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Tomb robber: No more pretending, I am Faqiu Tianguan

Tomb robber: No more pretending, I am Faqiu Tianguan

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In an accident, Jiang Nan traveled to the world of tomb robbing. By the way, he was given a long list of powerful names by the cheating system. He was approached by Shirley Yang who wanted to go to the ancient city of Jingjue.

Originally, Jiang Nan refused. After all, it is so dangerous to go to the grave. I can’t say you are beautiful, so I will agree to it.


“Ding! The system mission (first ring) has been released: Explore the secrets of the ancient city!”

“Task requirement: Successfully join the archaeological team and go to Jingjue Ancient City together.”

“Mission rewards: Feng Shui Secret Technique, Tai Chi Liang Yi, Three Talents and Four Symbols, Zhouyi Bagua; Mohist Thousand Machine Machine Techniques; Black Gold Gloves; Peak Human Physical Fitness; Fa Qiu Seal, Two-Finger Acupoint Exploration, Fa Qiu Zhonglang will be the orthodox successor Identity; 1,000 redemption points.”

fragrant! So delicious!

I will vote for Qiu Tianguan Jiangnan for this vote!

Heavenly officials give blessings, and there are no taboos!

Just do it and you’re done!

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