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Pirates: Being fished out by Roger at the beginning

Pirates: Being fished out by Roger at the beginning

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This year, Roger and Garp teamed up to eliminate the Rocks Pirates in the Valley of the Gods, and Roger’s era began.

In the same year, the Roger Pirates salvaged Xia Hao, who accidentally entered the world of pirates, aboard the ship while traveling on the Grand Line. Xia Hao therefore became an intern of the Roger Pirates.

As a result, the whole world has undergone earth-shaking changes because of Xia Hao’s arrival!

Bucky: Xia Hao is the most terrifying guy I have ever seen. Don’t mess with him! Otherwise you will be sucked to the last drop!

Shanks: Don’t tell me to save face in front of Xia Hao, otherwise, you will really lose face!

Roger: This guy is good, okay, but too lazy! Otherwise it can be stronger!

Lei Li: Let Xia Hao practice? Do you want to change the captain of Roger Pirates? ! Roger!

Barrett: I used to think I was invincible, but it wasn’t until I was beaten up by Xia Hao that I realized there was a better world! There is a difference between people and others!

Karp: Back then, I thought this guy was not a good guy. Sure enough, Xia Hao’s strength has now reached or even surpassed Roger!

Whitebeard: Gu la la la la! The kid on Roger’s boat back then has become my equal without even realizing it!

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