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Pirate God-Level Reporter

Pirate God-Level Reporter

Native Languagechinesse

Traveling to the world of One Piece, Pingxiao awakened the “God-level Reporter System” and started his invincible interview road.

Reporting on Sand Crocodile’s conspiracy in Alabasta forced Sand Crocodile to pay a visit.

To expose the Navy’s seizure of the fruits of Luffy’s victory in liberating Alabasta, Akainu personally came to arrest people, but was beaten back to the Navy headquarters by reporters.

Exposing the conspiracy of Doflamingo and the Four Emperors Kaido led to the immortal Kaido coming to silence him, but he almost realized his dream of seeking death.

He is a thorn in the eyes of countless people, but no one can do anything to him, because he holds everyone’s secrets and has combat power that surpasses the Four Emperors!

“Sorry, in my opinion, there are no secrets in this world.”

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