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Pirate: Get the hero template and I will crush the troubled times

Pirate: Get the hero template and I will crush the troubled times

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One Piece is a world full of freedom and dreamism. Remy, a young man from Earth, once wanted to go on a voyage full of dreams and freedom like the pirates in the anime. However, the real world is cruel.

The flames of sin burned the land of dreams, and the cruel villains extinguished the seeds of dreams.

Desperate Remy embarked on the road to exile.

[Ding, the hero illustration is successfully bound. I wish the host will unlock Valoran’s heroic power as soon as possible]

[Join the underground boxing ring, become an underground boxer, and unlock the wrist Hauser template]

[Embark on wandering, become a wanderer, and unlock the template of Yasuo, the swift swordsman]

“Yasuo, Seti? The power of a hero? Can I also become a hero?”

Looking at the template in front of him, Remy clenched his fists.

If the reality of this world is endless sin and blood. So, let me pick it up.

There is one less homeless young man on land, and there is one more naval admiral who has done all his evil deeds.

Akainu: Remy is the new star of our navy, I support him as a replacement for the general! Who is in favor and who is against?

Kizaru: Hey, hey, young people today are too scary, right? Can you still paddle well?

Aokiji: Remi’s boxing skills remind me of an old friend

Garp: Hahaha, little Remy, come and give me a fist bump…

Long: Remy, please join our revolutionary army. I can see that there is a special light in your eyes.

Remy: Navy? Haha, it’s just a temporary shelter, revolutionary army? A ragtag bunch. My goal is the whole world!

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