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One Piece: Legendary Journey

One Piece: Legendary Journey

Native Languagechinesse

Fairy Tail fan Natsu ate the fantasy beast fire dragon fruit, boarded Roger’s pirate ship, and began his legendary journey.

On the great route, compete with Big Mom for territory, wrestle with Kaido, and drink with red hair.

The iron fist of the fire dragon, the sword horn of the fire dragon, and the roar of the fire dragon. He is the “Natsu” of another world.

He is Akainu’s nemesis and Ace’s most beloved brother. He is the most troublesome enemy of the world government. He is the emperor of the new world. He and Kaido are called “the strongest creatures in the world”. He has the best partners. …

In the midst of war, people will never forget the giant red shadow that came riding the wind and covered the sky. His majestic figure made mortals surrender physically and mentally…

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    Where is chapter

    1. jolyne says:

      Sorry for the problem, you can read the novel now

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