be in a daze.

Is the gap between before evolution and after evolution so big?

“Originally, I didn’t want to evolve so quickly, but now that I’ve evolved, let’s be a sacrifice after I evolve!”

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