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Rebuilding Uchiha starts with Lafugaku stepping down

Rebuilding Uchiha starts with Lafugaku stepping down

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Rebirth of the Uchiha clan, awakening the family training system.

As long as you become the clan leader, you can grow with your family.

During the Nine-Tails Rebellion, when Uchiha Fugaku betrayed his clan and sought peace, Tokiyu impeached him and removed him from power.

[System training ground: Ten times the understanding, sharing the talents of the clan members, everyone can become Shunshen Shisui. 】

[Ninja Tool Research Center: Develop multi-dimensional weapons to make precious phantoms no longer rare. 】

[Ninjutsu Research Center: Using silver and iron as raw materials! …The summons of the heroic spirit reincarnated in the dirty soil! 】

[Psychic Beast Breeding Center: Go, Pikachu! 】

On the night of the genocide, Obito fled in embarrassment facing the Uchiha clan’s kaleidoscope.

During the Fourth Ninja World War, the Uchiha clan members sneered when facing the Ninja Alliance forces:

“Do you want to dance too?”

Waiting for Black Zetsu to finally release Kaguya,

Uchiha Tokiu, who gathered the power of the entire clan, faced the moon…

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