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Survival game: What kind of farming are you doing?

Survival game: What kind of farming are you doing?

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【Survival Game】【Farming】【Daily Text】【Pet】【No Female Protagonist】

In this survival world, each player can choose a survival direction.

Him, Ye Qian.

I consider myself a 20-year-old sunny and happy boy!

He said: Choose planting at the beginning, so that you can live a more stable life.

He said: Synthetic skills? This skill consumes too much and cannot be used!

He said: I am fine by myself. It is too troublesome to keep pets.

He said: I am really a planter. I farm at home…

He said:……

Other players: Please stop talking, come and take away your cat that eats dragons like spicy strips, take away your green plants that can run around with long legs, and take away the water that reaches the top of the mountain. …

He said: I am really a farmer. The cats at home will get hungry if they fight with you. The plants that look after the house are always worried about your mischief. And this water… Isn’t this what you said, you must let me sprinkle water!

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