Slam Dunk: Genius Hanamichi Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Akaji’s ZONE

At this moment, Akaji is very slow to bring the ball to the front court, the ball in his hand, constantly changing, constantly testing the opponent.

Vulcan is now in the state of ZONE, and he has his wild nature.

He has improved a lot in every way, so no matter how fast Akaji’s feints are, he can feel the change in his dribbling.

And Chijita suddenly opened his Heavenly Emperor Eye, and after that, he could gain insight into the future, and he suddenly changed direction and broke through.

The ball in his hand kept cutting left and chopping, changing direction.

And Vulcan is constantly adjusting his steps, he is well aware of Akaji’s ability, so he does not use all his strength.

“No matter what, you can’t stop me.”

In an instant, he jerked towards the Vulcan to break through, but stopped in front of him again, and after repeating this several times, the Vulcan finally couldn’t support it and fell down.


A very incredulous side appeared in Vulcan’s eyes.

But Akaji didn’t mean to stop at all, and he immediately broke through quickly.

In an instant, Sakuragi appeared in front of him.


Akaji slammed the ball and then passed it back, and just as Sakuragi wanted to move, an illusory figure appeared.

Dai Chihiro immediately shot hard and passed to Reiyao Shibu at the three-point line, and he immediately used his shooting momentum.

Seeing this, Sakuragi immediately wanted to rush to the defense.

But at this time, Kotaro Hayama, he immediately appeared in front of him.

“Blocking people?”

Sakuragi was stunned, unexpectedly, Luoshan they actually used this trick.

“Although you entered the ZONE, at the moment, there is nothing you can do.”

And Sakuragi simply ignored this guy and ran into the inside line in an instant.

However, a fiery red figure instantly came in front of Shi Wei Lingyang, jumped up violently, and wanted to cover this defense.


“Wasn’t he shaken by Akaji? How could it get up so fast. ”

The players of Luoshan, they were very surprised.

When Reiyo Shibu saw it, he immediately defended the ball and passed it out again, and came to the hands of Nemuya Nagayoshi insider.

He immediately jumped up and wanted a snap.

“This ball, I must dunk.”

And Muji Teppei, he was injured and did not dare to use his full strength at all, and Nemuya Nagayoshi, he just took this fancy.

He jumped up and wanted to dunk.

However, when he tried to dunk the ball in, he found that the ball in his hand was missing, which made him stunned.

“What about my ball?

Nemuya Nagachi turned his head, but he saw a figure rushing away with the ball, and he was shocked in his heart, when did he get the ball.

But Sakuragi simply ignored him.

“Akaji, do you really think that you can score points just by relying on these people?

After Sakuragi broke through Akaji’s defense, after leaving this sentence, he went to their backfield with the ball lightning and directly dunked successfully.

Score 12:5.

This made the audience at the scene, they all exclaimed.

After Akaji was once again given by Sakuragi, he was already a little incredulous in his heart.

At this moment, he finally understood that his Heavenly Emperor Eye had no way to deal with Sakuragi, and the weakness of his teammates was also discovered by them.

And the sound of the scene made Akaji stunned, he seemed to have a feeling in his heart that he wanted to lose, if he did not take measures, then Luoshan would be dangerous.

“Will I lose?”

“What a joke.”

“I’ve never lost since I was a kid, let alone now.”

In Akaji’s eyes, a trace of electricity suddenly appeared, constantly flickering in the corners of his eyes.


“Akaji, he’s in the ZONE.”

Vulcan’s acumen was also very strong, and he instantly sensed his changes.

And so is Sakuragi.

However, he seemed extremely calm, he knew that Akaji would enter the ZONE sooner or later, and if he did not enter the ZONE, then they would be in danger.

At the moment, in the stands.

“Kochiji, it’s really rare for him to enter the ZONE so early.”

Huang Se said with a serious expression.

“There is no way around this, if Akaji does not enter the ZONE, they will not be able to withstand the attack of the Makoto team.

Midorima Shintaro said slowly.

“But for the first time in a game, we saw three people in the ZONE, and it was a big fight.”

Takao said in surprise.

At this moment, in the field, three people entered the ZONE, and ordinary people did not dare to approach them at all, so as not to be affected.

Whether it is Cheng Jing or Luo Shan, they are very clear.

And Hinata and the others kept wiping their sweat before saying.

“Alas, the game really encountered such a scene, although it was expected before the game, but in the game, the real encounter still made people sweat.

The same goes for Teppei Muyoshi.

“What a race of monsters.”

The game continued to start, with Naksan possession of the ball.

And Dai Chihiro quickly gave the ball to Akaji.

As soon as he got the ball, Sakuragi instantly went up to defend, not blocking it in front of him at all, he clinged to Akaji’s body.

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