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The end is coming and I become the villain

The end is coming and I become the villain

Native Languagechinesse

The end is coming.

This is a desperate world, full of zombies, mutated creatures, poisonous plants and demons.

The human social system has completely changed. There is no justice, no justice, only power and killing.

The strong can bully the weak at will, the order of the world is completely broken down, and the law of the jungle becomes the first principle.

In this world, weakness is the original sin!

Some lucky people among humans have awakened their supernatural talents, become evolvers, and become masters in one instant, with wealth, resources, beauties, status, everything you want!

And Qin Jun traveled to this doomsday world and awakened the villain system at the beginning.

As long as you are a villain enough, you will have SSS-level talents, genetic potions, and potential points.

Perhaps in the doomsday world, only villains can reach the top step by step…

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  1. Odin says:

    Ruthless MC until 50 (haven’t tested beyond as it’s too short for now), has a woman but lacks love. However, he has a soft spot for family sadly. Looks like another family genre.
    Poison: Too many loli, female, maid….
    For now, barely readable, but decent. Quality is really bad.

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