Siheyuan: I am a natural disaster, turn myself in at the beginning Chapter 198

Chapter 198: The Second Master’s Insight.

However, he is also a very knowledgeable person.

He had seen strawberries in books before, but he didn’t know exactly what it really looked like. Now that I see the real picture, it can be regarded as the right number.

His eyes were fixed on the bitten strawberry in Xu Damao’s hand. I couldn’t stop swallowing saliva there.

“It turns out that this is the legendary strawberry.”

Of course, there was even more hatred in his heart.

After all, I haven’t tasted a mouthful.

Of course, there are even people at the scene who ask what strawberries are. The second uncle used to like to read some books. I have also read about it in books before.

Some strange things, of course, I know more. He wanted to control it, but he wanted to show it off.

After all, he probably knows more about this. Although everyone did not buy it, let alone eat it.

But he knows much better than anyone else.

Therefore, in his heart, he thought that this was also a very proud thing. A little uncontrollably, he began to popularize science in front of everyone.

“It’s not available in many places, we haven’t seen it here.”

“Even in the market, there are very few things you see.”

“There is no one as big as this.”

“I read it in books at the time, and I came all the way from far away.”

“Even if the market has it, those people are selling it expensive.”

“If they are stored for a long time, they must be well packaged, otherwise they will definitely rot over time.”

The second uncle’s bangs are amazing, and they can say a big article.

But as he spoke, those eyes did not forget to stare at the strawberries one by one.

“I’ve heard of it before, but it’s not that easy.”

“What I see in the book is that it has to go through a lot of processes to process.”

At this time, one of them stood up and said.

Those who do not understand, also listen with relish.

Seeing them talking there, Xu Damao’s eyes changed. Of course, he also convinced himself in his heart.

Listening to what these people say, it seems that this thing is difficult to get. But now that I have it, isn’t that very capable?

Fruits like this are impossible to get without certain skills. There is no way, such a big fruit is placed in front of you.

No matter what they were saying, Xu Damao didn’t hear anything. In his heart, as long as there is something to eat, it is good.

What’s the use of them saying so much? It’s not just watching him eat.

“Xu Damao, look at you have so many in it, if you don’t eat this fruit in a short period of time, it will definitely be easy to spoil.]

Jia Zhangshi glanced at Xu Damao.

But her mouth was there.

Seeing Xu Damao eating there, how unhappy she had to be in her heart. She wanted to try it too.

But that’s impossible, and I don’t have the money to buy it. What kind of person is Xu Damao, he is not a fool.

As soon as Jia Zhang’s words came out, he had long understood her intentions. For such people, it is possible to take advantage.

Where else to take care of face.

“Mrs. Jia, you don’t have to worry about this.”

“You are also a good heart, right, if it is broken, it will be lost.”

Xu Damao said.

Xu Damao’s words came out.

The people who were still at the scene were stunned. They looked at each other one by one. Throw it away if it’s broken?

Xu Damao, this kid, really doesn’t know how to live. A person in the yard, he was reluctant to give one. Now you actually say that if it’s broken, you don’t want it directly?

Living under the same roof, they were certainly not happy when they heard it. But even so, so what?

Isn’t it just to suffer?

“Xu Damao, you kid, you can’t live too well.”

“Tell me about you, it’s going to be thrown away anyway, why don’t you give me a try?”

Jia Zhangshi thought in her heart, anyway, she will lose it, this time may be an opportunity for her.

However, her words fell behind.

Xu Damao’s face changed again.

He glanced at Jia Zhang, and his face became ugly.

“That’s not okay, Mrs. Jia, you really are, such a good-looking thing, how can you say that it is bad and bad?”

“Isn’t that okay?”

“I only have so much, I can’t get enough points to take it back, as for tasting it, forget it.”

Xu Damao did not give her this face.

Directly refused in front of everyone.

You know, the people of the courtyard were present, and they were rejected in front of so many people. How can Jia Zhang feel better?

“Xu Damao, don’t go too far, I just want to help you share some, talk so badly?”

Jia Zhangshi saw that Xu Damao did not give himself that opportunity.

She also knew that she could not exploit this loophole, and she became angry at that time. Xu Damao knew what she was thinking in her heart and did not get angry. Instead, he still eats strawberries there.

Didn’t put Jia Zhang in his eyes at all.

“Mrs. Jia, am I talking too much?”

“All the old and young masters are here now, you listen, is what I just said excessive?”

“I’m just stating some facts, and I don’t think it’s too much.”

“If someone doesn’t listen to it, they can leave.”

“I, Xu Damao, was originally just a rough person, and I can’t talk very well.”

Xu Damao looked at everyone and smiled.

Everyone thought that Xu Damao would quarrel with Jia Zhang because of this. But he didn’t do that.

He Yuzhu stood aside and saw this matter clearly. He also did not expect that Xu Damao would be so generous. It’s as if I’ve changed a person.

But Jia Zhang, after hearing Xu Damao’s words, was a little speechless. She is notoriously unreasonable.

How can you tolerate Xu Damao saying this about himself in front of everyone?

“Mom, it’s cold outside, let’s go.”

But just as she was about to speak, Qin Huairu stopped her. It seemed that she had long known what would happen next.

“Go? Why go? ”

Jia Zhangshi asked Qin Huairu.

Her face is not very good-looking, as ugly as it is.

“Mom, you can’t argue with people in such an occasion anymore.”

“You don’t know who Xu Damao is, if this kid provokes him and makes a mess, it’s a shame.”

“We won’t eat this anymore, I’ll go back and give you a little bit when the time comes.”

Qin Huairu looked at Jia Zhangshi and said.

Qin Huairu is also a countryman, since this thing was brought from the countryside. My own mother’s family will definitely have it.

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