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Pirate: I saved Roger at the beginning and I was invited on board.

Pirate: I saved Roger at the beginning and I was invited on board.

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[Rescue Roger at the beginning + slow start + proper reasoning + Momonosuke died tragically + build his own team in the later stage + system + no fighting in every chapter + non-harem story + violently kill the Celestial Dragons and overthrow the world government! The Holy Land of Marie Gioia was razed to the ground! 】

[Subordinates after the establishment of the group: Douglas Barrett, Boya Hancock (Empress), Golden Lion and other elite members]

I will verify some of the more controversial figures. For example: Lao Sha, Enelu, Tenyasha Doflamingo, etc. The strength of these people.

The protagonist Lin Nuo accidentally traveled to the world of pirates, and after rescuing Roger, he cured Roger’s incurable disease, and the fateful adventure began.

What caused Boya Hancock to pee?
And what is the reason why Nicole Robin must hug her tightly?

Roger: “I have another good brother. You are as reliable as Rayleigh!”

Blackbeard: “Run! I can’t beat this man!”

Whitebeard: “From today on, you are the younger brother of my Edward Newgate. Go ahead and carry on my reputation!”

Akainu Sakaski: “You actually cut off my leg!!”

Kizaru Porusalino: “It’s so scary~”

Qing Pheasant Kuzan: “You can’t mess with this person.”

Black Wrist Zefa: “Lin Nuo, you are very suitable to be a navy, let me teach you!”

Warring States Period: “Why does this person possess the Human Fruit, Phantom Beast Species, and Big Buddha Form like me???”

Garp: “You have to let that brat Luffy butter you up.”

Cyborg Kong: “If Lin Nuo is appointed as the navy marshal, he will definitely be able to put down the four emperors.”

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Read Pirate: I saved Roger at the beginning and I was invited on board.

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