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Survive the doomsday, start with teammate Erina

Survive the doomsday, start with teammate Erina

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Ye Ran inexplicably participated in an extremely dangerous survival game.

At the beginning, it fell into a terrifying and desperate situation of zombie siege and high temperature apocalypse.

My teammate is a proud blonde girl…

But fortunately, he has awakened the survival lottery system and can get rewards through lottery every day.

Sign in on the first day to directly obtain an ex-level substitute – The Fearless King [The Fearless King].

Has the ability to infinitely load files and never die.

The horrific doomsday that everyone feared was no longer a threat to him now.

“You were the one who spoke rudely to me just now, right?”

Looking at the regretful Nakiri Erina, Ye Ran smiled evilly.

What doomsday?

For me, this place is obviously paradise!

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