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Showdown, here is the pirate chat group

Showdown, here is the pirate chat group

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Qiao Lin joined a chat group, and the people in it were all about One Piece, and they always asked Qiao Lin what you think.

I’m One Piece: Jolin, what do you think of Roger’s opening of the Age of Discovery?

Dragon Slayer: Qiao Lin, how can we overthrow the Tianlong people?

Puppeteer: How can Doflamingo clear his name? Urgent, wait online!

Historians: Does the truth of history really make sense?

Qiao Lin explained one by one for these guys who didn’t watch anime carefully, but he didn’t expect it to cause a huge response.

“Damn! It turns out that all of this is in Wulaoxing’s calculations.”

“Qiao Lin is the real cabinet master.”

“With Qiao Lin here, the Tianlong people just wait to die obediently.”

“Luffy obediently go with daddy to make a living in the court.”

Under the influence of Qiao Lin, pirate characters in different eras have left their own character lines one after another, and the world government panicked…

Feilu’s exclusive signed novel: “Showdown, here is the pirate chat group”; this novel and characters are purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental, please do not imitate.

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