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Start two systems, kill one on the spot!

Start two systems, kill one on the spot!

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[System + no heroine + hilarious + immortality + seeking death]

What happens when you get two systems?

What will happen when you can get rewards by running away, causing trouble, and committing suicide?

What if there is still the ability to resurrect under this premise?

Tan Feng decided to be a bad guy.

When his enemies worshiped their ancestors, he hit his head on the tombstone and shouted: “I will have a share in your ancestors’ sacrifices from now on!”

When others went to a brothel, he stole their clothes on the way.

When others enter the cave, he fills them with cigarettes.

When others want to soak in the spirit pool for practice, he puts evil ghost pepper in it.

He used death to clarify his purpose and used death to wrong others.

He has no worries and acts recklessly.

In short, Tan Feng didn’t do anything that people should do.

(Some scenes are of strong taste, please proceed with caution!)

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