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Start signing in from Konoha Village

Start signing in from Konoha Village

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Lu Li traveled through the world of Naruto and became a descendant of the Senju clan – Senju Luli.

And the sign-in system is activated. By signing in, you can get god-level rewards that shock the world of Naruto.

Sign in from Konoha Village, and you will be rewarded: Chakra of the First Hokage!

It’s just that when this comes, one sign lasts for three years!

Three years later, Lu Li stopped making a sound, and his sound shocked the world and made ghosts and gods weep!

Sarutobi Hiruzen: The true glory of Konoha Village begins with Senju Ritsu!

Orochimaru: If there was a perfect person in the world, it would be Senju Luli.

Payne: He is not a human, he is a real god…

Uchiha Madara: Having him as your enemy is the greatest terror in the world!

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