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Starting from the Demonic Forbidden Period, take stock of the highest world of comprehensive comics! chapter 188

【The team will be located on the top five floors of the building as its first headquarters】

【Although the building was later destroyed】

【But Richards designed another base to be built in outer space】


【The new building is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that are regularly upgraded】

【Featuring a robot receptionist named Robert who is networked to the team’s main computer and can complete hundreds of tasks simultaneously】

【And, the leader of the entire Fantastic Four】

【Needless to say, it was “Reed Richards” as Mr. Fantastic]

this moment.

In the live broadcast room, a figure wearing a white coat also appeared.

Looking at this familiar figure…Suddenly, people in all the worlds and in many worlds were extremely curious.

This “Mr. Fantastic” 220””。

What is the ability to become the leader of the entire organization?

【The reason why Mr. Fantastic can be a leader】

【Mainly because of his genius intelligence and proficiency in almost all fields of science and technology】

【These include but are not limited to: time travel, space travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, communications, synthetic polymers, etc.】

【and achieved breakthrough achievements in different fields】

【Because the inventions he made were all very powerful, and some could even compete with the gods, he was known as one of the smartest people on earth at

this moment.

Seeing this introduction, many viewers suddenly widened their eyes.

Because this is too exaggerated, right? !

The latter ones are okay, but time travel and space travel are a bit outrageous!

To know.

Among all current technological means.

Only those magical girls succeeded in making the time train.

Use this to travel through different timelines.

But this technology is accumulated by magical girls for countless thousands of years!

It took an entire race of people to create this kind of technology!

Available in the Marvel Universe.

this kind of thing…Was it actually done by a human? !

At this moment, people who had been looking at each other for a long time took a breath of cold air.

Especially in many technological worlds.

at this point.

They are all very curious about Mr. Fantastic in the video!

Star Iron Universe.

The puppet Heita in the Black Tower space is watching the content in the live broadcast room.

The body wearing a purple Lolita costume stands aside。

“Mr. Fantastic…。”

“To be able to be an all-rounder in so many types of things。”

“I’m afraid that even if he were placed in the universe genius club, he would be the well-deserved number one. After all, I have never heard of anyone who can develop time travel. ”

Heita pursed her lips, with some reluctance on her face.

But she had to admit.

Compared with the men in the live broadcast room, she is still far behind.

Although she is also far behind in science and technology in fields such as robots. You have enough advice for yourself.

Even space travel is okay. But


It involves another dimension completely.

Because the rigor of the long river of time is almost beyond common sense.

With the current stage of human beings It is not easy to master knowl



“This is also an opportunity given to me by the Supreme World。”

“If you can pass this inventory and understand the secret of time travel。”

“Then, my research will also jump to a new level! ”

Heita slowly clenched her fists.

Her fair cheeks were filled with excitement.

The thought of being able to travel through time was irresistible!

After all, in infinite time, endless universe!

There are endless mysteries!

Waiting for her as a genius to carry out the next step of exploration!

At this moment, Heita took a deep breath and continued to focus on the picture. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And here time.

The science popularization about “Mr. Fantastic” is not over yet。

【“The superpowers of “Mr. Fantastic”】

【Gives the body super elasticity】

【His whole body can stretch to incredible lengths, changing its volume and shape through elasticity】

【Ability to transform all or part of his body into a plastic state】

【So that it can extend, expand, elongate and other forms of deformation, such as deforming into roadblocks, cylinders, cubes, parachutes, etc.]


Seeing this ability, many viewers were stunned for a moment…0

There seems to be nothing special about this ability that is simply based on extension?

Not to mention compared to Spider-Man.

Even it is completely incomparable to Wolverine.

After all, Wolverine has an immortality buff, and he also has the killer weapon of Adamantium alloy claws!

But Reed Richards’ ability.

Just by looking at it, it doesn’t feel oppressive.。[]

But many smart people in the universe and endless time and space realize that this ability is not simple.。

“Wait, doesn’t this mean。”

“He can make himself as thin as paper, or he can be so thin that he can pass through the eye of a needle?”

“Indeed, Mister Fantastic’s malleability should make him relatively immune to most conventional shocks, such as bullets fired into his body, etc.。”

“Not only that!”

“He can even do this by redistributing much of his body’s density!”

“By doing this, he strengthens certain parts of his body, such as forming a super-dense fist, allowing him to hit with greater impact….At least it’s easy to blast through the building level. ”

Many people are talking about it.

But even if they understand the secret behind this ability,

the upper limit still makes many people think that Mr. Fantastic is very weak.

But this is normal.

After all.

As a 0.7 Leaders often don’t need much power.

Moreover, the relationship between the Fantastic Four is so close that it feels like it doesn’t matter who is the boss.

At this moment,

the dark words in the live broadcast room said。


【Mr. Fantastic is also a natural leader and gifted tactician and strategist】

【He has faced many crises on earth】

【But, what can really push all the Fantastic Four into despair?】

【But there are very few】

【What I am going to tell next is exactly such a story】

【The Fantastic Four will face terrible disasters that are difficult to describe in words]

Finally, let the words fade away.

A brand-new picture of a city comes to the audience’s eyes. .


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