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Start the war at the top and kill all the pirates!

Start the war at the top and kill all the pirates!

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System + invincibility + justice to kill + live broadcast execution of Kirby + chop Momonosuke + chop Luffy into five pieces + blow up Mariejoia with a nuclear bomb + kill all the Straw Hats

Absolute justice, so all pirates must die!

Reborn in the war on the top, facing a large number of pirates, kill them with just one word!

On the top of the war, Kerby was killed directly, mocking Garp’s hypocritical justice.

Even Akainu has to say that this kid is really ruthless, I feel ashamed.

The golden lion sighed, if I hadn’t been able to fly, I would have been chopped down by this guy.

Countless pirates are horrified, this evil man wants you back!

Destroy all pirates and restore true peace to this sea!

The Shichibukai, a pirate recognized by the world government! I don’t recognize it! killed!

The Four Emperors, Emperors of the Sea! killed!

The country of Wano is disgusting! killed!

Fight a bloody path of justice!

Kill kill kill!

Kill the pirates first, then clean up the navy, and finally kill all the Celestial Dragons.

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