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Pirates: At the top of the game, Demon Barrett

Pirates: At the top of the game, Demon Barrett

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[Infinite battle, maritime overlord, the strongest target]

If Blackbeard takes Luffy’s Nika Fruit, Ace is rescued, and Whitebeard doesn’t die in the war on top, where will the future of the world go?

On the eve of the summit, an unlucky guy who traveled through time was devoured and fused by Douglas Barrett.

The life of the descendant of the devil took a different track from then on.

“The Superman-type Fusion Fruit can arrange and combine all objects to make them into one. It can also fuse inorganic objects that are touched with one’s own body to form ideal changes!”

Cells can be arranged and combined to become the ultimate creature, ever-changing!

Arrange and combine materials, this world is a sandbox game in your hands, and you are the creator!

Arrange and combine microscopic particles, rub nuclear fusion with your hands, and destroy the world!

The impel city was in chaos, and the mad dragon came out of the abyss, turning the entire deep-sea prison into a ship to join the battle!

Launch the Gundam on top of the war, and sink Malinvando with one shot!

Fight for hegemony in the new world, sweep across the world, and let the name of the devil resound across the sea!

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