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Seeing Xia Mu’s figure gradually disappear into the sky, the three people of Thunder Shadow, Earth Shadow and Water Shadow became extremely ugly in an instant.

“Natsuki! You bastard!! With a roar of rage, Tsunade rushed back like a savage female beast.

Glancing around, Tsunade looked at Mikage warily and asked, “Where did he go with that bastard?” ”

“Hmph!” Feeling that he was completely disgraced, Thunder Kage snorted angrily and said, “Tsunade-hime, I hope that Natsuki’s matter, Konoha had better give us an explanation!” ”

“Explain?” A few tic-tac-toes bulged visibly on Tsunade’s brain. “Why did the old lady explain it to you? The old lady still wants an explanation? ”

“Tsunade-hime, Natsuki is your Konoha’s person, right?” The corner of Tsuchikage’s mouth twitched and said, “What Lei Ying means is that I hope you can share Natsuki’s information with us.” Now Natsuki is not just your Konoha’s rebellion. Those guys wearing red robes on a black background took Wind Shadow away. And according to them, the purpose of this organization is to collect tailed beasts. ”

“Old man Tsuchikage is right!” Terumi agreed, “Neither Natsuki nor that organization has the slightest understanding. Hopefully Konoha can give us an explanation. At the very least, they should share their intelligence. Wouldn’t it be, let’s have a black eye when we fight those people? ”

Knowing that Natsuki had completely come to the opposite side of the ninja world, Tsunade suppressed the anger in his heart and said, “What kind of organization it is, Konoha doesn’t know. And Natsuki’s intelligence, Konoha has, you almost all know. ”

“Not necessarily!” Lei Ying said with a gloomy face: “Konoha has always been very good at blocking intelligence, at least for so many years, we don’t know how Natsuki possessed both Mu Dun and Sharingan.” ”

“The old lady still wants to know!” Tsunade sneered angrily, “If Natsuki’s ability is really caused by us, will we make a Natsuki?” ”

Although it would be tempting to get something about Natsuki from Tsunade’s mouth, it is better to get his weaknesses. But now looking at Tsunade’s appearance, Konoha also knew very little about it. At least not much more intelligence than a few of them investigated.

“Are you investigating Natsuki-sama?”

Just when Tsunade and a few others were distressed, a voice of schadenfreude suddenly came.

On the potholed ground, the absolute figure emerged from the ground little by little.

“It’s you monster again!” Lei Ying’s face was pale, and the surrounding body was lightning and thunder, and he swung a punch without thinking.


Half of his body was instantly blasted by Lei Ying’s punch.

Under everyone’s stunned gaze, the broken body actually recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if time had been turned back.

Even Tsunade’s creative regeneration could not reach this level.

“It’s dangerous! It’s dangerous! “In the blink of an eye, time is back to normal. He looked surprised.

“What kind of monster is this?” Lei Ying’s heart burst out. His gaze became wary for a moment.

Ninjas have always been very careful. Especially for this kind of existence that does not know the depth, he will definitely not do it rashly, who knows if this guy will have any evil techniques, what if the boat capsizes in the gutter?

“Are you Natsuki’s subordinate?” Tuying rolled his eyes and looked at Jue: “Could it be that you will tell us about Natsuki?” ”

Jue Hehe smiled and said unimpressedly: “Why not?” Although Natsuki-sama is very powerful, he doesn’t seem to mind us telling him about it!” ”

As long as you know a little about Natsuki, you know that the words must be nonsense.

However, for the four shadows, as long as they are willing to speak, it doesn’t matter if what they say is true or false, don’t they still analyze it?

“Then tell us, what exactly is Natsuki planning? Why did he do it? Terumi asked with a bit of hope.

“Lord Natsuki seems to have obtained a magical treasure!” Pretending to think, he responded, “I remember that Lord Natsuki once said that relying on that treasure, he could completely destroy the ninja inheritance and make Chakra no longer exist in this world!” ”




The reactions of the four shadows are similar. All of them were filled with anger. Although he wanted to refute it, but thinking of Xia Mu’s sharp appearance before, even the Six Dao Immortals had personally appeared and denounced Xia Mu as an evil demon who wanted to destroy the ninja world.

The ninja world has been passed down for so many years, except for the beginning, when the six immortals walked the world and spread the ninja way. When did it appear?

Do you say…

For a while, thinking that all this was true, one day Natsuki would really destroy the ninja world!! Everyone’s hearts were covered with a thick haze.

“Yes!” It was as if he was afraid that these people would not be able to make up their minds to deal with Natsuki. With a thick threat in his tone, he said, “Lord Natsuki said that the existence of ninjas is unreasonable. So he wants to destroy all the ninjas in the world. Only when there are no ninjas in this world will peace truly come! ”

“Fart!” After all, Lei Ying couldn’t hold back and burst into foul language. His face turned a little red: “Xia Mu, this bastard dreams.” Want to destroy the ninja world? He was delusional! ”

“Natsuki-sama is sure!” Absolutely confident look. He said, “The treasure that Lord Natsuki got can continue to absorb the chakra of the world, and when the chakra disappears, then the ninja will no longer exist!” So, Natsuki-sama, he didn’t need to do anything at all. Just wait quietly. Of course, if you get the Nine Tailed Beasts, then Lord Natsuki’s speed of destroying the Ninja Realm will definitely be much faster! ”

From the very beginning, there has been a constant explosion of Xia Mu’s old bottom, and at this time, even an idiot feels that something is wrong.

“You told us everything about Natsuki, aren’t you worried that his plan will fail?” Tsuchikage asked strangely.

“Of course not worried?” He said sharply, “Lord Natsuki once said that you are all a bunch of scum. It’s not a cause for concern. ”

“Bastard! Who is the scum!! “The furious Thunder Shadow can’t wait to rush up now and punch the black and white face.

“If you were preparing to greet Natsuki at first, now Natsuki has left. But you went and returned. What exactly is your purpose? Tsunade asked with a skeptical look.

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