Slam Dunk: Genius Hanamichi Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Rolling Luoshan

“But, Qingfeng, it’s only the first quarter, they have entered the ZONE, so aren’t they worried about the rest of the game?”

Yao Jing May she was very puzzled.

“I don’t know, this guy always plays cards out of the ordinary.”

Qingfeng said with a frown.

“Do they want to break Luoshan in the first quarter? That’s the only possibility. ”

The other side.

In the Yangquan team, Ziyuan Atsushi said while eating his own snacks.

“Chizai, he’s in trouble now, and the two of them have entered the ZONE, which is a very terrifying thing for Luoshan.”

“Two of them can fight five, although Chizai has the Eye of the Heavenly Emperor.”

“Wouldn’t you?”

Ice Room Tatsuya, he said in surprise.


At this moment, the score between the two sides is 10:5, and the Makoto team has a 5-point lead, and there are 5 minutes left in the first quarter.

And Luoshan they did not shout a pause.

After all, there is not much time to shout.

At this time, Dai Chihiro worriedly gave the ball directly to Akaji’s hands, facing their ZONE, only Akaji could handle it.

“Bang bang!”

Akaji slowly dribbled the ball to the front court, and at the moment he had to deal with it carefully, after all, two of them entered the ZONE.

It’s not as simple as 1+1.

Their inner line is simply even more beast than a beast.

After Akaji came to the front court, he felt a powerful aura, which made him very cautious in his heart, and if he didn’t pay attention, he would definitely break the ball.

At this time, Akaji glanced at Sakuragi and immediately passed the ball out.


Kotaro Hayama, he immediately caught the ball.

“Akaji, he also seems to be very jealous of Sakuragi, he is still far away from Sakuragi, so he passed the ball.”

This made him very puzzled.

However, the next moment, his sweaty hairs seemed to stand up, because he felt a powerful breath coming to his nose.


He seems to be stronger than he didn’t enter ZONE, and his wild nature is very dangerous.

Suddenly, Kotaro Hayama looked at the time.

He immediately broke through and directly distributed the ball to Akaji, who immediately chased after him and blocked Akaji’s attack.

After Vulcan entered ZONE, his consciousness was only the ball.

So, he immediately appeared next to Akaji.

“Vulcan, you are too proud, and Sakuragi, you will regret entering the ZONE so soon.”

“Eye of the Heavenly Emperor.”

Akaji immediately used his Heavenly Emperor Eye to gain insight into all the movements of the Vulcan, and when he broke through, the Vulcan couldn’t hold it and fell down.

The Eye of the Heavenly Emperor is indeed very strong.

However, after he broke through the Vulcan, a fiery red figure immediately appeared in front of Akaji, reaching out and breaking the ball.

“I expected it a long time ago.”

As soon as Akaji tried to change hands, he noticed that the ball in his hand was missing, and when he turned his head, he saw the figure of the Vulcan galloping.


Akaji was furious.

“Stop him for me.”

All the players in Luoshan, they have blocked in front of the Vulcan, but the speed of the Vulcan is not comparable to them.

In an instant, Vulcan broke through their defense, but several of them also bought Akaji time.

Akaji stood in front of the Vulcan.

“Vulcan, you dare to steal my ball, since this is the case, I must teach you a good lesson.”


Vulcan smiled slightly.

In Akaji’s surprised gaze, he directly threw the ball high, a height that ordinary people can not get.


Everyone was puzzled.

They don’t know what Vulcan is going to do.

The next moment, a fiery red figure rushed away, and when it entered their three-point line, it jumped up directly, caught the ball with one hand, and slammed a dunk.


The loud noise shocked everyone in the audience.


Akaji looked at Sakuragi with an ugly face, and he was very angry in his heart.

He never thought that he would be driven to the point of rage by a person, which he had never had since he was a child.

And the audience at the scene, they all talked about it at the moment.

“Did you see what happened just now?”

“No, it’s not clear at all.”

“That red-haired kid, he moved so fast that I didn’t feel it until after the snap.”


And the members of the Luoshan team, they were also shocked.

None of them knew what to do.

The combination of Sakuragi and Vulcan is too strong, and they can’t attack it at all, making them feel very tricky.

They immediately looked at Akaji.

“Akaji, what are we going to do next?”

“What to do, just run for me.”

After that, Seijuro Akaji indifferently dribbled the ball and slowly advanced, and all the players of the Luosan team, they all followed Akaji’s instructions one after another, and ran.

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